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Stockholm Sucks

A beautiful city, just be sure to avoid the Swedes


Welcome to Stockholm

After getting shoved around again by rude and oblivious Swedes at Sturecompagniet last night, I decided to give proper warning to prospective expats thinking of moving here. Given all the America bashing in the press these days, I don’t feel so bad taking aim at the Swedes. This site should serve as a quick primer for those pondering moving here.

Swedish Maid

Swedish Maid

I live just south of Odenplan on Sveavagen. I’m an American in my mid-20s and am an exchange student at Handelshögskolan, a.k.a. the Stockholm School of Economics.

Naively, I was expecting a warm reception in Sweden; similar to when I lived in France, Italy, and Switzerland. Instead, I met a people whose personalities are as icy as the winterish region they call home.

Swedish people are like over-hyped celebrities. Like Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan, they are beautiful and glamorous from afar, but when you get up close, you realize there’s not much substance, they’re rather boring, and you wonder why you were so fascinated with them to begin with. And, after getting to know them more, you realize that they also have some pretty disgusting habits.

Read on for Swedish Etiquette


287 Responses to “Welcome to Stockholm”

  1. November 7th, 2008 at 6:14 pm

    Antonio says:

    I agree. the swedish girls i’ve met all think they’re god’s gift to the planet. get a life

  2. December 22nd, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    Dryg says:

    You are in Stockholm! Ofcourse all are retarded idiots

  3. December 25th, 2008 at 6:49 am

    Mooe says:

    I would say that you shouldn’t judge a Swede upon visiting Stockholm really.

  4. December 27th, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    Brännvin says:

    Stockholm is full of retards. No wonder you had a bad time.

  5. February 9th, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    Kevin Michaels says:

    The Swedes are the rudest people I Know!!!!!
    After spending a week here in Sweden I have come to the conclusion that Swedes are rude. I never noticed this when I lived here but now, Jesus…

    First of all. All Swedes think they are the best when they are not (I am). They never give way, if they happen to walk in to you as they will, they don’t say “sorry” or “my bad” or whatever. They just smash in to you and walk on as if nothing happened.

    Swedes also tend to suddenly stop in the middle of the street so you walk straight in to them. If you happen to do that they will look at you in disgust even though it was their own fucking fault for stopping in the first place!

    The other day as I was on my way home on the tube I saw this old man walking along the aisle looking for a seat. We were at opposite ends at the train and Swedish trains are long, I mean really long. The poor old man, probably in his late 70’s slowly made his way to my end of the train. Now not a single fucking person got up offering the old man a seat. When he finally got close to my end of the train I offered him my seat at which point the old man grabbed hold of me and thanked me profoundly. You could tell he was moved and very tired.

    He got off a few stops later and once again he came up to me and thanked me before slowly making his way out in to the cold.

    I mean come on, an old man! What heartless fucking assholes have you Swedes become? I like Sweden and all but I can’t remember Swedes being like this! What’s even worse is it’s almost Christmas, everyone should be happy and kind.

    God, this reminds me of this girls blog I jokingly left a message on and she just went psycho bitch on me, thinking I was attacking her or something. Where is all this hostility coming from? You know what? Swedes need to get the fuck over themselves.

    Merry christmas assholes (and if you are not an asshole, good on you!!)

  6. February 16th, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    Mac says:

    Dude – I’ve lived in Sweden for 15 years. Face it, Swedes are the rudest, lowest class folks on the planet. You can come up with umpteen excuses for why they are rude. It doesn’t change the fact that these folks are the most thoughtless, low-class nobodies walking planet earth today. I’ve lived all around the world and could never have conceived of a society of folks so unhappy that they actually revel in seeing their fellows suffer. It still shocks me to this day. The best I can do is pity them.

  7. March 8th, 2009 at 7:19 am

    Hil says:

    This was a very entertaining read! I wish it went on for longer as I was enjoying myself.

  8. March 13th, 2009 at 8:05 am

    Ha ha ha says:

    You are funny and you are from Usa.
    Vietnam, Irak, Guantanamo bay, Nuclear bomb, 2,5 million in prison, every 5th child is born in to powerty, creators of the talibans, by far highest murderrate in the world, the most uncool people in the world, do not pay their dues to the UN, some places as New York are civilised, but the greatest part of the country consist of uneducated hooboos.
    Have not signed the kyoto agrement, holds Israel under the arms.

    Yes you are a great nation.
    You are falling that makes me glad.

  9. March 15th, 2009 at 2:00 am

    Viktor says:

    Hello friends. I am swedish and amateur philosopher and historian (I like to read books). I had a discussion with two people on the internet a couple of days ago. We discussed swedish history, long gone and recent. I told them about everything from rationing of alcohol (people were not allowed to decide for themself how much to drink) to how the state visited every home to interrogate people on the lutheran catechesis. Sweden was never a feodal state, it was a totalitarian one man state for many hundred of years, people are raised here to submit to central authority. People are cold and distant because they are raised in a country were individuality is completely destroyed (you are not a sacred individual, you are what you work woth, outside your social role you are nothing). Sweden is intellectually backward, has never been part of the cultural tradition that was taking place in greece and rome, also Sweden did not fully accept the enlightenment.
    I can tell you one thing, Sweden is surely a very disturbed country, but have in mind, all our history is almost completely totalitarian.

    Swedes are that way. I have for many years experimented with the golden rule. The problem was that I did not get respect back. So, the golden rule does not work in Sweden. And it is a very simple rule. But swedish people does not understand very simple things, because that would require some kind of self-reflection and critical thinking. Swedish people lack self.

    But as a Sweden I may say, I long for freedom.

  10. April 12th, 2009 at 12:43 am

    Ron says:

    I live in Stockholm currently and I can honestly say that the swedes are the most miserable people i have ever met in my life. they are shallow and superficial and insecure. i can’t wait to leave this wretched place.

  11. April 23rd, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    borth says:

    Damn! I’ve always wanted to met Sweden and swedish girls. I have a couple of friends that went to gottenborg and told me about all that incredible adventures drinking and listening swedish death metal. Anyway, I don’t have the money neither the time to go there.

  12. April 23rd, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    borth says:

    my bad, it is Göteborg, Gottenborg is in Norway.

  13. April 29th, 2009 at 12:07 pm

    dan says:

    Ok – I’m not moving there anymore!

  14. May 2nd, 2009 at 4:57 pm

    Herr Flijk says:

    It’s depressingly true. Swedes really are shallow, vacuous, vapid lickspittles.

    They would rather bankrupt themselves into looking (what they consider to be) great, in order to marry well (both boys, girls, gays, straights). Yet this is hardly likely as the swedish middleclass are by most 1st world standards impoverished.

    It’s a Mickey mouse country to be sure. Great for the odd visit, but seriously hard on the soul to live in.

  15. May 16th, 2009 at 11:34 am

    WL says:

    Yes I agree that Swedes are very rude.

    I am a born and raised in Sweden and I often think about how rude, uncivilised and ignorant Swedes are. I almost get a shock when I meet a nice shop assistant, when that’s the common thing in other country’s.

    I have been thinking about moving some place else, because I have a hard time meeting a friendly girl here.

    Of course there do exist some very nice Swedes.
    The answer to why so many are rude is that Swedish culture is is it’s nature/the wildlife not civilised manners so you should not judge people by how they act (but of course we all do to some extent) the just don’t how to interact wither others. Swedes are novice when it comes to socialising.
    And one other thing, I hate to say it but it’s one part of the truth. The free Swedish school system that’s gives everybody a opportunity to a education has a dark side, people with no class, generally working class or cocky middle class tend to think that they are always right since they have got a good education and earn a lot of money – but they don’t have a solid ground.

    I have no idea how this will develop in the future.

  16. May 17th, 2009 at 8:19 am

    Wille says:

    Hello I am a Swede and I have noticed the same thing about Swedes in general (in fact it has bothered me for quite some time). I wonder, where to move? UK, Germany, France, US, or … all the best Wille

  17. May 23rd, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    Sapphire says:

    I am American and lived in France for a few years along with other places. People calling the Swedes the most miserable, rudest people, are deluded. You’re basing your assumptions because you want people to act the way your culture expects them, not theirs.

    There’s not one person here who has any respect for Swedes, isn’t that disrespectful and rude in and of itself?

  18. May 25th, 2009 at 3:27 am

    Jonas says:

    Hi all. I can understand why people call us Sweds rude but i find it pretty rude by you guys judge us all because you have surely not met all of us. I’m not rude at all and non of my friends are. Next time when you visit Sweden i recommend you to try out the Northern part like Sundsvall, Umeå and Luleå. We are a bit shy up here I love it.

    And if you are in Stockholm you should not go to sturekompaniet it’s i a place for rich or wannabe rich people to brag about how much money they can waste.



  19. May 25th, 2009 at 11:39 am

    Djurgården says:

    It sucks that you haven’t had a better time here up until this point, but as a native Stockholmer I just want to say that you are most welcome to our great and beautiful city!

  20. May 28th, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    Torb says:

    Hi, sorry you feel this way, but I gotta tell you, this says more about the capital Stockholm, than about Sweden. The country is truly wonderful, but in Stockholm it is like you say “Everyone for him/herself”, but in almost any other city I have lived in, this is not the case. Stockholm is unfortionately some kind of a “black sheep” for Sweden.

  21. June 14th, 2009 at 6:57 am

    atLEASTtheyREnotFINNISH says:

    It is sad to read these impressions you have had after living in sweden…i am italian and i happened to spend a few months in sweden, in umeå as well as in stockholm…it is true that swedes may seem a bit too “precious” and “as fragile as crystal” (so please do not dare getting too close) in stockholm, but i have never met rude ones…i could consider myself lucky, when i found a warm and lovely environment in umeå…up there people were so nice and friendly…
    in spite of this, i felt this sort of empathy while reading those lines you wrote in such bitterness and discomfort…i share those feelings now, that i moved to finland…i am only writing to warn you, there is nothing here in finland that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, and in better versions…so, no reason to come here and no reason to get slapped in the face by this true, meaningless, ignorant hostility.
    If you can’t take anymore of Sweden, well…keep away from escaping to Finland!

  22. July 14th, 2009 at 6:08 am

    Jack says:

    I have had a lot of experience of different nationalities from all over the world, thanks to my job.

    It is clear that all countries have some nice people AND some unpleasant people. Nowhere is all of just one. However, in my experience, the VAST majority of Swedish people I have met, have been extremely rude, cruel, and horrible people. My job involves me getting to know people for a while, so although at first they are fairly polite like most other nationalities, it’s only once you get to know them better that they really turn.

    Trust me, I am not racist towards any colour or nationality, but the exception is now Swedes. I really wish this wasn’t the case, but it would be silly for me to think otherwise. With the first horrible Swedes, I even chuckled to myself and I wondered if they all knew each other something. I just put it down to a coincidence. With the 4th, 5th, and 6th Swede, I wondered if maybe I was missing out on a part of their humour or something. The thing is though, I spent a lot of my youth in the UK and they have a very dry humour but also are very sarcastic. Often this isn’t fully picked up on by none Brits, but it’s usually so over the top that it’s quite obvious and if you asked them they will explain that they were being sarcastic. With these Swedes though, they seem to be extremely cruel and extremely rude, and yet their tone doesn’t change at all. The nail in the coffin for me, was when I was working in a group of 20 people from all over the world. We had 6 Americans, two French guys, a girl from the UK, a pair of brothers from Russia (who were hilarious by the way), a German, a couple of people from Spain, and then some people from Australia and a couple from South Africa. It was a very harmonious group until one of them left and was replaced by a Swedish guy. This guy was extremely rude to me in the first DAY! I confronted him immediately and he backed down so I just kind of wrote it off as a misunderstanding or something.. But in the coming weeks, he went on to be extremely cruel about some other people in our group. He would blame things on them and criticise their performances. If one of them would stand up to him, rather than him say “Oh I was just kidding, I was being sarcastic”, he would actually defend his position and further upset them. At the end I had to just assume that he was a really nasty person, and others in the team did too.

    I should point out that this was 6th Swede I have met, and of all of those six, EVERY one of them behaved in a similar way, and were extremely unpleasant. I recently had put all this to the back of my mind because it’s been a while since I’ve worked in those teams. But recently I have been back at home and I have been relaxing a lot and I started playing computer games again which is a hobby I’ve had for most of my life. I bought a game recently and I went on to the forum to see people talking about it and hopefully to learn some things. I made a post on the forum and all the players replied and were really helpful and some of them even welcomed me to their community. It was really nice because often gamers are young and often very rude and immature so this was really nice. A week later, I saw a message in my inbox on the forum, and it was from the Moderator. He had issued me a “Formal Warning” for posting in the wrong section of the forum! I was amazed. I am a paying customer, and posting in the wrong section is about the most minor thing you could do. The forum has dozens of sections, technical support, online play, offline play, etc.. so posting in the wrong place is an easy mistake to make. On the countless game forums I’ve been on in the past, American and pretty much everywhere, at the most, a moderator would just move your post and they may even send you a message explaining that they moved it and they would let you know about other areas. But getting a “formal warning” as a paying customer, for something so incredibly minor, I was shocked. So I sent the moderator a message and said I was quite offended at being issued a warning of something so minor. He replied saying, “You should be grateful that I didn’t ban you” for not reading the forum rules. Now, there are rules and there are rules… Don’t set fireworks off on a long haul flight across the Atlantic is quite a good rule. Don’t poke metal objects in a plug socket is a good rule. But posting in the wrong section of a website is SO minor, it shouldn’t be worthy of a warning. It wasn’t a spoiler or anything that would upset ANYONE, it was completely innocent and completely minor. So not only did he warn me, but he also was rude saying that I should be grateful I didn’t get banned which is just so completely over the top. It was then that I noticed his “Location”, it was Sweden. He is the 7th Swede I have come across, albeit he is just one I’ve come across over the internet.

    I am now though, rightly or wrongly, assuming that Swedish people generally, are just scum bags. I don’t WANT to be racist towards a country, but 7 out of 7 is not good! Yes I’ve met rude people from other countries, but you always get others who are nice and some are extremely nice and very friendly and helpful. Sure if you go to New York City you might find that a lot of people are quite cold, but I remember buying a sandwich from a little Deli and the guy asked me about my accent and I ended up chatting to him for ages and he told me about lots of interesting ‘none touristy’ places to visit. But to meet 7 Swedes and every one of them was rude and cruel in some way, has just forced me to now look upon Swedish people with suspicion. In a way, I pity them. If they don’t get much sunlight and it makes many of them suffer from depression then that is a really sad thing. I remember reading about how some people suffer from S.A.D (Seasonally Affected Disorder) and would have to plug in ultra violet lights to give them some vitamin D. So if that’s the case then I’m sorry about that. But I just have to go on what I’ve experienced myself, and with other nationalities I’ve seen both good and bad. With the 7 Swedes I’ve met, every one of them has been extremely nasty.

  23. July 14th, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    Pete Sheldon says:

    Indeed they are assholes galore! I only have experience with 3 of them but all absolute scum, they do not deserve the face of this earth. They are the kind that only takes and never give anything back to society. If you are surrounded by a swede, my advice would be to cut them off like a cancer.

  24. July 15th, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    Cornelia says:

    Funniest shallow thing i’ve read in ages!!!

  25. July 21st, 2009 at 9:50 am

    Emy says:

    oh my god – so much hate.

    so you pity me. i am a retard. i am rude. i don’t deserve living.
    what can i say?

    welcome to the beautiful city where i happen to be born, and please, talk to me the next time you’ll see me on the subway, i would love to have a chat with you about this or that – as always when someone starts talking to me. maybe we’ll end up doing frisbee-golf or having a beer together.

    ps. i never set my foot on stureplan, that is a place merely designed for people to spend money and show off.

  26. August 2nd, 2009 at 4:45 pm

    Swedish American Girl says:

    while i am only half swedish, and born and raised in new jersey, i tend to take after the swedish immigrants whose trip across the atlantic somehow harbored my existence. yes, drunken bi-polar swedish blood swashes through my veins but i have to say, although i dont agree with general rudeness (or pushing, specifically) i find myself having the same anxieties about approaching people or saying hello to aquantences that you’ve noticed amongst the swedish people. and although i dont mean it to be rude, i will walk 10 blocks out of my way to avoid having an awkward chat with someone, and that could be someone i know, used to know, hardly know, or don’t know at all. i found this site trying to research how much of my oddly bi-polar personality actually comes from the swedes. im interested in how they react to things such as sadness and drama because i consider myself to be pretty sad and dramatic. im also gregarious and a funlovin gal, so perhaps thats not my swedish side… but who knows. i got a great kick out of your webpage tho! thanks for sharing your experience.

  27. August 9th, 2009 at 8:37 am

    the swede says:

    hahaha, most of you are so damn pathetic that you make me laugh. Get a life. (and then you acctually might be able to have an acctual opionion, not based on your lacks of insights when it comes to the Swedish mentality.)

    Have a nice day! (oh, look I could say it…wow:-))

  28. September 3rd, 2009 at 5:33 am

    Henrik says:

    If you think Stockholm is bad – try going to Oslo! (That’s in Norway for you Americans)… They are at least 10 times worse.

  29. October 23rd, 2009 at 1:26 pm

    Mark says:

    Been working in Sweden for a year now.

    They are a funny people, hard to understand, cold as dead herring, and pathologically concerned about their social security and conforming. Then again, I live in Stockholm which is probably the gloomiest place on earth from October through April. I find that Swedes have a real tough time distinguishing between honest integrity and avoiding open discussion. They will lie through their teeth to avoid any sort of honest talk that might be a tad difficult. I work in an NGO, and while some of my younger colleagues are worldly and friendly, the older bunch, especially the executive director, simply cannot be trusted. However, even some younger people who come from rural areas have turned out to be that way, which has been the most discouraging thing.

    I am disappointed in the strange organizational behavior and the lack of ethics in personal relationships. Worst of all: they rationalize it as their “culture.” Sorry to say, its driving me out of the country to move back to the US. We have major league jerks there too, of course, but at least you know where you stand.

    I learned that I cannot trust Swedes generally. I apologize to those who do not fit the model, but its fairly prevalent.

  30. October 24th, 2009 at 9:37 pm

    JM says:

    Hey guys, I am planning to move to Sweden for two years to study a masters at Stockholm School of Economics. I’m a 25 year old male.
    I am seriously having second thoughts, since 99% of comments I’ve found on the web regarding swedes are negative.
    My question is: is it really that bad? I wouldn’t mind a 60 year old ignoring me, but are young educated people like that too? Hope I get a few responses. Peace.

  31. October 25th, 2009 at 7:53 am

    Swedenson says:

    Hi JM – yes, Stockholm really is that bad.

    However, if you will be there for 2 years and you will be studying at the Stockholm School of Economics, your time there won’t be all bad. Once you get integrated into the school, you will likely make friends, not least, among the other international students. Keep in mind also that the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) is highly regarded worldwide. Despite the pain I endured living in the capitol of rudeness that is Stockholm, I’m quite proud to have the SSE name on my resume and as a talking point in job interviews, business meetings, etc.

    I have to give credit where credit is due, and the Swedes do have a talent for business and engineering – there is no doubt about that. They are a tiny country of 8 million people, but have many well respected multi-national corporations (Ikea, H&M, Volvo, Saab, Ericsson, etc). There are few countries on the planet that do “International Business” as well as the Swedes. If you go to SSE and live in Sweden you will learn some of the nuances of how they have been so successful in this arena. If you are a ‘business guy’, as I am, you will appreciate that Jack Welch once remarked that Swedish managers are ‘pound for pound’ the best “International Business” managers in the world. The Swedes know how to take products and market them successfully in foreign countries. Yes, SSE is known for Finance, Economics, Capital Markets, and Investing, but what I valued most about my educational experience was learning how they are able to market products so successfully internationally.

    If you value personal relationships and common courtesy though (as I do), and you have the choice of going to other top European schools (as I did), you should consider going to some of the other top schools in England, France, or Spain, where people are much more warm and friendly.

    Of course, not all Stockholm people are rude. I found the general ‘culture’ of the city (or at least the portion of the city where I lived and spent my time in) to be shallow and cold, but many people, of course, are nice and warm and genuine. Again, I spent most of my time in the more snooty and stuck up areas of Stockholm during the winter, and that may have been the big problem that I had. I feel bad because I did make a few friends at SSE while I was in Stockholm, and I don’t mean to ‘throw them under the bus’ along with the rest of their boorish compatriots.

    Swedish people are difficult to get close to, but given some time, and the proximity of being among fellow students for an extended period of time (2 years), you will likely gain traction. I always wondered if my poor impression of Stockholm would have been the same had I stayed there throughout the spring and summer. I always heard that summer was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I left in the spring and really was only there for the winter… notoriously the worst time to visit Sweden… when people are particularly depressed and unfriendly. If you are planning on going for 2 years, my guess is that you might be able to ‘crack’ the Swedish code, particularly among a peer group of students.

    Don’t expect much from the people of Stockholm itself though, especially in the area near ‘Handels’ (Stockholm School of Economics). As a foreigner, unless you are rich or famous, or are the child of someone rich or famous, they will have little interest in you.

    I’m not sure where you are from, but in the USA, if you are likable and friendly that is all that really counts. Especially at a University, people don’t care so much who your parents are, or if you have wealth or many accomplishments. All that matters really is that you are kind and friendly.

    In summary though, approach Stockholm with caution. Before moving there, I talked with a few people and they all warned me about the place – that the people there were unfriendly. I went ahead and moved there anyway, which resulted in some regret. It was a great learning experience, but how much nicer things would have been had I gone to a ‘friendlier’ city in Europe.

  32. October 25th, 2009 at 9:48 am

    Mark says:

    Hey JM,

    I think you ought to give it a go. The Stockholm School of Economics is world class, and I think you will benefit from the experience.

    I don’t hate Sweden or Swedes. But I am seriously disappointed in the dishonesty and neurotic behavior I’ve seen among many of my colleagues. What we would call “back stabbing” in the US seems to be an accepted practice in the workplace. There’s a general lack of integrity which I find disturbing. It’s really quite strange to me. The Swedes will just say that it’s their “culture”, but I think that’s BS. They are rationalizing despicable behavior and it seems rooted in a cultural pathology focused on their sense of organizational security in a socialist system.

    I don’t think you will find as much of that ugliness in a University environment, especially one with so many students from around the world.

    Give it a try, and judge for yourself.

    You shouldn’t have that problem

  33. November 17th, 2009 at 4:43 am

    Mac says:

    What happened? You guys got dissed by Swedish girls who didn’t wanna sleep with you and now you have to write this crap about them? You people get a life. god..

  34. December 15th, 2009 at 3:37 pm

    Thomas says:

    When I studied Swedish in college, I visited Southwest Sweden (Göteborg, Helsingborg, Lund och Malmö) for an extended period of time. While I was there, I had a great experience with people of all ages and genders. While I would agree with Swedes being more oblivious to certain social constructs that we have in America (personal space, please and thank you, etc.), the students we stayed and spent time with were very considerate and gracious. I think having them as a ‘guide’ to Swedish culture was important and made our stay that much more enjoyable.

    Since I visited a different region, I didn’t expect your experience to perfectly mirror mine. While the students we spent time had similar things to say about people in Stockholm, I also agree with several posts that the behavior you saw was either specific to certain places or people you met (there are plenty of douchebags in American bars as well). By having the opportunity to speak with Swedes who were students like myself, I think that bridged the gap and eliminated many of the unpleasantries you experienced.

    Overall, my time in Sweden was great and I learned more than I would have ever expected. I also realized I LOVE not talking to anyone at 6:30 in the morning while I rode the train to visit new people or places. It’s nice to have time to yourself occasionally. As for the personal space issues, I believe that is just a cultural gap that you can either adapt to or not. I don’t think the intent of every Swedish person you run into is to make your day worse.

    As for the website, I really did enjoy reading about your experience. Although I left with a much different opinion of Sweden than you (I’d love to move there for a few years and really immerse myself in the culture and lifestyle), I did find quite a few truths, although exaggerated, that I noticed in your writing. I could totally relate on a lesser scale to your examples and found it pretty hilarious.

  35. December 27th, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    Kro says:

    Having lived in various cities all over Sweden, I would have to agree that Swedish people in general are very rude and unfriendly. Although of course there are some pleasant ones, the majority of the people all seem very superficial… and like “Antonio” said, the girls think they are Gods gift when the truth is that they really aren’t.

  36. December 31st, 2009 at 7:46 pm

    Steven says:

    I coincidently just discovered this site, and its amazing to read comments that mirror my experience here in Stockholm and Sweden. I find Swedes to be somewhat two-faced: they’re generally nice to your face in a one-to-one exchange, but they can really stick it to you in an organizational setting. I agree with the above comment about “back-stabbing”. Swedish organizations are treacherous places, and you cannot really trust people within them.

    I also think that the Swedes have a ludicrously inflated opinion of their culture. It’s generally dysfunctional, but they will project a hilarious smugness about it, especially in comparison to the US.

    That said, I’m still here. I’m learning to put up with it all.

  37. January 3rd, 2010 at 3:06 am

    Simon says:

    I think you dont understand the way of how swedes are, First they are not cold or rude, people often get things mixed up, swedes are not just into the whole drama thing, they have a hard time showing what they are really feeling, doesn’t mean that they are rude or cold, just means they dont want to show strangers they are vulnerable.

    There closest friends and family are the only people who gets to see the real person behind the mask, I dont see where all the hate comes from, does it always have to be “us” and “them”?

    Im 25 year old male, live in the north part of sweden 90km from Luleå we have -30c each winter and hardly any daylight pluss a lot of snow I been told, but its just normal, we never complain remember when we had -47c one winter and we even went to school no worries about that, just put on extra socks and everything was fine.

    everytime I visit Stockholm I never meet any rude people, they are kind and happy to see me for some reason, you might have been unlucky to meet some real douchbags and im sorry for that, I know a few retards, but im only with the people that I like.

    Please dont Judge a whole country based on ur short time in sweden, you barely scratched the surface of the ice, you might just have done so where someone peed there name in the snow.

  38. January 6th, 2010 at 10:25 am

    Tobias says:

    I been living in a couple of countries both in Europa and America and Australia.

    When people move they dont feel at home, not used to the costums, and have no friends. Some people turn this into its other people fault, while they themself are perfect.

    Its just a state of mind.

    People writing here a probably just generally weeny.

  39. January 13th, 2010 at 11:35 am

    Bill the cat says:

    Poor Sweden…and Swedes. They are so reserved and cool to anyone but close friends and family, that we Yanks tend to think they are rude.

    I’ve been in Stockholm for several years now. It has its pluses and minuses. It has a nice central city, but the “neighborhoods” where normal people live are simply horrible by American standards. Ugly, blocky, and souless. Stalin would approve. I really do feel sorry for the Swedes having to live in these places, and you have to cut them some slack for it. You’d be pretty unfriendly too if you had to trudge back and forth to these nightmares each day.

    I will say that I find Swedes are really quite nice on a one to one basis. I will also say that I, too, think that organizational life here is kind of strange because they seem to operate on a different set of ground rules that are rather bizarre to most Americans. I haven’t cracked the code myself, but I’m getting there. I can definitely see why some posters complain about back-stabbing, but I don’t think the Swedes see it that way. I have been on the receiving end, and it’s made me kind of wary. Maybe I’ll get it one of these days, but I have learned not to trust many of my coworkers or my boss.

    Swedes will claim that they are very straightforward, open, and honest about things. I find that they are just the opposite. Perhaps thats why some people think they are rude.

    They aren’t rude, just neurotically obsessed with conforming and saving face.

  40. February 19th, 2010 at 6:16 am

    npj says:

    I thought they are so self-centered. They are talking about themselves too much and never listen. I thought it was a kind of assertiveness first but it’s just an utter selfishness. I could not have a conversation as I am simply staggered by their stupidity. I’ve heard their sence of humour is appalling. It is not just a bad sence of humour, it’s rude!

  41. February 20th, 2010 at 9:23 am

    Anonymous says:

    I’m no weeny. :) Lived in many countries including Australia, Spain, England, the US, Japan, and now Sweden. After several years here I am still pretty mystified by the way the Swedes go about things. They are commendably polite and respectful at a personal level, but I’m afraid that I will have to agree with those above who have been back-stabbed in the workplace. Its really strange and sometimes kind of freaky and sinister, and I’ve never been too clear on the motivations. I’ve talked with others with similar experiences. One explanation might be that Swedes and Americans often see moral and ethical issues quite differently. They speak English very well here, but don’t let that fool you. It is a different culture.

  42. February 23rd, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    Sean says:

    Double post above, but it hits things on the bullseye. I’m just down on Sweden and Stockholm in general, googled “Stockholm sucks”, and here I am. Funny.

    It’s a strange place we live in around here in Stockholm, but I wouldn’t generalize about all of Sweden. People are quite nice and open down in Gothenburg and Malmo. Then again, I do not work there. The workplace here is kind of spooky for Americans like me. I can never really figure what’s going on between the lines, and I seem to learn of problems indirectly, almost like my coworkers are embarrassed to talk about them. There’s been some major dishonesty on occassion and I do not know what to make of that. Swedes can be rude at times, but no more than Americans. I agree that the culture here is a lot different than English speakers might expect. The biggest difference is the obsession with security and not making waves, pretty much the opposite of the US. The Swedes have a sense of humor, and sort of get it sometimes. It’s pretty droll.

  43. February 23rd, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    Sean says:

    One other observation. I think that the living conditions around Stockholm have a significant impact on the Swedish mentality there. The inner city is quite nice if you can afford living there and if you can afford owning your own place. But if you have to rent in one of the so-called suburbs, things can get pretty tough and wierd for expats. The apartment rental and sublet economy is simply bizarre, the landlords and subleasors are cut throat, and the places are mostly just plain hideous.

    Thats got to have an effect on people.

  44. March 3rd, 2010 at 3:11 am

    Andreas says:

    Reading this blog i have to say that i don´t mind you to be back in good old america, the place you belong to. And please do not ever again leave your fantastic country, occupied by you fantastic americans. Don´t let your great world perception be spoiled again by this awful experiences in old europe.

  45. March 6th, 2010 at 11:35 am

    Kevin says:

    Gee, I don’t think the Swedes are rude at all in personal situations. I’ve had great experiences, and I’ve chalked up any misunderstandings to my own cultural cluelessness. The workplace can be strange sometimes, but lets face it organizational behavior is often weird in America also. Here in Stockholm, you really have to learn to read between the spaces between the lines. I’ve seen some inexplicable nastiness from some Swedes at work but it hasn’t happened directly to me yet. No knives in the back that I know of. Sometimes, they do go overboard and get shockingly personal in confrontations. Just sort of blow up out of the blue. I laughed at one incident because it was so absurd, and the perpetrator did not like it at all. I’ve had some others tell me not to trust Swedes entirely, but I have no reason to do so at this point. I like Southern Sweden a lot more than I like Stockholm.

  46. March 6th, 2010 at 11:49 am

    Jill says:

    Well, I’m with Kevin above, and I disagree with him. I don’t see any real difference in the business world. (It sucks in Stockholm and New York.) I cannot stand the ugly living arrangements here, and the landlords (who you cannot trust at all), but that’s another matter. I can’t wait for summer though. This winter has been tough.

  47. March 8th, 2010 at 10:56 am

    Ed says:

    Living here in Stockholm does make me miss the US in many ways. Life is definitely better overall in the US, even now with all the trouble. But I don’t blame individual Swedes. It the culture they’ve inherited, which many of them dislike as much as we do. My friends here are always making fun of the way it is. If its such a problem here for you, why not just leave? No one likes to see a foreigner ridiculing or criticizing their country, but we are all OK with doing it ourselves to our own land. Sure Swedes can be rude. So can Americans, French, and Germans. The one area where I think Swedes are quite strange is how they get personal and ugly in arguments or disagreements. That has shocked me. But I wonder what they think of us.

  48. March 21st, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    alex says:

    i hate sweden,

    i have to go there quite often as my folks work out there,
    but everytime i go i feel as if they are looking down at me every where i go,

    i live in the heart of london (Kensington & Chelsea) so it doesnt get much more cosmopolitan but these cats think they are the bee’s knees.

    I live in stureplan , around the corner from sturecompagniet sadly so i always have to put up with these boring reserved people, sorry if i come across as rude but even other europeans i have met there who have spent more then a few years there have been “swedenised” and think they are the shit?!

    i concede there are good things about sweden
    – everyone is usually amazingly dressed
    -and the bitches are pretty good looking
    but if it means actually talking to one in order to bang her i’d rather have a wank lol


  49. March 22nd, 2010 at 7:02 am

    Ih8sweden says:

    Quotes from two swedes

    # the swede says:

    hahaha, most of you are so damn pathetic that you make me laugh. Get a life. (and then you acctually might be able to have an acctual opionion, not based on your lacks of insights when it comes to the Swedish mentality.)

    Have a nice day! (oh, look I could say it…wow:-))

    September 3rd, 2009 at 5:33 am
    Henrik says:

    If you think Stockholm is bad – try going to Oslo! (That’s in Norway for you Americans)… They are at least 10 times worse.

    these two posts just proved the point better then anything else

  50. March 25th, 2010 at 8:59 am

    Hank says:

    Well I am sure disappointed in what I’ve experienced here in Stockholm but I cant project that onto all of Sweden just yet. I’ve only been to Gothenberg once, and it seemed like a nicer place. I do not like working here though because as an American I am used to open communication and flexibility from my coworkers. Thats not how Swedes behave in business. Yes, I’ve been unpleasantly surprised by some back stabbing too. It came out of the blue with no warning either, so I have lost a lot of respect for the Swedes I work with. Living in Stockholm makes me really miss the US even with all of its issues.

  51. April 3rd, 2010 at 9:29 am

    Paul T. says:

    It’s a cultural thing. Swedish people are probably the most polite that I’ve encountered in Europe, a lot more than the French or others. But its a formal politeness. Unless they know you really well, its going to end there. Sadly, i have to say that its a mistake to assume all is well in a business setting just because no one is saying anything. they dont handle situations very well and you can really get ambushed on things with no warning. I dont know how they can get by this way when working with other nationalities and countries. If you want to really freak out Swedes confront them on this very issue. they don’t know how to handle it and will probably just avoid you. not a lot of integrity and courage there.

  52. April 9th, 2010 at 9:16 am

    Josh says:

    Haha, I find that hard to believe actually. Funny how there’s not a single dissenting voice heard amongst the comments, could it be that you (the mid-20s American guy) will not allow them (or this post) to be posted?

    Jesus man, get a grip. Even if you won’t allow this to be posted (which ofc you won’t but feel free to prove me wrong!), look at the link.

  53. April 9th, 2010 at 9:24 am

    Swedenson says:

    Hi Josh – thank you for your message.

    Just for the record, I approve all comments – including those that disagree with this blog. Dissenting opinions are more than welcome here. If you do a search through the comments, you will see that many disagree with the main message of this blog.

    The only comments I delete are those that include link spam, over-the-top profanity, racist comments, or direct baseless angry attacks. If a comment is critical of my position, but does not resort to any of the above, I absolutely approve it.

    The reason I deleted your previous comment was because it included a one-way link back to your blog post that references this site, but does not link back to this site. Then you come back over to this site and add comments with links back to your own site. And you have tried doing this many times.

    I classify that as link spam.

    You tried to do the same thing with your previous post today. Your post was approved this time, but your link was deleted. Other posts you have made include direct attacks that include profanity. Yes, those get deleted too.

    Include a trackback or link back next time and follow the basic ground rules and your posts will be approved.

    Contrary to popular opinion, I do not ‘hate’ Swedes. How silly and ignorant that would it be to pass judgment on a whole country from an experience in one corner of Sweden. I made some good friends in Sweden.

    The purpose of this blog was to exercise my right to freedom of speech, air some thoughts based on my frustrations with living in Stockholm, and warn others about what they might expect if they chose to move to Stockholm.

    As you can see from my first post, the impetus for this blog came after a series of grievously rude occurrences that happened over the course of a regular week in Stockholm. I have lived in several countries, but never experienced rudeness the way I did in Stockholm, and I had grown very frustrated with this rudeness.

    In days past, I might have written a poem, or a song, or an essay, to vent my frustrations. But in today’s day and age, what do I do? I put up a blog.

  54. April 9th, 2010 at 9:50 am

    Josh says:

    Also, (this is a question to you, mister mid-20s American) have you never considered that perhaps you are moving in the snobby, upper-class areas of Swedish society? Stureplan is not the place where you find the common Swede, but what is usually referred to in Sweden as ‘brats’. Handelshögskolan isn’t known either for its self-reflective pupils. Perhaps you belong amongst those people. Hell, you’re rude and you seem like an ‘overhyped celebrity’ yourself. You expected a ‘warm reception’? Why would the locals be so overwhelmed at seeing you? You reap what you sow.

  55. April 14th, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Ace says:

    I’ve been employed with a major Swedish firm for the last couple of years and have worked or interacted with at least 50 Swedes over that period. While I have lived in and traveled to every major region of the world, I have never come across more miserable or pathetic people anywhere else. The ones that have spent time abroad – in NYC, London etc – are more tolerable, but in general, these are the most unfriendly, shallow, and dull people I have ever come across. Others may disagree, but this has been my personal experience. Needless to say I have had enough of these cretins, and have actually resigned my position.

  56. April 14th, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    John says:

    Most of the posts here demonstrate a quite amazing ignorance. I am an American married to a Swede for 40 years and own an apartment in Stockholm which I have visited countless times. Swedes are not reserved at all in the German sense of the term but are shy with foreigners not knowing how to break the ice themselves. If you think they are bad in this way now, you should have been here in the 60s. They are worldclass open and friendly now.

    For the girl chasers, the main reason you get put off is your approach. If you approach the typical Swedish girl like you would an American one–or British one for that matter–they will either think you are immature or think that they are a whore–which is exactly what many Arab types living in Sweden think. That’ll get you a long way. Try watching what the Swedish guys do and follow their lead. Swedes have a very strong set of prejudices vis-a-vis foreign men that you simply have to be patient with, recognize and deal with. This is all a result of the Swedish free sex myth which Swedish females know other Swedes know is nonsense but think that is what foreign men think and, therefore, think they’re whores. Those of you who live there now have just found the Chinese wall they have erected as a result toward foreign males and it is up to you to get over it. They’re not the ones that made up the myth after all are they?

    I have never once encountered a rude Swede in Stockholm or anywhere else in Sweden. As some others have pointed out, it’s a cultural thing. They are inherently shy in general, which doesn’t make them rude–just shy. If you are friendly and don’t act like a frivolous ass–a sure way to turn them off–they will be more than happy to help you out. Some morons actually think that Swedish females are just waiting to fall all over them. Yeah, just like all the ones at home huh? The real fact is a foreigner actually has an advantage over a male Swede because most of them find foreigners a lot more interesting than the Swedes that they know only too well. I have had numerous incidents over the years when Swedish male friends would drag met out to places with them to themselves get to meet the women, explaining that I was not the “normal” American–meaning I had figured out their prejudices and acted for the most part exactly opposite to them. So those of you failing are just your own worst enemies.

    I once had an American friend working in Stockholm that met the exact standard of the handsome, well employed guy that females in the US would just fall all over and he was absolutely miserable in Stockholm getting nowhere at all with the Swedish variety. I asked him what he was doing and just laughed at his answers. He was acting just like he would in the US, meeting all the prejudices that Swedish women have of Americans, shooting himself in the foot. And whoever it was above that gave the advice of beating your own drum couldn’t be more wrong. That is one of the biggest no nos in Swedish culture. You don’t brag about yourself ever. You let your actions speak for themselves and they will come to their own conclusions. The bragging route will be one of the surest ways to shoot yourself in the foot. I gave my friend a little counseling and the next time I visited he was happily living with the proverbial beautiful blond whom he later married. It’s all in the approach guys.

    The other thing you certainly don’t do is criticize Sweden to Swedish women. They are notoriously nationalistic and proud of Sweden while the men would just not pay attention to what you’re saying. Swedes themselves are critical of Sweden in their own way, which you would see if you started praising Sweden much to them. That, they view as their perogative as Swedes. Exact opposite of bragging isn’t it? In fact, it is so strong with Swedish women that after 40 years of marriage when my wife should have long since learned I am just pulling her chain, I sometimes do it just to get the inevitable reaction. And it works every time.

    And, of course, you don’t expect to find serious relations in bars. You go to places where you would expect it, like museums, sports clubs and places of that nature. Those of you wanting one night stands are going to get them alright–with yourselves. Or with some real tramp whose name you will have forgotten an hour later though there are few of them in Sweden.

    The last thing I will say is that Swedes have genuine friends that will last a lifetime as many of mine have both in Sweden and abroad. They’re are most definitely NOT like Americans who will introduce someone they met all of 10 minutes ago as their “friend” to someone else. Swedes are very serious about relationships whether for friendship or marriage/live in reasons. That doesn’t mean that they don’t like you or are being rude, it’s that it’s a combination of being shy and not having had enough experience with you to judge you otherwise.

  57. April 14th, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    John says:

    Now, try reading how this Swede explains Sweden as it is quite accurate and you might learn something. Notice what he says about bragging:

  58. April 14th, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    John says:

    And now for a laugh on Sweden:

    408 reasons and going strong!

    1. You rummage through your plastic bag collection to see which ones you can keep to take to the shop and which ones can be sacrificed for rubbish.

    2. You no longer snigger when you see grown women walking around with their hair in plaits.

    3. The first thing you do upon entering a bank/post office/chemist etc. is to look for the queue number machine.

    4. You accept that you will have to queue to take a queue number.

    5. When a stranger on the street smiles at you, you assume:
    a: he is drunk
    b: he is insane
    c: he’s an American

    6. You don’t think twice about putting the wet dishes away in the cupboard to dry.

    7. A friend asks about your holiday plans and you answer “Oh, I’m going to Europe!” meaning any other Western European country outside of Sweden.

    8. You no longer crunch up or fold your paper money. You always put your money in your wallet.

    9. You see a student taking a front row seat on the bus and wonder “Who does he think he is?”

    10. Silence is fun.

    11. The reason you take the ferry to Finland is:
    a: duty free vodka
    b: duty free beer
    c: to party hearty. .. no need to get off the boat in Helsinki, just turn around and do it again on the way back to Sweden.

    12. Your coffee consumption exceeds 6 cups a day and coffee is too weak if there is less than 10 scoops per pot.

    13. You pass a supermarket and think “Wow, it is open, I had better go in an buy something!”

    14. A sharp intake of breath has become part of your vocabulary, as has the sound “Jah hahh”

    15. Your native language has seriously deteriorated, now you begin to “eat medicine”, “open the television”, “close the lights off”, “take a beer”, “look upon everything” and tell someone to “follow with me” or “you needn’t to!” You start to say “for 2 years ago” and expressions like “Don’t panic” creep into your everyday language.

    16. You associate pea soup with Thursday.

    17. Your idea of unforgivable behaviour now includes walking across the street when the light is red and there is no WALK symbol, even though there are no cars in sight.

    18. Your notion of street life is reduced to the few teenagers hanging out in front of the railway station on Friday nights.

    19. Your bad mood becomes your good mood.

    20. Sundays no longer seem dull with all the shops closed, and begin to feel restful instead.

    21. “No comment” becomes a conversation strategy.

    22. You have only two facial expressions – smiling or blank. Also your arms are just hanging down when you chat with other people.

    23. The fact that all of the “v’s” and the “w’s” are together in the phone directory seems right.

    24. Your old habit of being “fashionably late” is no longer acceptable. You are always on time.

    25. Hugging is reserved for sexual foreplay

    26. You begin to understand Johan Tornberg’s broadcast of the hockey game.

    27. You refuse to wear a hat, even in minus 20 degree weather.

    28. You hear loud-talking passengers on the train. You immediately assume:> a: they are drunk> b: they are Finnish> c: they are American > d: all of the above

    29. You give up on trying to find fat-free food and pile on the butter, cream and sugar.

    30. You know how to fix herring in 105 different ways.

    31. You eat herring in 105 ways.

    32. You no longer look at sports pants as casual wear, but recognise them as semi-formal wear.

    33. Your front step is beginning to resemble a shoe shop.

    34. You are no longer scared of Volvos and Volvo drivers

    35. You have undergone a transformation
    a: you accept blodkorv as food
    b: you accept surströmming as food
    c: you accept alcohol as food
    d: you accept

    36. You can actually drink the coffee.

    37. You no longer have to search for the flushing mechanism.

    38. You no longer see any problem wearing white socks with sandals.

    39. Indoors you wear sandals with socks, regardless of the season.

    40. You no longer correct people who say MAC Donald’s.

    41. You just love Jaffa.

    42. You’ve come to expect Sunday morning sidewalk vomit dodging.

    43. You know that “religious holiday” means “let’s get pissed.

    44. You enjoy the taste of surströmming and lutfisk.

    45. You know that “men’s public bathroom” is another phrase for footpath.

    46. You know that more than three channels means cable.

    47. You get all the Finnish and Norwegians jokes.

    48. When you’re hungry you can peel a boiled potato like lightning.

    49. You eat jam with savoury dishes

    50. You’ve become lactose intolerant.

    51. You accept that 80 degrees C in a sauna is chilly, but 20 degrees C outside is freaking hot.

    52. An outside temperature of 5 degrees C is mild.

    53. It no longer seems excessive to spend 1,000kr on alcohol in a single night

    54. When someone asks for “three cheers” you say “hoorah, hoorah, hoorah, hoorah!”

    55. You think that riding a bicycle in the snow is a perfectly sensible thing to do.

    56. You have conversations with people outside when it is –10C.

    57. Having to book seat numbers at a cinema makes perfect sense. And you sit in your booked seat even if there are only 2 other people there and your seat is in the front row, on the side.

    58. You regard it as sensible to eat ice cream when it is 15C.

    59. You regard it as sensible that the ice cream van comes around playing that annoying song when it is -15C.

    60. Someone calls you a “good moron” first thing in the morning and you smile acknowledgement.

    61. It’s acceptable to eat lunch at 11.00.

    62. Julmust starts to taste good.

    63. You associate Friday afternoon with a trip to systembolaget.

    64. You think nothing of paying $50 for a bottle of ‘cheap’ spirits at systembolaget

    65. You know all of the “telephone times” by heart.

    66. It seems sensible that the age limit at Stockholm night clubs is 25.

    67. You actually care who wins ‘Expedition: Robinson’

    68. You have your own innebandy club.

    69. You find yourself debating the politics of the social democrats.

    70. You use ‘mmmm’ as a conversation filler.

    71. You have only two facial expressions, smiling or blank.

    72. You think it’s more fun to stay at home and drink then go out.

    73. You wear warm clothing when it’s 25 degrees plus in April – because it’s April.

    74. You wear shorts and t-shirt when it’s barely 10 degrees in July – because it’s July.

    75. You get extremely annoyed when the bus is two minutes late.

    76. You think women are more than equal than men and deserve to have better positions in the work place.

    77. Your wife watches TV while you look after the kids.

    78. You become a punctuality freak and dump your friends for being late more than once.

    79. You spend the week’s entertainment budget on a pack of cigarettes and a drink in Gamla Stan.

    80. When a stranger asks you a question in the streets, you think it’s normal to just keep walking, saying nothing.

    81. You’ve been engaged for four years and don’t have any plans to get married.

    82. Americans start to look entertaining, witty and fun, and you just want to go to the U.S.A., travelling across country on a greyhound, because it’s “romantic.”

    83. You and your friends know exactly the same information, and have the same attitudes and beliefs in the value of Social Democracy.

    84. You lose any artistic talent whatsoever.

    85. You think that if you smoke a joint you will wind up in an insane asylum. [or become a habitual criminal]

    86. You jot down ‘fisk fingrar’ on your shopping list.

    87. You no longer look for Vegemite on supermarket shelves, even if it’s your first time in that particular shop.

    90. You think black rimmed glasses are cool. Your wardrobe now consists of 20 different shades of black and grey.

    89. You stop explaining to people what Christmas Crackers are and accept that they aren’t – at least in Sweden

    88. You have an uncontrollable urge to mail this list and point out the numbering is incorrect!

    91. It doesn’t feel like lunch unless it’s a hot, full course meal drenched in gravy.

    92. You eat unlimited amounts of sausage products without worrying about your nitrate intake.

    93. You think that an unripe wedge of tomato on a limp leaf of iceberg lettuce can be called a salad.

    94. You don’t question the concept of ‘telephone time’. It seems reasonable that no business can be conducted on Friday afternoons. [or the entire month of July]

    95. You assume that anyone who apologises after bumping into you is a tourist.

    96. You feel discomfort if you can’t find the nummerlap machine.

    97. You reach for your pocket 20 times a day as mobile phones ring all around you.

    98. You actually care if your mobile phone meets the fashion standard – and so do your new Swedish friends.

    99. It seems reasonable that even those begging for money at T-centralen reach for their pocket as the melodic music of the Swedish mobile phone resounds.

    100. You get into a Mercedes taxi cab and think nothing of it

    101. Paying $6 for a cup of coffee seems reasonable.

    102. You understand that when a colleague asks you out for “a drink,” it will probably be a long night with a severe hangover the next day.

    103. You start to think that having a sauna in the nude with a bunch of strangers is a necessary part of daily life … and a necessary part of business.

    104. You start to differentiate between types of snow.

    105. You get offended if, at a dinner party, someone fails to look you in the eyes after raising their glass for a toast

    106. Seeing a young woman with lit candles stuck to her head no longer disturbs you.

    107. You become extremely skilled at assembling pre-packaged furniture kits.

    108. “Candles” are a permanent fixture on your weekly shopping list.

    109. You get to the movies early so that you can watch the commercials.

    110. Most of your friends have the same names and you must use both names to distinguish between them.

    111. You manage to convince yourself that you really enjoy eating potatoes, tuna, pasta and sausages and it’s not just because that’s all you can afford to eat here.

    112. You accept you must walk 2 kilometres to collect your book/tape from the Post Office, because they don’t deliver small packages (or large ones)

    113. You finally accept that the milkman isn’t going to roll up – ever- and you have to go out in the snow to the shop to buy your milk.

    114. Your shed becomes the first stage in the recycling process and you can’t get in it for bags of paper/cardboard/bottles, refundable glass/plastic, recyclable glass/plastic/ containers/etc.

    115. You accept that you will never again wear your beautiful stiletto heels because:> a: there’s snow everywhere and even if you did then,> b: you still have to take them off at the door which instantly ruins the hitherto glamorous line of whatever you were wearing as you drop, 10cm, onto your flat feet in your short and sexy little black dress. Not the same effect at all.

    116. When offered a bottle of beer the first thing you look at is the alcoholic percentage.

    117. You take every opportunity to raise an enormous flag in your garden.

    118. You can’t contemplate actually doing anything until you’ve first had a ‘fika’ (with coffee AND cake).

    119. You think it entirely reasonable to pay $40 for a five minute chat with the doctor.

    120. You use the alcohol percentage-per-kroner standard for measuring the quality of beer and wine.

    121. You think it is normal EVERYTHING is regulated and you obey the rules voluntarily.

    122. You no longer snigger when your kids ask for a Plopp when you’re out shopping

    123. You think it’s normal to park your car only on the right hand side of the street and are quite happy to move it elsewhere on Thursday evening because the street is being cleaned

    124. You accept that you will get parking tickets regularly and stop caring that you have no idea what was wrong with your parking.

    125. You don´t eat the jacket on your potato.

    126. Nobody fights to get the “parsons nose”.

    127. People keep showing you print outs of this list on the bus.

    128. Hearing the words f*ck and shag on daytime TV seems perfectly normal.

    129. You think Australia is wrong to drive on the left hand side of the road.

    130. You mutter “oy,oy,oy” continually to yourself even though you are the only one in the room.

    131. You understand why there is a Green, Red and Blue underground.

    132. You understand why the underground does not only operate underground.

    133. Even you can hear your own accent.

    134. When someone asks you for “sex” you assume they mean half-a-dozen.

    135. All winter you dream of what you will do in summer, and summer is the warmest day of the year

    136. You wear a dress or skirt over your trousers and combine them with training shoes (this is especially problematic if you are male)

    137. You expect to find the glove you dropped in February hanging on a post in June

    138. Bringing dead sticks indoors at Easter and hanging coloured feathers on them seems a good way to celebrate spring.

    139. Pigs say “nerf nerf”, frogs say “kvack, kvack” and roosters say “kuckeliku”

    140. You immediately think that a bottle of wine contains 75cl, and a carton of cream is 3dl. And you can’t for the life of you remember just what 500ml is in dl or cl.

    141. “It’s 5 degrees outside” does not necessarily mean PLUS 5, it could mean minus 5.

    142. You talk of 10C as “10 degrees cold”, when in Australia +10C would be considered cold. And who else calls +1C, “one degree warm”!

    143. You know that “Extrapris” goods are cheaper, even though your English mind translates the word as “extra price”

    144. You will squeeze past somebody rather than say excuse me.

    145. When returning to “civilisation” you hear yourself saying TACK all the time.

    146. The first thing you do in the morning is to switch on your car heater.

    147. Drinking spirits can only be accompanied by formal singing from song sheets and vice versa.

    148. You accept that adverts for houses do not include the price of the house.

    149. You accept that Job adverts do not include the salary scale.

    150. A fun way for people to pass a wintry afternoon is to watch a Bandy match outdoors when it’s minus 20 degrees.

    151. Everybody has an outdoor thermometer at home and they all compare temperatures when they get to work.

    152. You start eating egg and bacon instead of bacon and eggs.

    153. You ringed somebody yesterday instead of you rang them.

    154. Your husband is very long instead of being very tall

    155. You think coffee is supposed to look and taste like mud, complete with a mouthful of coffee ground sediment.

    156. You pay the TV-avgift because you think you’re getting your money’s worth watching SVT.

    157. You start looking at socialbidrag (welfare) less as an absolutely desperate last resort and more as a way of life.

    158. You pour filmjölk (soured milk) on your Kellogg’s Frosties.

    159. You put tomato sauce (as in Heinz Big Red) on your macaroni. Just tomato sauce. And love it.

    160. Your preferred pancake topping is lingonsylt.

    161. You begin thinking that you’re going to actually miss blood pudding for breakfast while you’re visiting Australia

    162. You don’t want a cold glass of Coke with ice on hot summer days but rather a nice steaming cup of coffee.

    163. You start to think that smoking is really not that bad, even for 13 year olds.

    164. You stop searching for a T-Bone steak.

    165. You start believing that good service is overrated.

    166. You can’t remember the words to the theme of Gilligan’s Island.

    167. You accept and take for granted that you will just have to suffer through a cold.

    168. You take two hour naps at work and the idea of losing your job never crosses your mind.

    169. You don’t even get surprised when the doctor, not only can’t help you, he/she can’t even diagnose you.

    170. You take it as a given that your wife/husband will get so wasted on Midsommar that he/she will end up in bed with someone other than yourself.

    171. You tailgate people who are driving 120 on the freeway.

    172. You think Australian coffee tastes like water.

    173. You don’t get disgusted by the little balls of discarded snus (chewing tobacco) at your feet at every bus stop.

    174. You don’t even get disgusted by seeing people spit, constantly.

    175. You start talking to yourself in Swedish.

    176. You think nothing of spending all day at IKEA looking for a piece of furniture and then spending the whole next day putting it together.

    177. You wonder how you ever lived with wall to wall carpeting

    178. You take your shoes off when entering a house while visiting your family in Australia.

    179. You can’t throw a plastic bottle away with out having a guilty conscience.

    180. You think an hour and a half cycle on your washing machine is a “quick wash”.

    181. You not only order a pizza with asparagus, banana and bernaise sauce on it, but you actually like it and wonder why they don’t offer it back in Australia.

    182. You think of where you will be going in terms of the shoes that you will wear. Your favourite pair of “Barbie” shoes keep getting buried further and further back in the wardrobe.

    183. You find yourself munching on Kalles Kaviar and hårdbröd at 3 A.M.

    184. You get used to hotdogs being called sausage and you eat them as the “meat” part of a meal without a bun.

    185. You find yourself wobbling home from the pub on your bicycle.

    186. You know how to take care of a toddler, a pram with baby, a shopping trolley (that needs to be returned for the coin), paying for and bagging all your own groceries, without ever once expecting anyone to offer to help you.

    187. You hide 5 or 6 bottles of spirits in your suitcase, one or two in your backpack, and put just one in the duty free shopping bag.

    188. You think horse meat is a totally acceptable sandwich topping.

    189. You think there is nothing wrong with planning Christmas around Kalle Anka (Donald Duck).

    190. You don’t even think about what you are saying when you are off to the shop to buy your favourite brand of cat food, and you say, “Be right back love, I’m just gonna go get some Pussi”

    191. You start calling Coke “cola”.

    192. You get up for a cigarette at 2 AM in July and put on your sunglasses first.

    193. You have 53 different recipes for strömming and you’re about ready to clip number 54 from Dagens Nyheter.

    194. You start thinking dance bands and Tom Jones are kind of cool.

    195. You think that people who wear other colours apart from black, grey, white or blue are exhibitionists.

    196. You start to miss falukorv when you go on vacation

    197. You know the words to more than one ‘snapsvisa’ and sing them without difficulty.

    198. You can deal with the idea that the week starts on Monday.

    199. You would never ever even consider using a metal knife on the butter.

    200. You are no longer offended by the fact that you are a Swedish size XL when at “home” you are a medium.

    201. “Godis” and “glass” become daily necessities.

    202. When visiting others you try to go in first. If it’s locked THEN you ring the doorbell.

    203. While visiting England someone gives you directions and says, “It’s about 5 miles down the road.” You in turn ask, “Are you talking Swedish miles or English miles?”

    204. You start spelling the days of the week in lowercase! monday, tuesday….

    205. You find that you can’t spell in English anymore. You now replace C with K. Like panik, automatik, seasik, arithmetik…. and you try to remember does papper/paper have one or two p’s in English?

    206. You no longer make appointments, but instead you book times.

    207. You read text instead of sub-titles.

    208. As a student, you accept and even enjoy getting dressed in formal wear to go to a candle-lit 3 course dinner where you will alternately bang on your table and stand on your chair singing songs in praise of alcohol each and every time you attempt to raise your fork to your mouth.

    209. You have an Åhlgrens “Bilar” addiction.

    210. You know all the Fanta and Marabou flavours.

    211. You think that the 25kr ICA bonus cheque is generous after spending 2500kr in their shop.

    212. The words “typ” and “liksom” are part of you spoken English vocabulary.

    213. If a friend says that he/she would like to get together with you, you instinctively reach for your pocket calendar.

    214. You own a pocket calendar.

    215. You begin to understand Danish.

    216. It seems normal to you that you’ve been bleeding in the emergency room at the hospital for four and a half hours when the three doctors walk by on their third coffee break since you got there.

    217. You can identify the people on Big Brother and Expedition Robinson.

    218. You plan to watch “kvinnofängelset” (Prisoner) the next day because you need to know what happens.

    219. You can name the toppings of at least ten different pizzas just by name (which is coincidentally more than the pizza-baker can himself)

    220. You accept that you will never get what you ordered at Burger King.

    221. Not only do you not mind, but even expect to wait ten minutes for a Big Mac at McDonald’s.

    222. You ask for a Big Mac and company outside of Sweden.

    223. Trousers/pants tucked into all shoes, including low-top sneakers, seem like reasonable fashion sense.

    224. Someone cuts you off on the freeway and instead of giving them the finger, you simply mumble “eedeeyout” under your breath.

    225. You even lock your car to take a pee on the side of the road.

    226. You no longer think it odd that you talk to your kids in English and they answer in Swedish.

    227. You sit and pretend that Ice Hockey is a great substitute for footy.

    228. You use your Swedish Lexicon to look up all the English words you’ve forgotten.

    229. You say “I’m almost annoyed” when you’re as furious as humanly possible.

    230. You find it completely natural that otherwise sensible people dress up in silly hats on several occasions during August while they’re eating crayfish and drinking as much vodka as they can.

    231. Christmas has changed so much that you only associate it with rice porridge and Donald Duck.

    232. You don’t think twice about calling someone in the next room using your mobile phone.

    233. People buy you a drink in November because they remember when you bought them one in March.

    234. You have no idea what “The X-files” is but you watch “Arkiv X” as soon as it’s on TV.

    235. It’s normal for a post office to be located inside the local store, where no one can help you.

    236. A 25 % sales tax on just about everything is no big deal.

    237. VD is the boss, not something you need to get medical treatment for.

    238. You know the names of at least three different types of sill (pickled herring).

    239. Opening your Christmas presents on the 24th of December no longer seems like cheating.

    240. You can use bra, fart, and slut in the same sentence without giggling.

    241. You go on a package holiday to Greece and never leave the hotel complex.

    242. You refer to weeks by their number.

    243. You carefully dissect the restaurant bill so you know to the exact kr. how much everybody owes.

    244. You know the catalogue numbers of all of your favourite wines at Systembolaget.

    245. It’s May. It’s 15C degrees. And you’re stretched out on your balcony in your bikini trying to get a head start on your tan.

    246. You don’t understand why your friend from Mississipi took offence when you referred to him as a yankee.

    247. You no longer laugh hysterically when you hear a sappy love ballad being called a “butter song”.

    248. England, Scotland and Wales can all be called England.

    249. You’ve come to accept that customer service departments don’t do anything to help customers.

    250. If you meet someone you haven’t seen in ages you just stay right where you are chatting away even if that happens to be in the doorway of a very busy department store.

    251. You think the songs played at “The Eurovision song contest” are instant hits.

    252. Christmas presents are opened somewhere between Donald Duck and “Karl-Bertil Jonsson” on Christmas Eve. Whoever heard of doing it the morning of Christmas Day?

    253. If no TV station airs “Ivanhoe” on Christmas Day you become extremely irritated.

    254. You just have to watch “Grevinnan och betjänten” on New Years Eve.

    255. You don’t find it strange that they add tax on top of the taxes.

    256. It’s perfectly normal to hear teenage girls say “cunt” as a swear word.

    257. You no longer find it hypocritical to hear people bashing Australian culture in one sentence and in the next hear them saying that they’ve always wanted to go to Australia.

    258. Food is supposed to often be white in colour.

    259. You’re no longer repulsed by the idea of eating pölsa or isterband.

    260. You find it reasonable that reviews of non-Swedish movies with a Swedish actor in them should use at least half of the space available to discuss how good or bad the actor was in it, even if he had just one line.

    261. You understand the jokes in “Pistvakt”.

    262. You watched “The Phantom Menace” and “Attack of the Clones” just to see Pernilla August.

    263. It’s normal to have an entire pizza just for yourself.

    264. You have learned how to schedule your bouts of illness so you don’t get sick on weekends. Because if you do get sick on a weekend you have a hard time getting to see a doctor and you’ve wasted a weekend. It’s much better to be sick on a Monday so you can call in sick. That way you can extend your weekend!

    265. You don’t get surprised when kids come trick-or-treating during Easter, all dressed up like witches.

    266. You don’t find it odd to find movies with a “translated” title. It’s perfectly normal for a movie to get a completely different English title than the one it has in the rest of the world.

    267. You sing bawdy drinking songs instead of Christmas carols.

    268. The first light of understanding in your child’s eyes is when he bangs his little cup against something and says, “ska!”.

    269. You use the word “or” as a question.

    270. You consider 11 the standard age for no longer riding in a stroller.

    271. You are concerned when the picture on the front page of the paper is not of some completely random person watering their garden or of a child holding an animal.

    272. You think it’s normal that people take shoes in a bag to the theatre

    273. You start using “rather” as your most common adjective in English

    274. You stop thinking you’re being yelled at every time you hear “Hey!”

    275. You no longer expect to just “call in” unexpectedly on a friend.

    276. You no longer feel it’s unbearable inside an over-heated shop wearing full winter gear.

    277. You no longer look for toilets marked specifically male or female

    278. You remember to buy the weekend grog supply before 5.00pm on Friday

    279. It is your birthday YOU have to make the cake

    280. You know you have to hurry home to stop the ice cream from getting too hard.

    281. You start collecting travel brochures and talking of trips to tacky places like Gran Canaria just for a fix of sun.

    282. You agree to pay 500kr for a basic hair trim.

    283. You accept that fruit juice is always made from concentrate.

    284. The most interesting report on the news is the weather.

    285. You start to believe that everything in Sweden is actually good.

    286. When you say good bye to someone you depart by saying ‘Have it so good’

    287. When you make a mistake or an accident happens you say ‘It was not the meaning’.

    288. You don’t blink an eye at the cloak room size at the pub with all the boots and stuff in there, despite the fact that it may be 3 levels high and cost 5 bucks – making a pub crawl definitely out of the question sometimes.

    289. You get annoyed when you realise you have to say “not too much and not too little” instead of “lagom”.

    290. You either run for the last pendeltåg at 1 am or choose to party on until 5 am when they start again rather than endure the horrific night bus home, as a taxi ride would require taking out a 2nd mortgage.

    291. When you arrive at a destination you immediately scan for the nearest free toilet or private hide away – crikey even Mack – Donalds is off limits.

    292. You find yourself eating bay-con for breakfast and talking about Bill Clin-ton and taking a trip to Lon-don.

    293. Anything good and in particular food is “giant good”.

    294. ICA is not I.C.A – it’s eeka.

    295. The wash cottage is not a holiday resort but a very competitive environment,

    where the rules should never be broken and in particular never go over your time by even a minute or you risk a lot of sucking and muttering from the next in line.

    296. A recipe for drugs is not instructions on how to make them.

    297. Gift is not a present but it could be dangerous (whether it is poison or marriage)

    298. Using a shovel when you are cooking is perfectly normal

    299. A dime is yummy not currency

    300. Sambo is not a racist remark

    301. When talking about centuries the Swedes all seem to be a hundred years behind.

    302. When a Swede realises that you are an Aussie, you immediately rattle off the facts about sharks, spiders, snakes and other creepy crawlies just to get it out of the way.

    303. You know what ‘What seventeen’ means.

    304. Swedes saying Va’ to you is still annoying (even after ten years), not to mention that there is no real word for please, or?

    305. You think that reading this list is one of the most exciting things you have done for ages.

    306. You know that “fan” is a swearword, and not an admirer or an air conditioner.

    307. You eat pizza with a knife and fork.

    308. You only leave the country to stockpile cheap alcohol.

    309. All of your conversations resemble a chess game, with each participant quietly and patiently awaiting the other to finish their turn.

    310. You’ve owned more than one Volvo.

    311. You accept that any bureaucratic employee is incapable of a single autonomous thought and that anything, regardless of how ludicrous, is law once committed to paper.

    312. You no longer find this list funny, just painfully true.

    313. You know the names of two or more Swedish ministers.

    314. You get excited when you hear someone speaking English.

    315. You travel north on vacation instead of south.

    316. You start to mix up your c’s and k’s when writing in English.

    317. Even the 140kg amateur body-builder uses the handicapped door-opener instead of “straining” himself and you think nothing of it. In fact, you do it yourself.

    318. You take off your shoes when entering someone’s house outside of

    319. A seven-year-old with his own mobile phone seems perfectly sensible.

    320. You no longer eat yoghurt, you drink it.

    321. You know the Swedish national anthem better than your own.

    322. The inescapable stench of Mamma Scans’ meatballs on your fingers, which CANNOT BE WASHED OUT, no longer disgusts you.

    323. You put both jam and cheese on toast and call it breakfast.

    324. You were excited when Kalles Kaviar released “Kalles Randiga”.

    325. You eat caviar from a tube.

    326. The only pasta that you eat takes 3 minutes to prepare and is inedible unless drenched in ketchup.

    327. Three for the price of two is the deal of a lifetime, regardless of what it is. Even 3 for the price of 2 1/2 surprises you.

    328. You use a coupon to save 5 kronor on something that costs over 100 kronor.

    329. Your wallet contains more plastic than a

    330. Christmas is more intimately tied to “Kalle Anka” than to Santa Claus

    331. You can tell the difference between the different radio stations.

    332. You make liberal use of compound words never heard of by Webster or Roget.

    333. You actually pay an annual television fee without feeling infringed.

    334. You actually pay an annual television fee.

    335. The idiots in all your jokes are Norwegian.

    336. You tease people from Skåne about their “Swedish”.

    337. In chess, you refer to the knight as a horse, the rook as a tower, and the pawns as farmers or peasants.

    338. At Easter, pre-adolescent boys dressing up as old women isn’t a sign of a developing psychosis, it’s just part of the festivities (although it may explain a few things down the line)

    339. You feel a certain sense of pride when you see Swedish people in films or on foreign TV shows.

    340. Drinking is the fundamental pillar of your social network, be it coffee or alcohol.

    341. You aimlessly chat using SMS.

    342. A “big strong one” is a beer.

    343. When someone says “Cheers” you look at everyone in turn before drinking.

    344. You know that going for a coffee is a first date.

    345. When someone asks you “Hi, how are you?” you actually take time out to explain how you are.

    346. You automatically try to dress the same as everyone else.

    347. You know the words to the frog song.

    348. When you stop converting Swedish crowns into your native currency.

    349. You are no longer surprised when you see full-frontal male nudity in a commercial or on TV.

    350. You make fun of tourists.

    351. You can pick out the real blondes from the fake blondes.>

    352. You get used to seeing dogs tied up outside of supermarkets and you stop to pat them.

    353. You learn to let the BMW’s, Audi’s, and Mercedes do whatever they want.>

    354. Paying $3,000 for a dog seems normal.

    355. And paying $800,000 for a 3 room (living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen) house in a suburb of Stockholm seems cheap.>

    356. You accept that you pay bills at the post office, pick up packages from the grocery store, and you have to drive 5 miles to find a postbox to put your outgoing mail in.

    357. You enjoy that postcards are the means of communication.

    358. It seems sensible that you need to be at least 25 to buy a bottle of red wine.

    359. You don’t think twice when you hear “Shake it out”. You just check it

    360. When you are terrified of meeting you neighbour in the stairwell.

    361. When you see that the time is 3.30 and you say it’s “half TO four” (halv fyra)

    362. You can prepare fish in five different ways without cooking it.

    363. You think there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

    364. The only thing in your quick memory is “Hej” and “Hej Hej”

    365. You think Sweden is big (because you always compare it to Finland, Norway or Iceland)

    366. You think is perfectly normal that people get in to nightclubs/restaurants with innerbandy stick and shopping bags.

    367. You think is perfectly normal that nobody talks on the bus, train or tunnelbana.

    368. You accept that people talk to you only when they are really drunk.

    369. You accept that the best answer for a question is always “Jag vet inte” meaning “I don’t know”.

    370. It’s acceptable that you don’t have the same rights as Swedes to buy a mobile phone, rent an exclusive apartment in Gamla Stan, or to make a reservation by phone to a restaurant.

    371. You accept the fact that to rent an apartment you have to wait in the queue for 5 years.

    372. Pronouncing Euro as “Evro” makes sense.

    373. You never get sick of meatballs and/or falukorv, cooked any style.

    374. You’re complaining in January not because it’s minus 10 degrees, but because there’s no snow.

    375. Your house is starting to look like the showcase to IKEA.

    385. Sunbathing while there is still snow lying is normal.

    386. A disabled toilet is on the 2nd floor of the gym.>

    387. You’re disappointed when your Curry/Chinese food isn’t served with salad.>

    388. Despite explaining that mince pies at Christmas contain dried fruit, they are still looked upon with suspicion.

    389. When you think it’s perfectly normal to leave all the manufacturers’ stickers on all of your glass ware.

    390. When you reply ‘Yes, thank you’ when people ask you how you are. (Hur är det? Jo tack.)

    391. You understand that yiros (kebab meat) is not only found on a roll but also on a pizza too.

    392. You always wait until you are actually driving before putting on your seatbelt.

    393. You think Sweden is big (because you compare it to Finland and Norway).

    394.When someone asks for a cup of tea, you give them a cup of lukewarm water and a selection of teabags.

    396. You accept that people talk to you only when they are drunk.

    397. You recognise the taste of surströmming right away.

    398. You randomly begin sentences with the catchphrase “You know you have been in Sweden too long when…”

    399. You start thinking about the weekend on Wednesday morning.

    400. You automatically line up the barcodes on all your groceries at the supermarket checkout.

    401.You’re used to see horses everywhere, and constantly step in their “heaps”.

    402. You’re used to seeing dog owners picking up the dogs’ heaps in little black plastic bags.

    403. You think it’s perfectly OK to wash your car just once a year – the day before the summer holiday drive.

    404. You start thinking about buying a boat.

    405. Your kid can use a pacifier until he/she starts school.

    406. You’re not surprised anymore when hearing about an old petrol station being turned into a mosque.

    407. You know that twenty hundred is a year, not an hour.


  59. April 19th, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    JM says:

    hey swedenson. I commented on october 25th, 2009, and want to thank you for your reply. I know it’s been a long time, but I never thought I would be accepted at Stockholm School of Economics for a masters degree, so stopped checking your site for several months. Fast forward, and I was accepted to the program and will move to Stockholm in August.
    Since I know the school is really prestigious, I was thinking about the possibility of getting a good job upon graduation. I want to get into management consulting (McKinsey, BCG, Bain) but as of now, do not speak a word of swedish. Since I assume the language is a must, do I have enough time to learn swedish? Or should I just give up on the idea of working there? any answers will be appreciated. thanks a bunch.

  60. April 19th, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    Swedenson says:

    Hello again JM,

    Congratulations on your acceptance to SSE!

    Its a great school and very highly regarded. I don’t know if I have much to add from what I said previously. And I’m probably not the best person to ask anyway. I was only there for a few months in the winter, and it has been a few years now since I was there. I did not take part in the SSE recruiting cycle because I planned to work in the U.S. So I really have nothing to say about the job search prospects if you don’t speak Swedish. I am an optimistic person by nature, and I wanted badly to enjoy my time there, but unfortunately I left with a sour taste in my mouth. Hopefully it will work out for you.

    Maybe someone else that is visiting this page can comment to help JM?

    As I mentioned before, I think you will have a much better time than I did if you plan on being there for an extended period of time. Many people posting comments on this site have remarked that it just takes some time for Swedes to gain comfort with new newcomers like ourselves. I am sure that will be the case with you.

    Best of luck to you and enjoy the warm weather of Stockholm while you have it!

  61. April 20th, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    JM says:

    Thanks man.
    The people and the weather will be big challenges though. I’m used to friendly and outgoing people and nice weather in the San Diego (United States) region. It will be an interesting experience to say the least.

  62. April 25th, 2010 at 8:57 am

    Limity Snicket says:

    I’ve been living in Sweden on and off for 15 years and am married to a Swede. Even my Swedish wife agrees that her countrymen are, in general, about the rudest, lowest class folks on the planet. I completely ruined her when we moved to the US for two years. She made me promise a week after we arrived back in Sweden that the next move to the US would be permanent.

    And I don’t think the US is a perfect place. We certainly have our share of jerks. But they are far and few between compared to Sweden. In Sweden I reckon three of five folks are rude to downright ghastly.

    The end result is really only bad for Swedes. The rest of us can just leave this unhappy little country for better places. But the Swedes are stuck here and stuck with each other. Which is a fate I think they well deserve! :-)

  63. May 7th, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    Noje says:

    Swedes think they’re good looking. Since I arrived here from NYC some 8 years ago, I can count good looking Swedes on one hand! That’s how few they are! I think most Swedes are quite ugly as a matter of fact. And they dress terribly! They’re probably among the worst dressers in the world. So it’s so annoying that they think they’re all that when they’re absolutely not. Most of their “blond” women dye their hair blond! So that’s also a myth. And yes indeed – they’re very rude! “Excuse me” doesn’t seem to exist in their dictionaries! And I also find them very immature, childish, boring, pale, uninteresting and weird. Looking on the bright side, there are a lot of good Swedes as well, but overall they suck. I would go crazy living here – I would probably go alcoholic like so many Swedes have.

  64. May 8th, 2010 at 7:14 am

    Thomas T. says:

    Hej everyone! I’ve been living and working in Stockholm for more than a year now. I’ve come to like many of my coworkers a lot, but I’ve yet to solidify any real friendships. That’s the Swedish way. It takes time. I think there is a major difference between Swedish work life and personal life. The trouble for Americans is that being naturally outgoing, joking, and open about things will not really go over well with the Swedes. They just don’t seem to know what to make of it. It kind of freaks them out.

    Like a few others who have posted, I have run into trouble with some two-faced behavior. They will say nothing to your face, but they will sometimes rip you to shreds behind your back. As an American I find that behavior just rotten and unethical. It would get you socially blackballed or even fired in an American company. Here, it seems like the normal way of doing things. I’m beginning to get it, but I really don’t want to accept it. I really think it sucks. Unfortunately, I even find it even in one Swede who has lived in America and should know better. She’s actually the worst. It’s almost as if she is deliberately trying to be more “Swedish” than the rest because she didn’t much like the US. This is the one major flaw I find in Stockholm. (Well, like someone else said, most of the neighborhoods outside the city center are just plain horrible. But thats another matter.)

    I think I might like things better in Gothenburg.

  65. May 12th, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    Laura says:

    Hi everyone, i do think that swedes are a little closed (when it comes to get to know them, but once u know them, u realize that they are very nice peopl ,my boyfriend is swedish, im from mexico and i gotta tell you that reading all these negatives comments freaks me a little bit, maybe i was too lucky and met the only sweet guy in sweden hehe and yeah he is not gentleman at all and gotta tell you that mexican girls are used to have gentleman boyfriends but he has some other things than mexican guys dont have….the bottom line is that we cannot make everyone happy, we all are different, different cultures, backgrounds, customs etc, c’mon there are rude and nice people everywhere!!

  66. May 13th, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    Thomas Wikman says:

    Hello, I am the one who wrote the essay that John Kulp was referring to above. I am a Swede who has been living in the US for many years. My wife is American and I like it here and I am hoping to become an American citizen. This blog/thread bothers me a little so I decided to leave a comment.

    First, let me say I am very sorry that you had such a bad time in Sweden.

    Secondly, let me say that Americans are my favorite people. Americans are overall friendly, polite, dynamic, and creative. Americans are often independent and courageous thinkers, and they have a sense of moral responsibility that is lacking in much of the world. So Kudos to Americans. I mean that!

    Thirdly some of the Swedes leaving nasty comments here as well as the Swedish Nazi (sort of) in the other thread do not make a great impression. On the other hand a thread like this will bring out the trolls.

    However, it is also true that cultural differences can cause friction and you need to make an effort to tolerate the culture where you are going, especially considering that you are the visitor. Why Swede’s don’t say excuse me or how are you doing as much is because that cultural norm works just fine in Sweden. If Swede’s don’t need it you should try to get used to it and accept it and adjust your behavior (unless it goes too far). Practice bumping into some people without worrying about the excuse me. I had to learn to “talk my self up” and be pushier in the US which I considered impolite based on Swedish norms.

    I can add that I know a lot of Americans who have lived in Sweden or stayed in Sweden for extended periods of time without ending up feeling the same way.

    About the “talking ill behnind your back” issue. This is something that unfortunately happens in Sweden and some Americans are victims of this. I admit that I have done it myself in the past to some degree. However, after living a few years in the US I stopped doing it. The funny thing is that the people (including me) who did it, did not mean that much with it. It is a childish Swedish habit based on insecurity which Swede’s themselves are also victims of. Instead of confronting someone about a problem you put up a face and talk behind their back. It is a conflict avoiding behavior with much worse consequences than the confrontation could have had. Swede’s have not been raised to understand how wrong this habit is. By the way this also happens in the US but perhaps to a lesser extent.

    So try to give people a little slack even though it seems bad. However, it is possible to deal with it by confronting the “offender” in private without putting him/her on the spot and without showing aggression.


  67. May 28th, 2010 at 10:25 am

    Judy says:

    I moved to Stockholm 5 months ago from the US and cannot wait to move back. Swedes are the rudest people I’ve ever encountered and I’m fairly well traveled. I’ve lived in New York for the last 4 years and I even find people more pleasant than people here! I don’t buy that being rude is ‘part of the culture’. That’s simply BS. They stare relentlessly at you, shove, push you, cut in line, pretend not to see you when they knock you down… What a miserable, sad lot these people are!

  68. May 28th, 2010 at 10:29 am

    Judy says:

    One more thing…Swedes are NOT good looking people! Just looking at them on the train everyone looks so tired, miserable and worn out. Young girls spackle orange makeup on they’re faces and dress so trashly and terrible. At least Oompa Loompas are cute, these girls are not!

  69. May 31st, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    Jonas says:

    Hi everyone!

    Im a Swede living with my American girlfriend (she’s from NY) in the south of Sweden. I would like to emphasize a little on what Thomas said on cultural friction. A lot of Swedes I know have sadly already made up their minds about Americans being loud, obnoxiuos and arrogant. Someone above said that in Sweden one would have to work a little harder to get to know people. Since the recently mentioned opinion about Americans is pretty well-spread among Swedes (I think) I think Americans have to work a little harder. This is of course unfortunate. I myself had a problem with that, sometimes getting annoyed at the fact that Americans always were so abbrasive and clumsy (according to me) in social situations. I used to think that Americans just talked and talked; just a bunch of standardized polite phrases and long time practised social behaviour that they would call “being open”. But after knowing some Americans for a longer time I became aware of my own peculiar habits in social situations and loosened my opinions quite a bit. Now I really dont mind either sides. In fact it can be really nice to be a little more talkative to people around you, although Im still struggling to get over the feeling that it just sometimes feels like empty pleasantries (I know thats just me, but Im getting better at it). However I still dont like being bugged by shop assistants!

    As far as Swedish humor goes, I really understand that a lot of people have hard time understanding it, often mistaking sarcasm for outright insults. However I think is wrong to assume that that kind of humor is rude just because one cannot pick up change in tone or understand the context. This particular part it took my girlfriend a long time to get used to, and I understand her!

    And to all you people talking about that being rude is part of our culture, I wish you could be a little bit more open-minded. What you would consider rude perhaps, but bear in mind it might not be considered rude to our customs, e.g. discussing our personal life in business relations (it would be considered unproffesional).

  70. June 2nd, 2010 at 4:10 am

    Frazer says:

    I am a Canadian living in Sweden. I must say you are complaining about life here in Sweden when you actually didn’t even experience Swedish living. What you are discussing seems like a long extended bad vacation. Not once in your bashing words did you mention how it was in the typical Swedish home. Well other than take your shoes off at the door.

    Sweden isn’t about bright lights and glamorous lifestyles. It is about healthy living, education and family traditions. It seems to me like your stay wasn’t about those things at all. It seems your stay was about being a snot nosed student that wants’ to get lucky on a night out on the town. I guess because of your business ethics and statics you were in the class that didn’t get any? (just an observation) I am sorry that your mentality was so short that you didn’t get to experience what Sweden has to offer. Even in the cold, wet, drizzly, dark winters.

    You were living in an upper class city setting. That is actually quite rare in Sweden over all. Also the people you are generally referring to are young students. Who are trying to find excitement just like yourself. Most young adults with a few drinks in them become annoying and irritable. But I guess you are American and prefer that they smile and say “Hi, How are you? Then come back later with a few guns and do a drive by shooting! (no offense to americans I was just stating a stereotype)

    I don’t know about any other person here but I find that Swedes in general have to do a lot of waiting for service. Most places you pick a number and wait for your number to be called. Just common sense if you ask me. I know that in Stockholm the Tunnelbana can be rather hectic during the rush times. But I find it quite mild compared to New York City or Toronto for that matter.

    As for your tomato story. Sounds like that little girl and her mom had a very rough moment. I have to ask though… Did you help them gather those tomatoes? Because you failed to mention in your bashing that you put on your cape and came to their rescue. I admit that living in Sweden has it’s moments where I wish that people would be more courteous. But for the most part swedes just don’t want to embarrass each other. They want to think of it as not a big deal. But you can continue to cry over spilt milk (or in this case tomato sauce)

    Just in case you are actually considering Sweden to live. Especially if you are from North America. It is different. Here in Sweden your health comes before the dollars. Your family comes before your work schedule. If you are sick you take the time off. Oh and the most horrible thing… You get five weeks off of work a year sometimes longer if you are that unfortunate.

    But really, The best thing about Sweden is the family lifestyle. Their traditions are simple but worth more than any ticket to an amusement park in the world. They enjoy their “Fika” times and they enjoy being with one another. They enjoy the summer months by soaking in the sun and reading a book. When the sun goes down in the winter; They ski, travel but mostly they are at home spending time with their families. Lighting up their windows with their non-tacky christmas lights, and enjoying every moment!

    If you are coming to Sweden for a vacation, try to come between May and September. I assure you, you will love the flowers and nature. The water fronts and the archipelago. If you are here for mid summer you will see some of the most wonderful Swedish traditions of music, dance, and yes even Swedes laughing and enjoying each others company. If you having a real good time dancing around that Maypole you might want to join in on the Surströmming and snaps tradition. Trust me you will never be the same again! hehe

  71. July 8th, 2010 at 10:51 am

    me says:

    Yes, most (99%) Swedish people are!!! very rude. And although quite good looking, the first good impression only lasts until they open their mouths. Low IQ never made anyone attractive.

  72. August 1st, 2010 at 5:46 am

    J, just another lost little Swede says:

    Hi there….

    I’m born and bred in Stockholm, Sweden, and it pains me to admit that Swedes, and especially Stockholmites, are rude, cold, arrogant, self-loathing and actually kind small-minded, and is if that was not enough they’re (…we’re…) completely oblivious about it, me included, until I met my fiancé, who’s American/West Coast; during her second stay here she acknowledged that people stared at her without shame, that people just barged into the bus and subway car before letting people off, not holding up the door for old people and strollers etc. And people never, or very rarely say “ursäkta” or “sorry” when behaving like that. This fact, that we ARE rude, harsh and cold, is very hard for each and everyone of us Swedes to accept because we don’t perceive ourselves as rude etc., on the contrary – we think of ourselves as polite, respectful and very progressive no matter what it’s about. We’re so far up our own asses that we can’t even tell how bad it is here even when we travel elsewhere/abroad – we’re ALWAYS better than everybody else; more educated, progressive, advanced… – that’s how blinded we are.

    Sweden used to be impressive though, but not anymore. We don’t know on which foot to stand on and the image we have about our beloved, and always heckled, country doesn’t match reality at all – “we’re living on old merits” so to speak. We’re lagging behind and we’re getting americanized (and if I might add, in a quite non-American way – more about that later), which is quite ironic since we don’t think much of the Empire of Uncle Sam – the place we love to hate and hate to love.

    We’re just a tiny desolate nation in the far north with the hubris of Napoleon (“Stockholm -the Capital of Scandinavia” …jo ja tackar ja!), when in reality we’ve become a big scam, a joke – a big fat sad joke, cold and without a pun.

    I used to come up with excuses to my fiancé about why Swedes behave the way they/we do and why things are the way they are here, but once she moved here, less than a year ago, it became obviously and painfully clear that Swedes are just a low-class people without manners. Sweden is expensive (food, drinks etc.), and most of our services (both private and public) are sloppy and not that well-managed, people throw trash everywhere, no moral courage (except for a few brave immigrants who show the decency to check if people are ok when passing out on the subway or interrupting battery), dysfunctional family relations, yada yada… People always whine and are usually lazy or don’t care. The only ones that are treated well are the kids – they’re a little too well-treated and well-pampered since stroller is king. I’m dreading on what Sweden will look like in 15 to 30 years from now when all those spoiled little snotty creeps grow up and run this country. R.I.P. Svedala!

    I could go on and on and on and on… it hurts since I still, despite it all, love this country. I think we got a lot of things straight, but the problem is that we don’t take care of what we got since we’re spoiled brats. But we should beware because things are getting a little run-down here, and we’re losing ourselves, and the worst thing is that I don’t think we really care. Lazy, cold, oblivious and limp. And then, when we do get a little involved in the fellow man and the rest of the world, which we actually are a part of (no matter how small and insignificant we really are), we blame it on the EU, we blame it on social-liberalism and socialism, we blame it on the USA, we blame it on immigrants and Islam, while we’re beating our own drum as loud as possible – BOOM BOOM BA-DOOM ABBA FIKA-BOOM IKEA-BADOOM! It’s embarrassing.

    My fiancé hates it here and she has been homesick every hour every day ever since she came here (no pickled herring, Midsommardans, archipelago cruise, crayfish party, Svensk progg or Stureplansstekande in the world can change taht). I believed in the Legend of Sweden which resulted in us moving here instead of Northern California, which was and is the worst decision of our lives. Moving back (over there) is the only thing on our minds. Sahlin and Reinfeldt, and their lackies, can all go and screw themselves, together with Jimmie Eriksson (who’s “lovely” party most likely will make it this election) & Co.

    I’m in no way idolizing America – they have a LOT of serious flaws – but at least Americans are, in general, a friendly, fun, hospitable, simple-minded and warm hearted people. Being ignorant, bragging and fake are two of the major flawed traits we self-righteously apply to the poor yanks, but right now I prefer that (i.e. friendliness, hospitality, simple-mindedness etc.) over arrogance, self-loathing and rudeness …any time any day.

  73. August 4th, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    Laura says:

    Wow, I just found this website after googling swedes are assholes after my search for Swedish Sociopaths failed to pull up what I was looking for. Wow, really, I have to say that I have now met, known, worked, and lived with no less than 15 Swedes, male and female, ranging in ages from 22 to 69 (and the 69 year old woman was the worst) and they are *all* total face-saving, manipulative, back-stabbing, bullying, blame shifting, arrogant AND totally hypocritical (yeah, yeah, they want nothing to do with that “drug denizen”, but then you find them on the back porch lighting up a big fat doobie) (I wish I had that one on film, but I didn´t have the videocam set up), GASLIGHTING (I didn´t even know what that was until I experienced on personal level, 15 times over, and finally read the book) I am starting to believe these people´s brains really *are* different. Seriously. It is a sociopathic culture, for sure. But I am beginning to believe these people´s flesh and blood, brain, brains…have evolved differently. Sociopaths only experience four emotions: fear, anxiety, inferiority, superiority…that´s it. Sounds like your average Scandinavian to me. Just think along those lines when you are dealing with Swedes. You might come across an oddly empathetic, compassionate Swede, and if you do, it is probably due to a recessive gene (which they thought they had effectively swept under the rug…whoops!), in an otherwise, homogoneous, gene pool…or should I say, Viking cesspool. Or a complete and total facade. (just wait or dig in a little deeper) (you would be surprised at what happens behind closed doors) These are some of the nastiest people you could ever meet. I start and end my day, by Googling HOW TO DEAL WITH A SOCIOPATH…in order to get a better understanding as to how these people work. I used to be a multi-culturally sensitive person. In fact, I have dedicated my life to multicultural sensitivity and understanding (I am blonde-haired blue-eyed Finnish American expat ESL teacher living in Barcelona). But after being burned 15 times out of 15, why, that´s 100%!) in the same, most peculiar way, I am burning and bitter. I will still talk to strangers, but if the stranger is a Swede, forget it. Danes and Norwegians are also highly suspicious.

  74. August 6th, 2010 at 2:51 am

    Matthew says:

    Dear foreigner. Hello and welcome to SWEDEN.

    To help you survive (at best, that’s about all you’II be doing), here’s a few things you should know about Sweden:

    As humans evolved, something went awfully wrong in northern Europe. To be specific, the gene which regulates normal social functioning and emotional expression underwent a dramatic mutation in Sweden. Consequently you will be in breech of a fundamental societal rule if you acknowledge the existence of another human in any context. Facial non-expression is especially important in Sweden. Your mouth should be in a permanent inverted U position (particularly if you are a female over 35). Learn to walk around with a blank look on your face – to achieve this, try to really believe that you will live forever and that each day is a total drag.

    Now, all this can take a while to get used to. Some people crack and leave, others enter a long term dysthymia; but the good new is, the choice is yours! You may consider consulting a doctor, but you will need a person number and appointments can only be made between 7:15 and 7:30am. Outside this 15 minute window, there’s always the Solna freeway if you’re looking for a quick exit. Nobody will notice or react.

    Adequate housing is a fundamental human right, and Sweden acknowledges this with affirmative social policies. In practice, however, if you need accommodation, there are queues. Take a ticket, stand in line for 5 years, and if you’re lucky you will be invited to rent a 20 square meter shoebox. In the meantime, there’s always BLOCKED (also known as BLOCKET), where you can plead with an Iranian to rent a 20 square meter apartment on a 4th hand contract in Upplands Väsby for two months at a time.

    Finally, you might be considering a relationship here. Sweden is full of young hot women! You can see them swanning about on trains and busses, or in bars and trendy Stockholm clubs. Sadly, they aren’t real. Even see the film Blade Runner? Remember the replicants? Well, they mutated here in Sweden. Beautiful but soulless robots. If you do start a relationship with one, be warned: their DNA self-implodes around 30 and they metamorphosise into wrinkled spectacle-wearing prunes with short haircuts.

    Good luck and welcome to Sweden!

  75. August 6th, 2010 at 12:01 pm

    John Kulp says:

    It’s good to see that the losers are still posting away here, having no social skills or maturity to have any relationship at all with a Swedish female so they make up any nonsense to put the blame on the Swedes–who by the way–are nothing like the descriptions being blathered here. Add to that a self-loathing Swede or two who has the same problem, and you have as misleading and stupid a view of Sweden anyone could ever want.

  76. August 10th, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    Eric says:


    Hi John – interesting perspective….

    I have lived in Sweden for 3 years and during that time have been out with girls from Germany, Iceland, Poland and Canada. But not Sweden. And it sure ísn’t because I have poor social (or other) skills. Young Swedish women are not capable of socialising with strangers unless they are drunk. It’s pathetic and that is THEIR problem! It really says something about Swedish social culture.

    But let’s face it, it’s not just the women, ITS EVERYONE! Frankly, I’ve never felt so ignored and invisible in my life! And I don’t expect much…I really don’t. Just the odd facial expression to acknowledge my existence would do, but even that seems too hard for most Swedes.

    Sweden may have its good points (though I can’t think of any off hand), but Ive had enough and will leave soon. Three years here is enough. I’ve made many good foreign friends, but not one Swede. Why tolerate this place when I can choose to live in a warmer, more social environment?

    Sounds to me like you’re stuck here and have to suck it up! Good luck!

  77. August 20th, 2010 at 10:32 am

    John Kulp says:

    You couldn’t be more wrong. I don’t live in Sweden but visit there frequently as my wife is Swedish and spend up to a month a year there. I have never experienced any of what you’re saying about Swedes–male or female. No one has ever been rude to me, I have never had any problem socializing with them and have many friends there. To say that Swedish women can’t socialize with strangers without being drunk is just plain stupid. If you are hanging around places where other airheads hang out that would be no surprise. You see, the majority of Swedish females don’t go to bars looking to be picked up by foreign idiots who they know are immature and have a ridiculous view of them. Why would they? If you’ve been there 3 years and haven’t figured out their view on things and how their society works that’s your fault not theirs. The fact you’ve have gotten nowhere in 3 years when every Swedish female is a distinct individual says it certainly IS your problem doesn’t it?

    And as for whoever put out the nonsense about the Stockholm School of Economics being the Harvard of the north, they should look at today’s local which reports it ranks 346th in the world with Harvard ranking first. Dream on.

  78. August 22nd, 2010 at 1:57 am

    Cameron says:

    People in Stockholm are the snobbiest, shallowest people in the world, end of story. I have lived in Hollywood, and people there are like Mother Theresa/Ghandi compared to the wannabe-assholes in Sweden.

  79. August 24th, 2010 at 3:10 am

    Eric says:

    @John Kulp

    Dear John,

    You don’t live in Sweden. Thank you for clarifying your limited perspective, which is evidently based on a once yearly summer holiday spent swanning around stockholm with your wife’s friends and family.

    That explains your insightless comments.


  80. August 24th, 2010 at 11:23 am

    John Kulp says:

    They’re born of having been married to a Swede for 41 years, having both my children spend each a year there with no problems at all, and having seen plenty of immature 20 year old self-centered culturally insensitive twits get nowhere in Sweden because–well–they’re immature self-centered culturally insensitive twits. That, along with painting 9 million people with the same brush which is inherently just plain stupid. You probably ran into this guy and thought everyone were like him:

  81. September 3rd, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    Stefan says:

    You are entitled to your opinion, isnt that great?? No one telling what you should feel or say, you can just say it out loud, fuckin loud for that matter!!!!!!! Feels good, doesnt it? Im not gonna be sorry for your perception of Sweden, my country, because if you don´t like it, you are more than welcome to leave! And to be honest, i have never ever read such a more biased blog, or forum, or whatever you may want to call this site, in my entire life. You said earlier that you dont sensor this blog. I think you do, challenge me to the opposite!



  82. September 3rd, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    Swedenson says:

    Believe it or not Stefan – this blog is NOT censored. I approve all comments unless they are racist, obscene or spam. Anyone is welcome to post a comments here. I approve all comments as long as they are coherent and relevant, regardless of whether the comment agrees or disagrees with the position of my blog.

  83. September 4th, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    Adam says:

    What a disgusting load of shit blog this is!

    The anglo/american style of interacting with each other is not the standard for everyone in the world. But i guess that the high number of english speaking people in sweden first make you think that this country is a part of the anglo culture. Its not.

    I guess we swedes have more in common with japanese culture. We are shy yes and have a lot of unspoken rules in the social interacting department.
    But the way some of the people here above me writes about me and my fellow country men is just plainly disgusting and racist.
    You did not like us? fine, you are more then welcome to leave.

    Oh! except John Frazer and John Kulp. Thank you and “stora kramar” for understanding or at least trying to understand us shy swedes.

  84. September 9th, 2010 at 4:10 am

    theswede says:

    I went to N.Y. once and all the girls there where snobby like hell, didn’t get any booty for 3 weeks, so all Americans must be snobs … is it that you are saying?

  85. September 9th, 2010 at 6:28 am

    Jason says:

    Hej Adam, John K and others…

    I’m a 43 year old New Zealand guy working in Stockholm. My Italian wife and I have been here for about 2 years now. Having lived abroad before for several years, I like to think I’m not ‘culturally insensitive’, and make a genuine effort to fit in, accept inevitable differences, and make the most of things.

    What do I like about Stockholm? The city is quite beautiful, the summer with it’s various festivities is also great. It’s a nice European city. I don’t mind the winter either because I like skating and skiing.

    But I must be honest, the social side here has been tough. Some people will immediately suggest that it’s tough whenever you travel abroad. But there is something unique to Swedish culture that makes it tougher than usual. I doubt that many Swedes would return to NZ (or Australia) for a holiday, if we behaved the same way. Of course I am generalizing, there are exceptions, but overall the feeling i have here is one of isolation and loneliness, despite being a social, balanced, and otherwise happy person.

    I guess it’s your turn to tell me to go home now! haha…maybe we will.

    One thing we can agree on is that some of the comments on this blog are over the top.


  86. September 9th, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    John Kulp says:

    Having spent two years myself in New Zealand, I would agree that NZers are considerably more extroverted than your average Swede but that’s just a cultural difference. In particular, Swedes don’t pick up friends as quickly as say Americans do, but, on the other hand, when they do they generally consider them what we would call very close friends. When you marry a Swede as I did, you automatically inherent friends who introduce you to others and so on and so forth. This is just the way it is, so I would advise you to do the inviting and to go to places where you have an interest–scuba diving or whatever. There, you will inevitably meet people having the same interests as you and go from there. Wine clubs, whatever. Generally, social events work off of these places–believe me Swedes DO like to party and chat about things of interest. Since you are married and are not out trying to chase skirts, this will be a lot easier than these guys above who are doing just about everything possible to turn off the females. But that is there problem. Another thing that is important to do is to have Swedes see you as an individual rather than a Kiwi–though there you would be better off than me since they have quite fixed prejudices about Americans. My way of handling that was simply learning what these were and then not acting like them. Worked every time. An example that comes to mind is when I was there in June and was out shopping for something, a Swede asked me where I was from and I said the US. He then said “ah everything is better there.” This, of course, is not what he actually thought but what his perception of what all Americans think. I responded by saying “no it’s not.” That dumbfounded him and he went completely mute. I could of then just hung around and chatted with him all day because he found that interesting for an American to say as the look on his face plainly showed. If you do succeed in getting involved in things with Swedes, I can guarantee you that you won’t be feeling isolated.

  87. September 12th, 2010 at 2:37 am

    Jason says:

    Hi John K and other readers,

    I hope you enjoyed your time in NZ! Thanks for your reply and thoughts on living in Sverige.

    My wife and I have both given Sweden a really good go. We are both educated, professional people, keen to make new friends through many of the anenues you have suggested. But it has been suprisingly (my wife would say excruciatingly) difficult. Consequently, we have decided to move on at the end of the year.

    You are right, I think, that Swedes are shy, and that it takes more time and effort to form good friendships. We understand this and have often been the ones to send out invitations. But after a period, you get tired of the unreciprocated effort! Regardless of the intention, it feels unpleasant to be on the receiviing end of what can only be described as pretty anti-social behaviour. Examples abound. The avoidance of eye contact and general social interaction with strangers is palpable and in the long run wears you donw. Well, that’s our experience anyway.

    Thanks for the suggestions. We will both remain positive until we leave, but we’re off.

    And to the Swedes out there, we welcome you warmly to NZ any time. Come on down!


  88. September 12th, 2010 at 2:42 am

    Andrew says:

    John Kulp

    You defend Sweden more than Swedes do – what gives? Even my Swedish workmates complain about the social side of life in Stockholm. Are they wrong too!?? You don’t sound very objective.

  89. September 13th, 2010 at 12:54 pm

    Andrew says:

    I’m from Canada. I have plenty of swedish friends and (girls). They are all awesome.
    Get a life, weirdo….

  90. September 13th, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    John Kulp says:

    I have described them exactly as I have experienced them over 40 years. And that’s hundreds upon hundreds of them both in Sweden and elsewhere. Right up including about 50 of them at my granddaughters Swedish school in Denver. I think that’s a little more than the guy who’s spent 3 years in Stockholm and can’t get a date.

  91. September 13th, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    Emmy Nielsen says:

    Being a Dane I’m definitely prejudiced, but I tend to agree with you: Close up they are boring ….

  92. September 25th, 2010 at 9:28 am

    Bjorn says:

    If you spend your time with the students of the brats of THE BRATS school AND go to Sturecompagniet on your party-nights – Well, you get what you get, which is not a sample of Sweden or Swedes in general. Poor you if you only saw that part.

    I have probably most of my friends from outside Sweden both after being a foreign exchange student a long time ago and after long assignments abroad. These friends visit Sweden a lot, also Stockholm, and, believe or not, they return over and and over again.

    A reflection on not apologizing when bumping in to each other. I agree that it is rude not to do so. But what I find strange is that most people I bump in to on the streets of Stockholm are foreigners. I find that out after saying “F’låt” to them and they say “What?” or “Was?” or “Что?”. And when walking on sidewalks abroad I find it strange how I seem to be the only one trying to avoid bumping in to people. Don’t people from Germany, the US, or Russia learn how to avoid bumping in to other people. The weirdest was when to Americans walked right in to a stroller pushed by a mother at very slow speed. The Americans blamed her…

    I guess you can find rude behavior everywhere. I can give you examples of a party crowd in Ann Arbor, Mi, who behaved pretty much like what you describe; Or car drivers in Copenhagen who refuse to let you change lane; Or a year-long female harassment by the sons of my manager in Thailand; Or screaming German tourists who came late every morning to get their favorite spot on the beach in Las Palmas; Or a very angry Indian in Florida who refused to help my friends who got a flat tire in the middle of the Everglades; Or simply mean Russian flight attendants who refused to help an obese American to the toilet; Or the Italian who called everybody who were standing in line to go to the restrooms in Val Thorens idiots – He shoved the kid who was first in line away and went into the toilet… I can continue but I guess you got the point.

  93. September 25th, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    blättanblä says:

    lol… swedes sounds like new yorkers :-)

    choose your spots to visit… stureplan and stockholm.. letting that be your image of all the swedes.. thats like u visit canada and call them americans (as they are)its eos away…

    I hope u get a better experince from some swede that can take you out of your misery… u must have have had really bad luck. or perhaps we are just to far apart.

  94. September 27th, 2010 at 2:46 am

    A Swede says:

    Classic blog. :D

    Culture clashes are always interesting to read about. Hope you get over it someday. ;)

  95. October 11th, 2010 at 8:28 am

    Judy says:

    BTW, what is up with Swedes fascination with New York City? You people flock to Williamsburg in droves and I don’t hear any Swedes complaining about how rude New Yorkers are because they aren’t compared to you people!!!

  96. October 19th, 2010 at 8:27 am

    ellen says:

    I am born and raised in Sweden, but outside Stockholm. Almost all people I meet think people from Stockholm are more or less snobbish.

  97. October 23rd, 2010 at 4:22 am

    Elis says:

    It is not only Stockholm. I have lived in Sweden for twenty years and am married to a Swede. There are people who we know and visit, but no real friends who…Are there when you need them and true real friends. Not even my husbands family. It is not to get used to or to compare Sweden with —say the rest of the world. They are just this way. A social defect or whatever, it is not even to put them down, but if you want loving, loyal long meaningful, warm caring relationships with open, honest and genuine people go to Latin America, Italy or anywhere else because here in Sweden you won’t find it!

  98. October 25th, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    Gunde says:

    Hi all,

    I am a Sweden and i have to agree with what you outsiders say about Sweden in general, it’s a great country with rich nature but the people is not good here.

    I live in Stockholm and have lived in the north of Sweden for many years in my job and i can say Stockholmers are very rude and ignorant people.

    The youth in Sweden is spoilt and rude and they have absolutely no manners in how to interact with other strangers.

    In Sweden you have sex only if you are drunk and girls only talks to guys if they are also drunk, it’s a sick society and i am not proud of it being as it is today.

    Sweden used to be a fine country with fine people 25 years back, during the 90’s something happened and after that it has got worse for each year, i am worried about the future of this country as there is no strong leadership and people are sleeping thru their lifes.

    Being unemployed now for 4 years i am considering moving from Sweden to Germany or another country where people are nice to each other and respect each others, i have experience Sweden to convert slow but steady to something i am not proud of.

    Someone talked about backstabbing at workplaces in Sweden, yes it’s true and it happens every day everywhere, it’s normal and i have been stabbed a few times, it comes suddenly and boom.

    I can say the reason for the backstabbing is that Swedes can’t communicate with other people, they are shy and they are often afraid of conflicts, that is the reason most of them talk “shit” about their managers at “fika” :-)

    I’ve been outside Sweden in my work many times and when compared to other cities like wonderful London or even Paris, Berlin you always get surprised everytime you’ve been away and land in Arlanda and get the instant attitude that we Swedes are so great and special when they are a small town isolated in the other skirts of Europe.

    Thanks for now but many of the posts are true.

  99. November 6th, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    americanwoman says:

    I have lived in Stockholm more than 20 years. It is a constant struggle to feel positive here. I am stuck here for the time being. The problem is based, as others have noted, in what I can only really decribe as a “meaness” you find here in daily life. The worst aspect is the Swedes’ need to form groups at work or otherwise, close the door to their “meeting” at speak badly about whoever the agreed upon victim is, be it a patient, an employee, a new foreigner, whom ever. The majority of Swedes are power hungry, frustrated, bored suburbanites who dream of their charter vacation so they can brag that they are world travelers.

  100. December 2nd, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    Axl says:

    There are only two reasons why you are experiencing this.

    1. You are in Stockholm! What the hell man, what did you expect? To have a great time? haha, Stockholm is the worst city in Sweden.

    2. My countrymen must have discovered that you are american. Leave that part from now on when talking to them. OR, add: “..but I hate Bush”, “…but I do not support our government trying to control the world and killing children in Iraq”,”…but I care about the enviroment” and you will be accepted as one of us!
    Good luck

  101. December 5th, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    Martin says:

    Rude, boring, cold, miserable sure, all of those and a few more … but my gosh WE ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

  102. December 11th, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    Macaco says:

    Man, I am living here for a little more than one year, and I must say, what a tuff year!
    To start with, why do you have words like ursäkta or forlät??? Nobody uses them!
    I must say, I met some really net people here, but in general swedish folks are hard to deal with!
    I am from Latin America (Thank God!!) so the physical difference is quite evident. Because of that I have to deal with xenophobic behaviours here almost every day! I previously lived in Germany, former East Germany, and even with all the Nazi shit over there Sweden is worst!!!!
    Changing the subject, what is wrong with services here in a general way?? People think that they are doing a favour to you when you are buying or paying for something!What a fuck is that?????
    I must admit, some stuff here are amazing! But come on… what a miserable life most part of the swedes must have, to be this bunch of fucks!
    People here can`t see?? Don’t they study physics around here?? Helloooo, two bodies can not occupy the same space at the same time! So why doesn’t people here deviate from the others when walking in the street? Is Sweden so cold that you need so much human contact all the time?
    And the funniest thing about all that is swedes do not like to be treated in the same way they treat others!
    So, in summary, since not all are bad folks (just most part of them) the fucked ones can just shove their heads up on their asses, for more beutiful that they THINK they are, ok Martin?!

  103. December 13th, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    Henrik says:

    Being a Swede myself i agree for the most part with everything people have said so far, when it comes to Stockholm. Been there enough to say that it is pretty much as described. A loathsome place with loathsome people (pardon to the ones who aren’t), and that’s the place where everyone goes to visit their first time so it’s not a jolly thought.

    As for the rest of country i never experienced anything as described, though assholes are everywhere to found, i’m still quite surprised. I live in Kungälv, just outside of Gothenburg and at least whomever i greet on the streets in both places, or talk to in shops or elsewhere i never seem to have any issues at all. I don’t know i’m puzzled.

  104. December 14th, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    JB says:

    God, thank you SO MUCH for writing this! Everything you are saying is completely true. I have lived all over the place – Spain, France, England, Wales, Mexico, Denmark… Swedes are by far, hands down the absolute worst group of people I have ever met. Due to their hype, I taught myself the language (I am fluent, and all of my college classes are given 100% in Swedish). I have worked here, I have dated here… I can’t wait to go home (back to the USA).

    People here are awful. There is no such thing as customer service, no one helps you when you get lost (just by giving basic directions- they would rather sigh loudly and just keep walking)… Jealousy is rampant. God forbid you buy a new pair of shoes. The already-extremely-bitchy women at work will treat you even more like crap than they usually do.

    One good thing, though: living here has given me better self-confidence. Working and going to the sauna with Swedish women has let me see them without makeup. We are much more attractive (and natural) in the Southwest of the USA. And we don’t need 43 pounds of cheap H&M makeup to make us look that way.

  105. December 14th, 2010 at 7:44 pm

    JB says:

    Also, this is for Axl: I am extremely liberal, which is why I came to Sweden. Everyone knows this about me, even the Swedes. No one in Sweden is really all that liberal. Even the ones who say they are are closet racists who still aren’t very friendly.

    They make comments all the time about “Muslims” or “foreigners” or “Polish people” (this list could g on for days)…even though I am a foreigner, they treat me like I am one of them, sometimes. I would rather they didn’t. I don’t want to be in the in-crowd with uneducated Nazis.

    Your liberals make me miss our conservatives, no joke. At least the über-Christian/right-wingers are nice and polite and don’t act like oversexed drunken farm animals who have never lived indoors.

  106. December 29th, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    Starchild says:

    I have desperately been reading off and on for months how to survive Stockholm. I’ve even read books to try and fit in more, Modern Day Viking etc…

    Some of the responses here helped me laugh, HAHAHA, ooh that felt good, but in the end I am in tears. I moved from Vancouver 2 years ago. I found my life partner here, YAY, but I have to say this city is testing every part of my being, the very essence that makes me who I am. Spontaneity, laughing till no sound comes out of my mouth, cracking jokes with the grocery clerk, going out to grab milk in my pajamas and not being looked at like I’m a weirdo, baby pram pushing me off the tunnelbannan, falling off my bike and no one helping me, neighbors not being strangers, having a sense of humour, my spirituality.

    Thank heavens the children are sweet and hilarious where I live. No conformity drilled into their heads yet OR hideous RED pants worn by everyone and their grandpa!!! haha Oh and luckily I am blessed with a few wonderful friends from Kiruna and Tromso. They all want to get the heck outta Stockholm mind you…

    I don’t want to give up, but I feel like if I don’t leave here soon I’m going too age real fast from all my sadness. Damn folks age real bad here. The frown lines are ridiculous!!!

    I love and adore my man, but he is having problems understanding what I am going through. Actually he’s quire hard on me. He thinks I’m crazy and overly emotional.

    Ok that’s all for now, thankyou for letting me vent and hopefully feel understood.

  107. January 3rd, 2011 at 10:12 am

    Josie says:

    happy new year everyone…my new years resolution is to move away from this god foresaken wasteland! been here for exactly one year and thats more than enough for me. aside from the rudeness, crappy weather, shitty expensive rotting food they try to sell you in stores here, my breaking point was after going to THREE doctors not one of them wanted to help me. how scary is it that foreigners can’t get medical attention here? farewell forever racist sweden! i suggest anyone thinking of coming here even for a vacation to save your money and go elsewhere. they don’t want you here in fact, swedes don’t even want to live here!

  108. January 8th, 2011 at 7:51 am

    Henrik says:


    This website was a very interesting read, I had no idea that so many foreigners feel unwelcome in Sweden. I am a Swede myself and I must say that my self image changed a bit after reading this site. I apologize to everyone who have visited Sweden and been met by rudeness and cruelty.

    As a Swede I can’t say that I recognize the behavior you are all describing. I have plenty of life long friends who I all think are extremely polite, generous, out going and funny. They are definitely people that will help me in all situations and that I can count on no matter what.

    Perhaps we are much more reserved to foreigners but then again, I have plenty of friends from Germany, Croatia, Libanon and Austria. Some of my foreign friends have said that it takes longer to get to know a swede than other nationalities and that it definitely is a cultural difference how to make friends in Sweden. But once you get to know us we create life long relationships that are true and not artificial friendship.

    I read that some of you writing on this website thinks that swedish people (and mostly swedish girls) think very high of themselfs. I do not agree with that statement at all. A deep rooted swedish mentality is to NOT think that you are better then anyone else (look up the term “Jante law”). It is the collective performances that matter, not the individual performance. For example, it is very rude to talk about your own performance when a work project has been succesful. It is much more common to talk about the team, the collective, and praise your coworkers instead. It is considered very rude to boast about yourself.

    This, I think, is very stark contrast to American mentality. In american society it is a very good thing to talk about once own achievements and strong individual performances are applauded. It is a generalization of course but that is how I have perceived it. I don’t mean that that is a bad thing, I just wanted to point out a big cultural difference. This is also the reason why many Swedes feel insecure around americans. We are simply not used to that kind of behavior and that leads to misconceptions about one another. Many Swedes think that Americans are arrogant, self boasting arrogant jerks. And many Americans thinks that Swedes are reserved, cold cowards. But when you actually start talk to individuals and look past the cultular differences, you find wonderful, polite funny people in both America and Sweden. I hope..

    Not sure if any of this made any sense to anyone, but it was fun to write in english again, it’s been a while so excuse me for poor grammar and spelling. =)

    Hope future travelers to Sweden have a much much better experience than most of you here and try to understand that behind the cold masks of Swedes there actually are real warm, funny, generous persons.

    // Henrik

  109. January 15th, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Amanda says:

    Why are you in stockholm to begin with?, everyone in sweden knows that if you go to stockholm that’s how things are (most of the time, in summer it’s nice).

    I agree to everything Henrik thinks aswell.

  110. January 26th, 2011 at 10:04 am

    Greg says:

    I was born in Stockholm, Sweden, lived here and still do, but have lived in other countries throughout Europe, North America and some parts of South America. It is without a doubt that I must agree that Swedes are rude, in general, but it is not intentional. You see, in places NYC, no one will move you out of their way or cut in your way without saying excuse me, unless it is their intent. But in NYC, you can get hurt for being rude. In Sweden, everything is based on procedure. As an example, people walk blindly unto crosswalks because they have the right of way and don’t think that an ambulance, or a car chase, or someone who just does not care will not or cannot yeild. In other countries, people are willing to die for what they believe in, here nobody does nothing more than go out into the square and chant to people that already agree with them. So I say this, we have a horrible system where cops do not consider break ins an emergency while people are in their homes….in other words, the cops will not bother going to the home if someone is not being tortured at that moment. Kids are run over by buses way too often here, and nobody really makes a big deal out of this to do something about it. Rape and murder is too common for the population that we have, and racist blame foreigners for this without addressing the actual problems. We have many problems here, and yes we are totalarian sheep. Just watch us, everyone is on their phone texting, the toy is our life, not a part of it, because we have no other. But it is worth it to see it and learn about it.

  111. January 28th, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    Lojs says:

    Holy God, thanks for this site!!!

    I am a swede out on a escape from this coldhearted country, I have been away for 6 months, but now I actually starting to miss home, I want to go home! So badly so I even google ‘Stockholm’, and this site come up, like a angel from heaven remembering me why I’m NOT in Sweden right now. This site will be my bookmark so I never ever return, not for loonglong time at least.

    Keep up, and don’t be to hard on swedes, they can be nice, in the summertime after a couple of beers ;)

  112. February 4th, 2011 at 2:47 am

    Bawwwww says:

    For those who don’t have time to read this poorly written complaining, allow me to summarize: “Swedes didn’t like me”.

  113. February 24th, 2011 at 8:58 am

    C says:

    I’m really amazed by your experience. I personally have not experienced that. The Swedes I have met/know have been very kind and thoughtful. Some were initially quiet (but just because of being unsure of themselves, but to be honest I am the same way), but still very welcoming. Once getting past the ‘shyness’ they have been sweet and really enjoyable to be around. I was welcomed in their homes and they were very concerned about my comfort (some I’d only recently met).

    I imagine we have plenty of attitudes/mannerisms that are just as strange to others. I don’t think they act how they act as a matter of rudeness (I am more willing to think that they just do NOT want to be noticed, and if you acknowledge and apologize it will obviously draw attention to yourself), but it is wild to get used to at first, but if you expect it, you can adjust….but I DID experience people saying “ursäkta mig” on sidewalks and in the store.

    There are plenty of nice and ‘not so nice’ people all over the world….but if you only look for the bad, that is all you will find.

  114. March 22nd, 2011 at 9:47 am

    astrid says:

    hej! i’m from sthlm and am now studying in barcelona and have done that for seven months. i honestly think that this hasn’t anything to do with sweden as a country, but with you. i used to hate on spain and barcelona, because everything is so different from what im used to. i thought spain was such a undeveloped country and i could write a whole book about what i dislike about spain. however, i came to the point where i just accepted the differences, embraced them, and in the end appreciated them. its not worse than sweden, its just different. its normal to start disliking the new country, the new culture, people, customs. in the end it just comes down to how well you adapt. being here, i’ve met a lot of people from all over the world. i have met americans who thought denmark and norway were cities in sweden, americans who doesnt know who zapatero (and we are living in spain), sarkozy, berlusconi is, and EVERYBODY thinks sweden is switzerland. but i dont judge america or all americans. i think, maybe it’s harder for americans to adapt to other cultures, customs etc cause you’re such a big and powerful country. my experiences tell me that americans have a certain arrogance, thinking their country is the best in the world (and sadly swedes, and especially people from stockholm too), and with that attitude you will never like a new country. cause there will be differences and it all just comes down to how you chose to look at them.

    if somebody is reading this who is thinking of moving to sweden or sthlm, please dont take this website in mind. sweden is a great country. there are bad things about it and good things, just like every country. people might seem careless and arrogant and back stabbing, but that’s not really true. sweden as a country has such a nice way of caring about each other, we pay high taxes in order to give other people free healthcare, free education. we are the best country in the world when it comes to democracy. and i dont dare to say the best, but it wouldnt surprise me if we are in equality, the environment, welfare. we haven’t been in a war for 200 years. i can go on forever. doesnt that count for being kind-hearted? compare that to america where it’s every man for himself (not 100 percent but soooo much more than in sweden), where you are playing world police and interferring everywhere. where kids in school only learn about american history, economy, politics.

    i think you should think twice next time you send something like this. it just showes what kind of person you are, not the swedes, and not sweden. i will always love my country, small, beautiful, clean, open, caring, smart, developed, equal….. and with all it’s small defects, just like every country, for me its alway gonna be the best one in the world.

  115. March 26th, 2011 at 6:30 am

    Pavel Klimkowsky says:

    If Sweden and its people were so terrible as you all here WAHHSB (we all here hate Swedes club) claim Why do all these immigrants keep on coming to Sweden. They would stay in Libya Lebanon Iraq etc. Im Slovakian and have lived 30 years in Sweden. When I came in 1981 Swede were very nice and helpfull. today due to an invasion of uneducated and illiterate ungreatful Middle Easterns they are not so happy anylonger. Sweden has gone from being a Scandinavian Protestantic country now rapidly heading towards a muslem nation. Think of that before spreading loads of junk here on this web site.

  116. March 29th, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    Valkyrie says:

    I’ve lived off and on in Sweden for 15 years. Apologies to the few exceptions to this unfortunate rule but Swedes are:


    And it is not just folks in Stockholm. The whole country is a veritable cesspool of low class jerks.

  117. March 30th, 2011 at 11:57 am

    Svenne says:

    I’m Swedish and I agree with you. I’m always suprised of how friendly people are when I go abroad.

  118. April 4th, 2011 at 5:49 am

    Original Gangster says:

    You little Valkyrie

    Why do you live on and off in terrible nations.
    Go some wherelse. Whats wrong with you.
    Rude, Narrow.-Minded, Thick Headed, Racist, Shallow. Sounds like a godd description of Americans or English or Germans or Russians or Dutch , or…Since I am a foreigner myself I have spoken to so many people which live in countries which they were not born in and they all say The Natives are in one or another way stupid.
    Its not unique for (what country was it ) Oh yes Sweden.
    Besides , I think this board here was started by an over sexulised American who had seen too many “Swedish Eroticas” and thought since he was American he is used to Natives in every country would look up to Yankies and let them do what they like.

  119. April 4th, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    John Kulp says:

    Astrid and Pavel are right and Valkyrie is:


    and a low class jerk.

  120. April 7th, 2011 at 11:25 am

    Anna from Sweden says:

    The people that lives in Stockholm is very rude, mean and so ever. But if u just visit that city, i understand u don´t like Sweden, but u see, there´s so much more to se. In the city I live in, Uddevalla, all people is very kind, they care about eachother and so on. So dont have to much prejudices of the people in Sweden ;)

  121. April 18th, 2011 at 12:09 am

    Nina says:

    I am a London born African woman engaged to a Swedish man. Hands down, Swedish people are the rudest racist people in the world. I use to be a model, and still travel the world. Never have I been made to feel like a criminal than in Sweden. Every time I fly into Sweden, I am always pulled into a room ( along with all other blacks – Swedish citizen as well ) and searched for drugs. This does not happen in any American airport or other cities.have

    The women ( who are very old looking and not as pretty as Brazilian women ) are very jealous and bitter towards me. They hate seeing a thin black girl with a Swedish man. My partner’s family are very rude and mean to me. They ignore me — just like all the Swedes I meet.

    The Swedes in London I meet on the party scene are even more ruder.

    I will never visit this country again. I am worth more than this.

  122. April 19th, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    Black Death to my Enemies says:

    Wanker boy Kulpi and pussy Valkyrie listen
    The only low class Jerks I see around here are the Wanker boy Kulpi and the pussy valkyrie. I mean why the fuck do you live on and off in a nation you dont like? Did your old lady drop you on your head when you were a little maggot?
    I first lived in Germany for four years . What a shit nation. Pryor to Sweden I went to The Netherlands which in my opinion is even worse than Jerry- country. I now live in Sweden and its the best among these three.
    Some here say its impossible to make friends with the natives. Well, thats not unique for Sweden. My bro lives in Birmingham ,England since 2000 and he has a lot of friends but no English. Only Slovenians, Russians, Polish, Austrians and The English are supposed to be the world leading country.

  123. May 4th, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    Lars says:

    I was born and raised in Sweden, it sucks, period. I have been living in the US for 4 years now and my only regret is not leaving Sweden sooner.

    God bless the USA!

  124. May 30th, 2011 at 5:30 am

    C says:

    everything bad said about sweden on this page is completely true.

    /born, raised and living in sweden, unfortunately

  125. June 9th, 2011 at 11:38 am

    En Go' Gubbe says:

    Stockholm is a beautiful city, period. The boring thing is its extremely insecure, superficial, egoistic and arrogant inhabitants with ridiculously over-sized glasses which are supposed to make them appear unique, creative and intelligent. Appear is the key word here, because it is all about appearance, there is no substance here.

  126. June 12th, 2011 at 5:04 am

    L says:

    I’m from the UK and have lived in Sweden for a few months now. Every Swede I have had anything to do with has been lovely and really helpful, and actually I think there are lots of similarities between them and us Brits. Personally (like a lot of Europeans) I find the over enthusiastic/fake friendly manner of many people in the US a bit over the top, but guess if that is what you are used to then you may think that Swedes are a little unfriendly in comparision. Guess its just personal preference, but to everyone who has left vicious comments here – give the Swedes a break!

  127. June 14th, 2011 at 9:47 pm

    Jeff Davis says:

    Basically…the country SUCKS THE BIG WAZOOO!

  128. June 21st, 2011 at 11:30 am

    Dennis says:

    Yes i’m as you might have expected, one of those twofaced sociopathic, rude, nazi and downright evil swedes. First, i would like to welcome you all to visit Sweden. Not only are the people of Sweden horrible and completely without humor. You will also like our gruesome cuisine: Raw and rotten fish, smoked horse, and Rudolph the rednosed reindeer (utterly massacered of course) and everything served with lingonberry jam. When you first interact with a swede, you will notice how he/she will not make direct eyecontact. That’s not because the swede is contemplating who you are, is shy, does not want to be rude by gawking or simply offend you by saying something wrong. You are just not worth the attention.
    Puss och kram allihopa och välkomna till Sverige!

  129. June 21st, 2011 at 10:49 pm

    Dennis says:

    Chances are that the swedes thought you people were equaly rude, ever thought about that? Besides Handelshögskolan and Sturecompagniet is known for its upper-class brats and “stekare” (swedish word meaning brat-wannabe) and most swedes think they are rude and obnoxious to. About us swedes thinking that our country is the best country on earth, it’s true, we seems we share that misconception with people from US, France and so on.

  130. June 28th, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    Karl says:

    I stumbled upon this blog, and man, seldom have I seen such a sorry bunch of losers gathered at one place. I’ve met many foreigner is my life and not a single one of them seemed dissatisfied with their visit to this country, but they did agree to Swedes being a generally distant hard-to-know people. But guess what, in our culture it is considered POLITE to avoid people in public spaces. And indeed, much of your hate seem to stem from nothing else but ignorance and disrespect of the manners in this country.

    And this blog, it smells of hypocrisy. You were dissatisfied with your visit to this country, complaining about rudeness, and thus decided to create a website dedicated to down-talking and whining about Sweden. Talk about rudeness.

  131. July 1st, 2011 at 9:02 am

    Swedish guy says:

    Swefag here. I agree with you completely. The problem is that Stockholm is a city that to about 90% consist of hicks from the countryside who have moved in to what they believe is the “big city” where they try to live some sort big city life there. They think that they are better than everyone else because they managed to leave the inbread shithole that they crawled out of (yeah, great job you guys). Me myself moved out of there and now live faaaaar away in a city with a population larger than all of Sweden put together.

    The good news is, the rest of Sweden (except for Stockholm) is pretty much ok. Take a trip to Gothenborg, Malmoe or up north and you’ll be fine. Stockholm is, however, a shithole.

    PS. I’m back in Stockholm after the summer. Drop me a line if you want to hate Sweden together. Cheers.

  132. July 5th, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    Lady says:

    Reading those John’s 408 reasons made me understand that Swedish must not be so very different from my nation (Im from Baltic States), hence I assume I wouldn’t think of them as weird, rude or cold…

    It really depends on where you come from. (“It comes with territory!”)

  133. July 20th, 2011 at 11:09 pm

    Stewart says:

    I was actually frightened reading this blog. It seems most foreigners are living in fear, hate and desperation. The Nordic countries are isolated, but with the communications and transportation technologies we have, such behaviour as people have described about Swedes indicates some kind of serious personality problem which has to be treated and corrected.

  134. July 22nd, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    Dionysus says:

    Wow, this is not at all in keeping with my experiences with Swedes, both in Sweden and in other countries.

    Frankly, I think some of you are mistaking being a reserved person for rudeness or cruelty. As an American, I’m well aware of the “ugly American” stereotype that pervades much of Europe and Asia. Is it an unfair stereotype? Well, it’s certainly true that Americans tend to be bombastic and outgoing to strangers — something that people in many other cultures find to be rude or “ugly.” But Americans are not, as a rule, obnoxious animals. They just come from a culture that praises individuality and being demonstrative. The opposite is true in many Nordic and Asian cultures.

    Although I’m a Greek-American, I grew up in an area filled with Swedish-Americans. Their communities are known for a certain type of Protestant friendliness, but yes, reservedness and a “stiff upper lip” attitude are also heavily associated with these groups. A Swedish grandmother will probably not give you a kiss on the cheek the first time she meets you or send you home with a sheet cake the way my grandmother will, but that’s a cultural difference, not a moral failing.

  135. July 26th, 2011 at 6:50 am

    Krissto says:

    Sweden have many good things. But one thing this country definitely don’t have is night life/clubbing culture. If you are above 60 yrs old, if you have kids, if you just became a parent, if you want a calm and peaceful life, then this is the right place for you. On the other hand, if you are young or feel young and want to have fun with the rest of your remaining years….just avoid this place.

  136. July 28th, 2011 at 6:27 am

    Sparky says:

    Rude!!!!?????, Hmm that Its not the first word that comes to my mind when thinking of Swedes. The word RUDE is not on my 100 first word list when thinking of Sweden, neither the first 1000 nor the first 100 000 words. No if I should focus on bad stauff I would prefer words like Shy, Scared of everything, “Easy to fool” Boy Scouts, Communists, “Always wait for their turn”
    Im partly German partly Italian and I have lived in Sweden six years now. Ha ha Rude ..Every German is ruder than any swede. Some even wrote Swedes were Racist.??? Many foreigners have higher income than natives just by receiving money from the Swedish Government OMG!!
    The word Racist -I can here announce even its embarrissing for me as semi-Italian . Italians are the most racist people at least in Europe. But I have never seen any wwebsides concerning that issue where Douscbags can spread loads of hate which they are able to here.
    Im sure this websides was started by a “not too intelligent” American man whose first visit outside US happened to be Sweden.
    last year I was in Oklahoma City where I came across an American who divided the World into two countries. USA and Non-USA. He said ” I dont give a rats ass how they name regions in Non-USA , like Simerian and Himbalaya”??????!! He continued “US is the light. We are Gods chosen people Non-US is darkness Hell. The worst is that He was chosen Managing Director for a local Oklahomian Company. O boy.
    So to all of you a fat pubic haters posting comments here. Take these words of advice. Go travel around the world. Start heading East, than continue your journey steady the same direction. learn about every new country youll get to and about the time you get to Sweden. You will say ” OMG this is one great fresh country, nice good-looking people never pushy
    Good Afternoon

  137. August 6th, 2011 at 10:09 pm

    huh? says:

    @Swedenson “Swedes do have a talent for business and engineering” “There are few countries on the planet that do “International Business” as well as the Swedes”.

    Just curious, have you ever heard of a country called JAPAN? They’re 1000X richer than sweden and has more world renowned companies you can ever dream of. You scandinavian insular mental midgets makes me laugh.

  138. August 12th, 2011 at 7:40 am

    Jason says:

    @ ASTRID

    Hej Astrid,

    Interesting post. But I don’t agree with you.

    This neutral, very Swedish sounding idea that everywhere is much the same, that nowhere is objectively better than anywhere else, that it’s all just about ‘accepting differences’ is absolute rubbish.

    Iran is different to Sweden. If you were asked to live there, covered up in a burka for 2 years, with none of the rights you are accustomed to, how well would you ‘adapt’ to those cultural differences? You’d be screaming your little Swedish arse off. Complaining, crying and moaning. You’d tell everyone how aweful the people were, how shockingly they treat women, what little respect you get etc.

    But according to your own ideas it should be easy, after all, it’s all about ‘adapting’ and accepting differences. Nowehere is better than anywhere else, right?

    REAL differences do exist between countries and cultures. And some of those differences objectively suck!

    Despite having a good job, I left Sweden after two years. The sense of social isolation I felt there was so profound, I thought I would go mad. All the free healthcare, education, lakes and rivers, crayfish and kanelbullar in the world can’t compensate for the relentelessly introverted, keep to yourself mentality that pervades Swedish social culture.

    I’m back home now, where people on the street who don’t know me actually dare to make eye contact (and sometimes they even smile!)

  139. August 24th, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    Erik says:

    Hi, unfortunate that you met the scum of our proud and amazing nation. Anyone going to Stockholm will probably experience the same thing; Even for us from rural areas native Stockholm people are very inpolite – Dont worry though; Its just their way of “being”. Next time I suggest you visit other parts of Sweden.. Nort or South ;)

  140. August 25th, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    Veba says:

    Hello folks, Very interesting discussion

    I have been living in uppsala for almost an year and half and i gotta express my experiences with you guys, and let me say that i am not an american, neither a european..i am an asian guy

    First when i was here, i was so happy to see the helpful nature of people and really excited to get a very warm welcome.Some people are really nice and i happened to meet all nice people first.

    From then i used to think that swedish people were the best race on the planet and i did even bragged about it.

    But as the time passed , i now came to know that these people were not as good as i think they are….

    seriously, when i have been exploring all the systems that they have, i realized that they are having a lot of flaws in their beurocratic BS and people are so lame to follow them blindly.

    Most swedes suck a lot, i mean they suck completely.

    They are racists to the core , and the “back talking” thing is a retard thing.A lot of them need mental help for sure.

    They pretend that they are open to conversations and agree to everything u say with lot of respect.But that was all BS , they r f***k rotten inside and they have tons of pride within them that anyone could possibly imagine.

    They always think that they are direct descendants of god and they pretend like they are more than human, F**kn retards, I hate these sort of people to the core and unfortunately sweden is one such place that is filled with lot of these dorks.

    I did have friends from almost all countries in the world and also i know a lot of foreigners around me who are tired of the sick boring cliche of swedes.

    i will summarize things a few things below

    1.Drinking their ass off and getting on people with all their social emptiness.
    2.Wishing every one , but never mean it from the heart.They are most ignorant people on earth.
    3.Afraid to face truth.
    4.Afraid to talk to strangers until unless they r stoned or drunk.
    5.Always thinking of people other than their own micro social group are useless.
    6.Always complaining about their own country and i have to say that i am surprised to hear that from lot of people(im socially very good and i did speak with lot of swedish people, almost 90% of them do not like their country and fellow swedes, only 10% do like their country) i wonder if they do not respect their own country ,how come a foreigner will respect them?
    7.They are socially insecure most of time and act like a wussy.
    8.You may not believe me ,but a lot of swede guys are afraid of being a man, they follow their girlfriends lead and always look confused.Most girls are beautiful outside but thick inside.It remembers me of the quote “Never go for looks”

    I do not want to generalize these things to all people in sweden , but the sad truth is that most of them do fall in this way..

    I will post the positive points of life in sweden some other time , but this time this is all i can say abut how life sucks in Sweden…

    PS: I dont mean to offend anyone, If someone got offended , my sincere apologies

  141. August 31st, 2011 at 2:18 am

    Eric says:

    @ KARL

    In my culture, we show ‘politeness’ by punching strangers in the face – a type of greeting really. In fact, the harder the punch, the more affection we feel towards the other person. Foreigners who don’t accept and understand this, are simply ignorant.

    Just as you expect foreigners to accept Swedish ‘cultural’ norms, I’m sure you’II accept mine, right? After all, it’s just a different way of being ‘polite’.

  142. September 5th, 2011 at 5:14 am

    Doris says:

    Stockholm School of Economics + Stureplan = Disaster! Brats, wannabes, bimbos etc, to simplify a bit.

    I’m Swedish and born and raised in Stockholm and would never spend my time in these places…

  143. September 10th, 2011 at 3:12 am

    EntertainedSwede says:

    All Swede-haters should read this:

    An American that LOVE Stockholm, isn’t that just hillarious? ;)

    I can agree on some things you have all said about Sweden and Stockholm, however, some of it is just utter BS. I have lived 4 years in Australia and 2 years in the States and I would still argue that Sweden is better than the two combined. I think the problem lies in you, not in the Swedes. You are too full of yourselves to see what kind of people Swedes actually are. We are not rude, we are insecure and shy. Like most of my international friends say: ‘It’s hard to get to know a Swede, but once you do it’s the best friend you’ll ever have’.

    Still, it’s hard for me to be objective, but at least I’ve got tons of experience living, working and studying with people from all over the world and EVERYONE has their good sides and their bad. You all seem so unintelligent when you talk about one entire nation as rude, come on, you should know better than that. Reading your comments I think most people would argue that you are the once that are rude and lack substance.

    I have met A LOT of rude French people, but I would never ever go as far as saying that French people are rude in general. But hey, that’s just me!

    …and also. Please keep the comments flowing. It’s greatly entertaining ;)

    / The Swede that loves to be retarded and miserable ;)

  144. September 14th, 2011 at 4:53 am

    Brutus says:

    im a Pakistani dude( raised a Muslim ) working in Sweden and i get to travel to the US 4 times a year,
    Although there are many redneck americans who hate my existence and It takes me an average 4 hours to get out of the airport (being interrogated for no fucking reason), i cant generalize n say all americans are muslim hating retarded assholes

    OR CAN I ??

  145. September 19th, 2011 at 2:02 am

    A swede says:

    Ha ha ha ha.

    This was a great lot of fun to read. Firstly, how can one be so ignorant as to expect being treated well at Stureplan? If you dont spend an anual salary there, you are nobody.

    As to the bumbing, we accept the surroundings and the fact it is crowded, hence bumbing into people is unavoidable and not really a big deal.

    As to snus, or “snuff” as you call it – it’s not chewed…

    People here aren’t as you portrait them to be either. Some are, of course. Every place has them. But I don’t even know 1 out of 100 that is anything like what you all say in these comments.

    You had a bad experience, too bad – get over it.

  146. September 21st, 2011 at 5:09 am

    sweden rules! says:

    Im a swede. I am not rude, socialy retarded or in any way afraid to speak to strangers. Swedes have a tendensy to stay within themself, minding their own buisness you could say. I am born and raised in Stockholm, a place called Södermalm. Its different from Östermalm (Stureplan). We are not shallow and wannabe rich sissys like those in Stureplan. Most of you have just met the wrong kind of people i the wrong place and you are all truly ignorant to say “all” swedes are in specific way. The cold of our land may make us a bit chilly towards tourists but we are good people. And that you americans discriminate towards us makes me angry. Americans are a young country still and you assholes are nothing but former europeans who killed a bunch of indians. Remeber that it was us! The vikings whom first found NorthAmerica. Know your place. Dont judge people who dont judge you.

  147. October 3rd, 2011 at 6:58 am

    Nick says:

    I’m English have been coming to Sweden since I was 9, we had close family friends there. Have experienced all of the negatives mentioned by other posters to the extent by the time I was 25 would try to avoid Swedes at all costs. Met my wife in Canada, she’s Swedish and the most wonderful, kind, beautiful women. 25 years on and I still fall in love with her every day.
    Not all Swedes are arseholes but too many are.
    Many you meet can dish it out but they can’t take it. If you criticise them back all the toys come out of the cot.
    But remember if you meet a nice Swede be nice to them back and nurture them, they’re an endangered species

  148. November 7th, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    Peter says:

    Hi All people that hate Swedes :)
    Im a 35 year male Swede, and im getting really sad reading this..
    I can understand a little of it (stureplan, Stockholm)
    but please dont judge all of us because of the brats showing that they are rich spoilled bastards !
    we are a shy kind of people, that is the truth, but give us a few beers and we are your best pal for eternity :)
    id love to talk to you all, hope ill meet you some day so i can get you to think of Swedes in a diffrent way.
    we are not all bad and rude, just travel out in the country, dont just stay in stockholm !!
    anyway,,have the greatest of days my unknown friends..

  149. November 9th, 2011 at 7:52 am

    alex says:

    Hello this is must read if you go to Sweden from a swede.
    First if you are in this area from örebro to stockholm and uppsala you most adapt to this rude snoobey style otherwise you gone get screwed. it is said but true and dont think they only treats you this way. The same gone happen if you are from an other part of sweden with an other accent. Second way why are people this way. The answer is all try to play like they are some upper class people. And they think you must play like you are more important and some rich guy that are gone looke down on you if you dont play the same way. no one is proud to be working class all try the play elite. this phenomenon can you find in all over sweden but its epic center is stureplan. i know many that is seeing upp to this style and try to play like they are spolid rich snoobey but they are working in a normal shop with a low salary. but like myself and many other swedes we dont like them either. This area is less of this attitude. Värmland,Dalarna,Väster Götland and Norrland.

  150. November 14th, 2011 at 3:44 am

    Tim says:

    Geeze…. Never seen such amounts hate and prejudices.

    It has been said numerous of times but let me repeat, swedes are not rude in general, there are obviously rude swedes just as there are germans, americans etc. Swedes are however shy by nature (culture). That’s how it works over here, just cause you may walk into a grocery shop in the states and be “best friends” with some stranger ten minutes later doesn’t mean that works world wide.

    Swedish culture does have some common denominator with japanese culture regarding social interaction, but also some common denominators with american culture. We’re not as shy/polite/correct/introvert as the japanese, but far from being as extrovert as the americans.

    What some see as normal, may be seen as rude by others. I have felt very offended by people of various ethnicity while being abroad since I felt that they were being too pushy and that they trespassed on my personal space.
    Just as americans may find swedes lack will to engage in social interactions with strangers as offensive, swedes may find americans exaggerated will to interact with strangers offensive. Neither part have any bad intentions though, swedes are reserved because that’s the way it works here, americans are extrovert because thats the way it works there.

    It may be hard to see things from a foreigners perspective having grown up into a culture, but I understand that you may feel socially bothered here, but if you just manage to break the ice and get to know a swede, they behave just like you are used to in america, extroverted, warm, friendly, fun. But if you later on bring another stranger that your swedish friend doesn’t know, it might get stiff until he/she gets to know the stranger.

    Also keep in mind that english is not something we use on a daily basis here, sure most tv-shows are american/british/australian. But there are subtitles and understanding isn’t the same as being comfortable speaking it. Alot of swedes feel uncomfortabale speaking english with americans/NZ’s/Aussies/brits since most don’t master english as well as they do our mother tongue, swedish.

    This is not a problem when visiting other countries as a swede though, since we know our english knowledge is highly likely to be greater than the one of the inhabitants. Therefore we do not fear making a fool of ourselves.

    English knowledge has increased and increased by each generation, just because most young people may chatter in english without hesitation or restraint doesn’t mean older generations may, the really old ones doesn’t even speak nor understand english.

    Summing up; If you are going to live here, put some effort into it and realize there are cultural differenes – you aint going from NY to Boston, you’re going to another country in another part of the world with another language, history, culture. Even though you may live here without trouble unable to speak swedish, you’ll probably solve 50 % of your soial obstacles by trying to learn our language. It’s a bit like Montréal, sure, most people speak english to some degree (not all) and you do perfectly fine as a tourist – but our native language is not english and it isn’t surprising that alot of swedes dont enjoy conversating in a language they dont master as well.

    It’s interesting to see my fellow countrymen defeding Sweden and Swedes claiming “Oh, don’t mind your experiences, you’ve probably only met Stockholmers, who are rude”. Funny thing about this subject is that most Stockholmers don’t disparage swedish non-Stockholmers, in my social surroundings we judge people based on their personality, and not based on where they hail from. No one I know of talks bad of northern or southern based swedes, but we receive alot of hatred for no reason.
    It’s all just immature persons with prejudices that base their entire view of Stockholm by “Stureplan”, “Handelshögskolan”, “Sturecompagniet”, “Östermalm”. I mean cmon … these places (schools/clubs) make up what, 1 % of Stockholms geographical area? and 0.5 % of the population? Grow up.

  151. November 16th, 2011 at 11:26 am

    John Barleycorn says:

    Well, its actually somewhat reassuring to read this blog. I thought that my negative experiences with people in Stockholm were isolated. Then I started talking to others from America, Europe, and Asia. There’s a concensus: watch your back.

    I wouldn’t say that Swedes are rude. Actually, in daily interaction I find them quite pleasant…on the surface. Working in a Swedish organization turned into a rather treacherous situation for this Yank. My colleagues seemed open and honest, but it turned out that several were really ripping me and my reputation to shreds behind the scenes. Even worse, they were doing so gratuitously…without any real rhyme or reason. I still don’t get it, and I am quite troubled that they could be so malevolent and two-faced.

    I asked an understanding friend…who is a Swede…about it, and all he could say is that is how it goes in the organization. Americans, by the way, seem to be a favorite target; some Swedes just don’t like us.

    Look, such things are never a one-sided affair. If I had been more attuned I might have picked up on it and headed it off. But the sheer nastiness and dishonesty really knocked me off my feet. It was appalling, something that would never happen in an American outfit, even with all our faults and quirks.

    I don’t know anything about the rudeness of Swedish women or being snubbed, ignored, or all that. I do know that I cannot trust the Swedes I work with. And that’s very disappointing.

  152. December 10th, 2011 at 12:08 am

    Canadian says:

    Hi everyone.
    I just came across the website and I have to say that I am quite interested by all the comments here and the debate. It is definitely making me start to question going to school abroad. Many of you have been talking about your experiences in Stockholm. The school I want to go abroad to is in Linkoping. Have any of you ever lived in Linkoping (in southern part of Sweden)?? I’m planning on going to an international exchange there but some of your comments have made me a little weary of going especially comments about the swedes being rude and/or racist?

    I’m East-Asian (Chinese,specifically) but I’m born and raised in Canada and consider myself to be quite North American. Is racism really that predominant in Sweden, specifically in Linkoping??

  153. December 13th, 2011 at 8:06 am

    George says:

    Jag är inte alls svensk, men det är mitt andra “främmade språk”. Jag har aldrig varit i Sverige, men i alla fall, jag ska fortsätta att lära mig svenska språ

  154. December 13th, 2011 at 8:06 am

    George says:

    Jag är inte alls svensk, men det är mitt andra “främmade språk”. Jag har aldrig varit i

    Sverige, men i alla fall, jag ska fortsätta att lära mig svenska språk !

  155. December 13th, 2011 at 8:07 am

    George says:

    Jag är inte alls svensk, men det är mitt andra “främmade språk”. Jag har aldrig varit i Sverige, men i alla fall, jag ska fortsätta att lära mig svenska språk !

  156. December 13th, 2011 at 8:07 am

    George says:

    Jag är inte alls svensk, men det är mitt andra “främmande språk”. Jag har aldrig varit i Sverige, men i alla fall, jag ska fortsätta att lära mig svenska språk ! (I should really proofread these before posting LOL !)

  157. December 18th, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    Daniel says:

    I am a Swede of the rare sort who agrees that most of the Swedish people are dry to say at least. I left this country since many of my countrymen laugh at what I’ve been studying, telling me that the job I’m looking for is just a dream.

    So I said basically: – Fuck the Swedish people and the system.

    6 years ago I did the move to Japan, inspired by my cousin who lives in Germany (who has rarely been to Sweden for the last 10 years.), got my job as a music-producer.

    People in Sweden will hate you for your talent. Don’t let it get to you. Just tell them to sod off and stop correct you. The law of Jante is ever present for the Swedes and when I try to talk about my job, I try to be humble about it. But their eyes turn really ugly when tell them the things I’ve mentioned above. If they brought up the topic then they should fucking swallow the fact and info about it.

    I was a loner in Sweden due to my mastery of music, realistically to become a music-teacher or a DTM-arranger. My own plans were higher and I know the Swedish film and gaming-industry is financially under par compared to the United States or Japan. My move was simple. Leave the country that doesn’t care for you was the best decision I’ve ever made.

    Moving to L.A in two years.

  158. December 30th, 2011 at 9:30 am

    Johntraveller says:


    You have nothing to fear in going to Sweden. Most of the anti-Swede comments here are plainly ignorant, posted by immature twits that think in going to another country it should operate exactly as it does in their own country. This is particularly true of the immature American guys who have dreams of conquest of Swedish women whose culture and attitudes they understand nothing nor bother to find out. Of course, they act in complete awe of idiots who act like California beach boys don’t they? Falling all over them they are. Swedes are reserved, conservative and shy compared to Americans or Canadians and are slow to make friends, but once you have them as a friend you can count on them pretty much for life. Tons of Swedes have been to Asia–particularly Thailand–so you won’t be a surprise to any of them other than the most parochial. If you make an effort, you will get along find, though you can certainly run into a jerk or two just like any other country. Give it a go.

  159. January 1st, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    Matthew says:

    Come on, people. It’s not that bad in Sweden. I spent a little more than a year working in Stockholm, and I must say that even though I toned down my instinctual American ways, it was not toned down enough for the Swedes. It was not a great experience working there, but I really enjoyed living there.

    The people are OK in Stockholm but they are a lot more “Swedish” than the folks in Gothenburg or Malmo, who are rather continental and European.

    Nice city to visit…but I’m not sure its a great place to live and work.

  160. January 7th, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    Rebecka says:

    I live in Sweden and I can agree fully on what you and many others have said here on this site. However here is my point of view – YOU WERE IN STOCKHOLM! Thats the worst place to be in Sweden. I mean they never move as you walk, they never say excuse me, or thank you. A very rude place. But don’t give up yet I know a wonderful place to go for a vacation in Sweden, kk listen to this up in whaat the call ‘Norrland’ whcih is north of Sweden. Its beautiful and the people are magnificent. I don’t live up there so thats not the point. I live in ‘Skåne’ which is south of Sweden (also a nice place to visit) such as Helsingborg. Nevertheless I advise anyone who reads this is to visit north of sweden, its beautiful, even in the winter cause the air is somehow dry and warm!

  161. January 7th, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    Michael says:

    You must be the most idiotic person I have ever come to meet online. Saying that ALL swedes act like this. How much does that say about you really? I have met the most WONDERFUL people in Sweden. But I wasn’t dumb enough to live in Stockholm, everbody knows about the brats and barbies living there. I have never laughed so much to such a supersticious thread in my entire life, so thank you :)

  162. January 8th, 2012 at 5:09 am

    Barbara says:

    Well i live in Stockholm for a year, after reading all this seems i am not the only one that thinks the Following:

    Swedish are not rude They are bipolar:

    1) Their humor switch from 1 to 10 in minutes! everyday. They can be really cold during the day (even don’t look at no one in street when they walk by) and when they are drinking or drunk they switch they personality in a blink of an eye, in fact the lorger conversations i have had with Swedes is while they’re grabbing a beer. And they day after you see them walking in the street and some pretend don’t know you….

    2) The word Rude (only in this bipolar shit) does’t fit in all this, this is a psicological issue they have mood disorders boderline to insane. Yes, insane. When the bipolar syndrome is not medically it goes to paranoia Maybe that can be a possibly reason why a lot of ppl in Scandinavia kill themselves, They are unhappy

    3) here comes the real rude thing in Swedes, the words: may i? thank you. Good Morning doesn’t exist. Everything is give me and take it. Give me a coffee, instead, can you give a cup of caffee please? and instead say “thanks” they ask if it has sugar or not O.o

    4) Yeah, they’re very show of, because almost everyone is blond they think they own the world, once you talk with them they don’t have an interesting subject to talk about, for them every dark skin tone comes from africa, south america doesn’t exist. They know that USA does because the 80% of the media, tv programs and so on are from there otherwise they would be USA? What’s is that? a coffee or a te brand loooool

    4) Have meet only 2 swedish with a graduated diploma, So i wonder what is the best in the world of being swedish if they have a lack of culture and superior studies, the funny thing comes when a foreigner comes with an University level they hit with the hammer of burocracy (maybe jealousy that no many swedish have that knowledge level and as a consecuence that destroy the thought that they are the best in the world). They always talk about how clean the country are and the ones that work cleaning are emigrants, no way in hell you’ll see a swedish cleaning in a mall or stuff.

    5) But there comes the good part: The woman is free to enjoy her personal life as she wants, here the woman is in the same level as men, back home if a girl goo ut with a guy today just to drink and the day after goes with another everyone takes her as a bitch, even if she is just drinking, here no. Here a woman can go out with the guy she wants and her “reputation” will not be destroyed. Here that idea of: “the man can fuck arround as much as he want and the woman need to stay home beliving his lies” Doesn’t exist! Paradise ha? XD

    Anyways no everyone is that bad, i had the chance to ask for an address and swedish kindly tell me how to get there, but with the world bipolar i would define the behaviour of 70% of Stockholm population

  163. January 9th, 2012 at 6:33 am

    Nick says:

    Further to my comments October 3rd
    I made the mistake of living in Sweden despite knowing what I was letting myself in for, for 3 years, 2 months and 3 days
    Swedes here are saying the problem lies with Stockholmers but everywhere else they’re just as bad, especially in Gothenburg
    Also they’re saying it’s because Swedes are shy, well I wish that were the reason maybe they’d keep their mouths shut more often, they’re always lecturing, bad-mouthing,back-stabbing and belittling non-Swedes.
    I’d say it’s a good job Swedes love themselves so much because God knows nobody else does

  164. January 12th, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Marie says:

    I understand you because you were in Stockholm, but all Swedes isn’t to blame. It depends on how your parents have raised you. I’ve been brought up to always be nice to ppl and say thanks and to say sorry if I come across to someone. Stockholm has a lot of air in themselves because they think they are the best and their city is the biggest, but if you come to Gothenburg, it is Sweden’s heart. But stil ofcourse there’s always gonna be some rude ppl, but it’s like that in every country. Well and you say swedes are bad, but your just as bad when you say all this mean things.

    I’m a loving person, peace out <3

  165. January 14th, 2012 at 10:36 am

    Lalala says:

    My experience:

    Swedes are not particularly rude. In fact, they’re some of the politest one can find.

    Swedes are snobbish, esp. the young girls. That said, they have little taste: if you wear Brioni or Kiton, they can’t appreciate it; try D&G.

    Swedish girls are not whores or sluts; they are bitches. There’s a big difference.

    Swedish people are extremely mannered and diplomatic. They will tell you whatever they think is right and doesn’t hurt your feeling. This is very bad because the girls don’t tell you they don’t love you until you’ve invested months worth of energy and they start to feel it’s wrong not to hurt you at that point. This also leads to people thinking that they’re back-stabbing – no, Swedes just don’t want to tell you the truth to your face.

    Swedish men represent the highest concentration of gays. It’s common that the straight ones behave like gays.

    Swedish women age reasonably well. Many retain their youthful figures. However, the bitchiness grows with age. My experience has been that Swedish women over 50 are extremely dangerous and should be ardently avoided.

  166. January 15th, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    Max Morgan III says:

    I don’t understand why so many negative views on these beautiful Swedish girls.

    I’ve recently traveled across Sweden (to play golf and ski) and I had no problem going out with these sweet blonde girls–they were very nice and attracted to me. So, I am puzzled why people use negative stereotypes to describe Swedes.

    People always tell me that I always look relaxed (I do have some trust funds)and I am always nice to people.

    I think the attitude is important: you have to look confident and willing to take some risks–understand and appreciate other culture.

  167. January 18th, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    Michigander says:

    I have never been to Sweden. In fact I have never been to Europe. But I have traveled abroad, so I know a thing or two about adapting to a different culture.

    I feel that the main problem here is that people just don’t know how to or to plain and simply ACCEPT a culture and its differences. What may be “rude” to Americans, or to Brits, Germans, etc. may NOT be considered “rude” to Swedes. Cultures really can differ vastly. You just have to be open-minded. If you’re easily offended, maybe traveling abroad isn’t for you. If you are easily offended and want to travel abroad, really, just keep your mind open. Don’t let little things bother you. Before you get all angry, stop and think for a second. Did Person A say that with intentions of being “rude,” or did Person A say that without realizing he/she was being rude as perceived by the mind of the offended from the different culture?

    It’s true that anywhere on earth you go, you’re going to run into good and bad people, regardless of what country they’re from. People are rude, people are hateful, people are prejudiced, people are arrogant. You’re going to see that EVERYWHERE. Some countries may have more people like this than others, but then again it all boils down to how one is going to perceive situations they’re put through and in comparison to their OWN culture.

    I still want to travel to Sweden despite all of what has been said on this blog. I refuse to judge a nation based on a bunch of poor experiences in what seems like Stockholm, or the general area around Stockholm. Heck, I would travel to Stockholm even! I need to judge with my OWN eyes, heart, and mind. And I’d do so with an open mind! That is key, truly.

  168. January 26th, 2012 at 9:51 am

    Johntraveller says:

    @ Michigander (I’m a former one myself) Your views are right on target. And just go through the last few posts here and see how ignorant and illiterate they are and toss them where they belong. In the trash. These clowns are so incompetent they can’t even run their babblings through a spell checker before posting them.

  169. January 27th, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Arb says:

    Haha, I am not surprised. It could have something to do with you being American. You are not very well seen here as you come across as arrogant, ignorant and loud. Studying at Handelshögskoland really doesn’t make it any better. People who chose that particular type of education is looked down upon as parasites. Let me explain why.

    First of all you need to understand the Jante Law, which is a moral code of conduct saying that you should not blow your own trumpet. Americans are experts on always telling everybody about how great they are. Well, if you live in a country you should really abide by the rules. Try and tone down your americanisms and you will be less disrespected.

    Sencondly, don’t ever tell anybody about your studies at Handelshögskolan and try to pick a style that doesn’t tell on your choice of school. Economists and likewise might be good for the society in some way but people here don’t like the brutal capitalism they represent nowadays. That comment also applies to being American by the way.

    I hope this will help you to understand why you are treated the way you are and how to better blend in.

  170. January 27th, 2012 at 11:26 am

    Arb says:

    Oh, and I forgot to add that most Swedes despise lazy people. Only this week I had a conversation with someone who had been living in US for 10 years. She said that Americans are the laziest people on this planet. I would say it is the English but I guess it’s a draw between them two.

    So I guess the expression has to be: To be lazier that an American or an English you need to be dead.

  171. January 27th, 2012 at 8:44 pm

    Bill says:

    I am retired and living in Thailand. Ninety percent of tourists are Swedes. At the beach one cannot carry on a conversation with swedes past where are you from. I find most if not all the Swedes, men too and older families, will not engage with conversation with anyone other than their own race. Sad actually, expecially when one has a one on one opportunity to learn about other countries. Regarding Americans selling their egos and weapons all over the world, remember Sweden helped prolong World War 2 by continuing to sell iron ore to Germany so they could make tanks, guns, and other weapons to kill millions. Although they were neutral they still made billions and helped murder millions by their greed. So dont judge America too quickly without reading your history.

  172. January 27th, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    Bill says:

    Now, regarding the younger generation. They are the same everywhere, spoiled, trying to look like American beautiful, and sadly, unemployed. Even in Thailand, because of the influence of the money making tv ads, many of the women, even my nine year old Thai, puts on powder to look white. I keep telling her, “black is beautiful” It is very sad when some of the most beautiful women in the world, (Thais) want to look western. All people, even people in one race are different. I have seen well intentioned parents give their kids a great education, lots of love, travel opportunities, et. and have them turn out pushing a grocery cart with their belongings in it. Shyness sometimes is just an excuse for silence and silence can mean many things including hiding your real feelings. It all begins at home folks and unfortunately we as parents all over the world have not done enough to give our children basic common courtesies as saying excuse me or sorry. I have no problem calling people on their rudeness because if you dont they accept their rudeness as acceptable behavior.

  173. January 28th, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    Wonkie says:

    Well i’m suprised to say the least…
    Most of you are going on and on about how rude we swedish people are and only a few is actually “defending” us if you can call it that by pointing out that we have a diferent culture.

    Now this is were i get confused, what’s the point of doing so if you don’t inform people of the right way of being polite by swedish standard?

    To understand a Swede you got to think like a Swede(if that doesn’t sound compleatly ridiculous i don’t know what does)

    First almost everyone in Sweden follows the Jante Law Consciously or Subconsciously(there is exceptions naturally)

    The Jante Law

    1. Don’t think you’re anything special.

    2. Don’t think you’re as good as us.

    3. Don’t think you’re smarter than us.

    4. Don’t convince yourself that you’re better than us.

    5. Don’t think you know more than us.

    6. Don’t think you are more important than us.

    7. Don’t think you are good at anything.

    8. Don’t laugh at us.

    9. Don’t think anyone cares about you.

    10. Don’t think you can teach us anything.

    11. Don’t think that there aren’t a few things we know about you.

    (don’t misunderstand the us as the Swedish people because it’s not, the “you” in the text is the individual person who is considered less worth then the dirt that “we” walk on.
    And “us/we” is the group mentality you have to be part of to simply matter)

    Individuality does not exist period.

    And to survive you don’t want to piss of the group there is no such thing as “I” only a group mentality, and if your not in your not even out your nothing non existing it’s a harsh but non the lest true reality.

    So don’t look at anyone you don’t know really well, don’t talk to somebody at all if you can help it, don’t stand near any one(at least one meter between you and the next person)
    and don’t sit next to somebody.

    If you do any of the above you will be considered rude and ill mannered.

    But these rules mostly apply to public places like the streets, shops, trains etc
    and you can get away whit breaking most of them in nightclubs bars and the like where you are expected to socialize (and don’t forget drunk i personally believe that Swedes can not socialize well completely sober)

    And the problem that almost everyone has encountered while visiting Sweden is probably
    because you didn’t fit in a group, any group would have done it as long as you have power in people and other people know it you are mostly accepted(i say mostly because Tourists are accepted as a group but not a very likable one)

    To sum it up
    Don’t stand out unless you want to be cut down.

    And yes we are weird insane and don’t have a very healthy life view(we can’t help ourself forgive us TT-TT)

  174. February 3rd, 2012 at 5:39 am

    Angelica says:

    lol, the people in STHLM think they are better than everyone else, go to gothenburg instead! We are much nicer ;)

  175. February 3rd, 2012 at 5:41 am

    Angelica says:

    Dude, we are not bitchy! We are the nicest girls in the world! (Well, eccept from the people in STHLM)

  176. February 9th, 2012 at 6:20 pm

    Fredrik says:

    First of all, I’m born and raised in Stockholm so I really do know what I’m talking about. The people who has commented on this blog speaking in a negative tone about Swedes are in fact overreacting. It’s not that we’re particularly ruder than any other country, it’s just that we’re not raised to talk to strangers on the subway for example, or in elevators, we just don’t do that. The nordic countries are probably the only ones having this as a social “rule”, but that’s the way it is, and I understand that people used to actually talking to others in the elevator (for example Americans) might judge this behavior as rude. Although I really can connect to what you’re all saying, I’m truly against judging a whole country just because some bad experiences.

    I myself really do try to be as nice and polite to strangers as possible, so reading this isn’t really pleasant. But I guess it’s like when we call Americans dumb…. Anyway my point is, don’t look for good persons in places like Stureplan and such, because there are almost none there. You have to go to where the real people of Stockholm are, like södermalm and such. If you look around you and not focus only on the bad things, you will notice a lot of good things as well. It’s nice to read what you people think though, this might inspire other Swedes (Stockholmers) to be more nice and polite. Thanks! :)

  177. February 10th, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    Johansson Nissén says:

    Well, I can see your points you are making.

    The facts are that Swedish people are distant and have very little personality. It simply isn’t encouraged.
    As for rude, well…yea. But you probably don’t understand the social rules.

    As a people Swedes come across as bitter, vicious and criticizing. But you obviously haven’t met the Polish ;)

    As for swedish women, haha. Well..truth to be, they are a royal pain. Too much coddling and spoiling have given us a generation of princesses with trash personalities. In Sthlm, this crowd is very notable.

    But it’s not all bad.

    Swedish people are like oranges, you have to get under the skin to get to the nice part.
    Explain yourself at all times, that is the way to getting accepted; and especially to having people understand YOUR point of view. Because as indicated, Swedes can only take VERY good advice; any criticizm is an open declaration of war.

    Btw, I’m born and raised i Östergötland…if it didn’t translate that i’m native.

    I don’t feel like outlining everything for you. You people didn’t misunderstand that much.
    Just understand that you because didn’t get it wrong, it does not mean you got anything right either. We are a complicated people who have a different cultural structure from the west and east continents.

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Or get rudely treated in Sweden.

    I hope that in a few years, you’ll understand us better…and we’ll be a more open and likable people.

  178. February 10th, 2012 at 11:14 pm

    Michael says:

    I’m an American and I’ve only met 1 Swede (girl) from the Stockholm area and 1 Fin (girl) from the Helsiki area who happened to be foreign exchange students and I have to say, both were extremely nice and extroverted. Granted, Sweden may have more than it’s fair share of rude and whatever other adjectives you would like to add, but like other posters have commented, this seems to be the swedish mentality and culture. I have met numerous Swedes online and all of them were very nice and not nasty and cold like people illustrated in the previous postings. Heck, I even have a Swedish friend (male) from the Falkenberg area who is happy in teaching me Swedish and always encouraging me to visit Sverige. I hope that when I make it to Sweden and possibly to other Nordic countries, that I will be welcomed.

  179. February 11th, 2012 at 11:15 am

    Pizzo says:

    We all have faults, but some negative characteristics is worse to possess, and the Swedes possesses unfortunately a few.

    Counterfeit, efficient, superficial and hypocritical. to name a few.

    I’ve decided to move just because I’m tired of this!

    I have worked for some big and famous companies, and something that has struck me is that the nicest people ALWAYS is non-Swedes!
    Unfortunately, non-Swedes are not so common because of racism and severe discrimination.

    I have personally experienced this as i must have 10 times higher qualifications to geta job compared to a swede.
    In many cases i have been over-qualified.
    Swedes would rather not have a dynamic person because they can not control you.They want to feel inferior.

    The 3 qualified jobs that I’ve had was all handled by a
    professional recruitment agency. And thats beacuse that they are trying to place the person who best fits for the job, as they might not get payed from the company that hired them if they regret their choice.
    So the agency really pushed the company to choose me, when they noticed that the company tried to push for another person who was less qualified, and a personality that did not fit in (swede of course).

    The strange is that the times that I applied direct for a job and not thru an agency and met the manager and the people who were part of the group, I always got a negative answer.
    Always told me something like this “You definitely have the qualifications and we like your personality, but we have already decide us to hire a person that we know from before.
    Why then calling me for an interview your uneducated and analfabetic bastard?! Coincidence? Dont’t think so!

    Once a person who was my Manager told me that she was really sick of the “hidden” racism and the hippocracy in Sweden.
    I got a bit shocked-a swede and Manager critize and telling the truth about her own country?
    I understood why when she explained that her husband was not swedish and that she had lived away from Sweden for over 15 years and now re-thinking to move to another country with a more human approach. She was really tired of it.

    Without labor migration that began 60 years ago Sweden would not have much.
    Also note that Sweden did not participate in any World War
    BUT they earned a heck of a lot of money!
    They really are BIG F***G COWARDS!

    So when someone pathetic swede tries to brag about Sweden ask them if they know their history, i can guarantee that 9 out of 10 have no clue, of their REAL history.

    They have no identity and history. They are simply lost and have great problems with inferiority complex.

    PS. Sorry for any grammar error as my English is not the best on this planet. :-)

  180. February 17th, 2012 at 5:44 am

    Mikael says:

    As a Finn I can agree with the general notion that Swedes come across as highly arrogant and stuck-up people among all Europeans. They tend to belittle and look down on their neighbour peoples, especially us Finns whom they consider hardly better than sub-humans, even though we are economically and education-wise pretty much on par with them.

    God has blessed the Swedes with earthly riches, fame, beauty and hundreds of years of peaceful life, but there is definitely something ugly and rotten in the Swedish soul.

  181. February 17th, 2012 at 11:51 am

    Swede says:

    You people have obviously never been outside of Stockholm.

    Also, it’s not we who should change. This is our land, our rules, our ways. If you can not respect or understand that, it’s better for everyone if you stay away.

    We are not “depressed” as some of you say, we are actually rather happy. The only thing we hate is people who come to our country trying to spit at us. Those people will see our hearts being as cold as our country.

  182. February 18th, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    Irishabroad says:

    Don’t know how I came to this site, but I’m here now and so I though I’d leave my mark. I’m here to defend the Swedes. They are the most fair-minded people in the world. They truly care for the lowest in society….ya know what? fuck it….I’m not doing this…you don’t need them and they certainly don’t need you. So we live and let live

  183. February 23rd, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    T-Dawg Swedeman says:

    Basing your experience and impressions of Sweden living on Stureplan/Östermalm is like going to Jersey Shore hoping to gain an insight in the common American culture. You just can’t.
    Sturecompagniet is a place for kids with rich parents, airhead bloggers and girls who are only after men who flaunt their wealth. It’s a pretty shitty place.

    I’m a bit taken aback by all the hatred in the comment section, saying Swedes are all kinds of bad things, too many to count. You are intolerantly devoted to your own opinions and prejudices, and hostile toward those of differing cultures.

    Yes, we spit on the street. So what? It isn’t considered rude or annoying here. It’s a part of our culture. Just because the people from your hometown doesn’t spit everywhere does NOT mean you should expect everyone else to follow your own beliefs, you have to embrace it and try to adapt.

    Yes, we are shy. We like our personal space. Why should our social mentality be a scapegoat for people who visit us?

    There are a lot of people in this comment section, some of them actually discuss the Swedish culture and how some typical Swedish behaviours might be seen as rude and/or unfriendly to outsiders, others just blatantly flame us as a whole from their experience with a few, stupid people.

    These latter commenters are the ones who are close-minded, shallow, vacuous, vapid lickspittles, assholes, douchebags, scumbags, etc.

    I sincerely hope you, Swedeson, and other people who have had a bad experience with Swedes prior to this moment, decide to give us another chance. Maybe studying our culture so you know what is appropriate or not, and go to other places in Sweden than Stureplan. The archipelago for eg. is absolutely beautiful.

    One last thing; if you want to have a more friendly experience, don’t go during the winter. It sucks, and kinda makes everyone grumpy since the sun is out for about 2 hours in a whole day. That would probably make anyone grumpy.

  184. February 24th, 2012 at 4:32 am

    Robban says:

    Hi, I’m Swedish and I let old people sit in the subway, I say thank you when I get something, I talk polite to those who work in cafes or shops, I apologize when I walk into people, if foreigners or other people asks for directions I tell them where to go (if I know) . And I actually work as a cleaner. I reckon I am the direct opposite to your prejudice against us Swedish people.

    And if I talk to someone in a bar and is all friendly with them, and then doesn’t seem to know them the day after… then I probably drank too much (we do that in Sweden) and really don’t remember that person.

    If you see this problem that I (and i have been living here for my whole life) haven’t noticed maybe it’s you who is at fault. Maybe you come here all cocky and think that everyone will love you and be your friend… That’s not how life works. Some people fit together and other just don’t. And all swedes aren’t that good at English so maybe they just don’t know how to be polite in a unknown language. Do you know all the nice phrases you miss so much in Swedish?

    And if I talk to someone in a bar and is all friendly with them, and then doesn’t seem to know them the day after… then I probably drank too much (we do that in Sweden) and really don’t remember that person.

    Please do not judge people that you do not know.

  185. February 25th, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    Katarina says:

    happy you get when you’re reading all these commens… :(

    //from a 11 years old swedish girl

  186. February 29th, 2012 at 11:14 am

    Lollipop says:

    Mad Morgan – Where in Sweden did you go that you only saw “sweet blonde girls”… A dragshow? The reason I ask is because most Swedish women are not blonde. It’s a big myth. And most of the ones that are blonde today, have dyed their hair.

    Michigander – You’re right about what you say in regards to cultural differences and about accepting them. But if you have a culture where it’s acceptable to push aside people in order to reach something you want to get, or because they might be standing in your way for any other reason, then there is something wrong with your culture. There are certain things that are more or less universal for all the nations and tribes of this world, and certain behavior is just plain rude and has nothing to do with culture, but rather poor upbringing and lack of manners and common sense. I’m not suggesting that all Swedes or even most are guilty of these things, but way too many are – Enough people to make a visitor or “outsider” feel very uncomfortable.

  187. March 7th, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    Michigander says:

    I’ve read all the comments after my first post and GOSH… I don’t understand all of this negativity. I’ve been talking to a Swede (a guy) for about eight months now and he even came to visit me for two weeks. He is a sweetheart and is not at ALL cold, arrogant, etc. His friends seem to be very nice as well…

    Anyway, I’m going to visit Sweden this summer in July and will see his home town (Örebro). I cannot WAIT!!

    I admit that it’s a little disturbing and disappointing to read all of these negative posts coming from so many people, but you know, I bet that there’s another forum out there with tons of positive comments from people who had a great time!

    I bet I will be one of those people because I am willing to embrace and accept different cultures as they are, even if I don’t agree with something.

    Oh, and I CAN’T WAIT!!! :-D

  188. March 8th, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    Ad says:

    Adding my voice to this chorus. I moved to Stockholm recently, I’m an experienced world traveler and international, and I’m married to a Swede. I even learned the language before coming here. And … this is one of the most boring places on earth, populated seemingly exclusively by vacuous, superficial, self-loving idiots who do nothing but sit around all day pouting and preening. I have never experienced such rude, uncommunicative and arrogant people before.

    Quite probably the most annoying thing about Swedes is how they try to cultivate this image that they’re hip to using English, it’s splashed all over their adverts and they love to speak it amongst themselves as a kind of linguistic makeup, but god forbid you as a native English-speaker stumble into their conversation and try to exchange a few friendly words with them. PANIC! You can see them turn green and try to squirm their way out in case they trip themselves up.

  189. March 10th, 2012 at 10:36 am

    A traveling yank says:

    I have worked and lived in Sweden for some time, and I feel like I should come to its defense. However, I have to agree with the above comments about organizational life. It’s pretty alien to the way Americans do things, and if you cross some hidden line (and believe me, most of the lines are hidden)you are likely to pay without warning. It’s a very passive-aggressive culture.

    One of the things you hear – over and over and over – is that Americans like to boast and brag, and it makes the Swedes uncomfortable. The trouble is that you can be stating simple facts with no exaggeration of promotion — and certainly no sense of arrogance – and STILL get accused of it. There’s a very negative preconception that in most cases is a a misconception — but it definitely affects the way Swedes behave toward us yanks. I have several American friends who have the same experiences.

    And yet, we are all still here. Stockholm is a beautiful city, and the more worldly Swedes have a pretty good sense of humor when you get to know them.

    Do visit — you will enjoy it. Be cautious about working here though. The Swedish organization is a hall of mirrors.

  190. March 19th, 2012 at 2:39 am

    Zed says:

    Hi All,

    In my opinion, there are no great or bad countries to live in, no great or bad cultures to belong to…there are only experiences. You make them great or bad, no one else does.

    Experiences are essentially a reflection of your state of mind in a particular moment in your life-time.

    Unfortunately, most people in this paradigm (and it is just a paradigm) quickly rush to judge “the others”. You should try hard to avoid that trap no matter what the situation or excuse is.

    This happens because the vast majority of people in the World (certainly not just the Swedes) blame “the others” (who are by default different to them) for their own situations and life experiences.

    When you look outside yourself to find answers to deep questions, you won’t find any. Outside is only a reflection of what’s truly going on inside your mind.

    The mind is such a powerful mystery that it will create in an instant whatever it is that you feel or want.

    If you believe for instance that someone is being rude to you, the mind will manifest it in front of your eyes before you’ve even completed that thought.

    By looking inwards and carefully observing your own thoughts, you’ll free yourself from fear. When you free yourself from fear, you realize that all people, and I really mean all people, are born equal in terms of their humanity.

    Have you ever seen a baby, up to 2 years old, who’s naturally evil and out to get you? I highly doubt it, simply because it’s not our nature that rules us in this World, but it’s the conditioning we’re subject to from a very young age. And no culture is better than the other when it comes to that. All cultures make the same mistake, but each has developed its own style.

    Most people think they cannot change who they are and what they think about. Wrong. Not only you can change that, but your life and that of people around you will be positively impacted as a result.

    I grew up in the darkest of places you can imagine and I have witnessed things from a very young age that I don’t wish on any of my fellow beings, especially my enemies. However, it was that dark chapter in my life which forced me to rethink and assess my own existence and try to make sense of it all.

    It took me years to achieve this new attitude and outlook on life and people, but boy what a sense of joy, liberation and relief it brings with it once you’ve mastered the art of “peace and love”.

    When you’re peaceful and loving on the inside, there’s no amount of external aggression that’s going to change that. Why? Well because you’d be inline with a force much greater than the superficial ripples we make to a supreme universe. When you let go of yourself and ego, you invite much greater powers to your life. I don’t know how this happens, but I do know that it does. I’m talking from experience, and there are many natural techniques to achieve that. One of them is regular meditation, but it’s not the only one.

    For those out there who don’t know what meditation is or does, let me please quickly explain.

    Meditation is the art of emptying your mind from everything, and I really mean everything. It’s an art because most people who try to meditate, give up after a few seconds. They know better, I wish. They’re looking for shortcuts, meditation seems like a lot of work.

    Is it really a lot of work to sit and do nothing every day for about 20 to 40 min? If it is, then we have a contradiction in meaning. A duality. Some people ask me, how can you afford 20 to 40 min a day of doing nothing? Here’s what they don’t know…

    Once you start meditating properly, the benefits are almost instant. Your brain becomes so sharp that you can finish a task that takes others 2 hours to finish in 15 min. You will achieve clarity of thought that they can only dream of.

    The 20 to 40 min a day is my most important fuel for the journey we call life. Far more important than food and drink, which are simply sources to survive life. But I don’t just want to survive, I want to be happy, successful, loving and peaceful. I want to enjoy life before my time comes, and rest assured your time will come too, it’s only a matter of time!

    So, do you want to carry on living someone else’s life, or do you want to discover how unique, loving, peaceful and fun you are? The choice is yours, and it starts with you, no one else.

    I always used to struggle with the idea that we’re put on this earth and left to fend for ourselves without any help or advice. However, I learnt eventually that this is not the case.

    We have access to extremely natural techniques such as meditation that have been used for centuries across the World and only lead to the “Wise Men & Women” syndrome.

    You become wise because you start to take responsibility of your own actions, words and feelings. You stop projecting your anger or any other negative energy on others and start to see the World as it truly is, an amazing, wonderful, beautiful, joyful, loving and mind-boggling experience.

    The World inside is the World outside. There’s no difference. And unless we all learn to forgive, probe our inner psyche, face our own demons, the World will always be dark for you, I’m afraid. You and I are the World my friend, if we improve ourselves, the World experience will naturally follow.

    Here’s a list of some of the many benefits to meditation:

    – Rid yourself of your own fears by facing your own demons (You’r not going to actually see demons, but maybe face some experiences that you wish to forget. The psyche can only forget and move on once you face what you don’t want to face. Choosing not to face your own fears will not get rid of them, quite the opposite, your fears will start manifesting themselves in your every day life. Face your own fears and liberate yourself forever).

    – Achieve a higher state of consciousness (Most people do things they are not actually aware of, for example, they might say something that really hurt someone else, simply because their “inner radars” are not picking up what it would feel like to be on the receiving end of those comments. When you achieve a higher state of consciousness through meditation or other techniques, you will become very aware of your own thoughts and words, and the impact these will have on others, you will be properly using your mind to effectively manage the negative emotions and impulses that otherwise would rush to express themselves at your happiness’ expense).

    – Rid your mind of stress, forever (80% of modern diseases are stress related, stop and think about that for a moment. With the help of regular meditation, you will permanently rid yourself of stress. You see, stress is basically the accumulation of repetitive thoughts in your mind, it’s the inner chatter that you do know how to stop except when you eventually manage to sleep (I was like you). Sleeping is a subconscious affair which cannot address or resolve conscious problems, hence the need for meditation. A conscious exercise that deals with and resolve subconscious problems. Don’t ask me how, but i know it works. Meditation will put an end to the unnecessary suffering once and for all, I promise you. Most people mistake repeating their own thoughts or worse those of others as “thinking”. When you repeat your own thoughts or ideas to yourself, you’re not necessarily thinking, you’re simply repeating. Normally if those thoughts are good, then they may lead to good results, and if they aren’t good, then they will probably lead to a bad outcome. In contrast, when you’ve been meditating regularly for some time, you will meet the power of your own brain probably for the first time. You will think the best thoughts once, and then move on to execution, without confusing the two. This way, your mind remains clean, clear, sharp and focused on what it does best, thinking).

    – Live in the NOW (This is so powerful that most readers won’t get it. You will only get it once you’ve been meditating for some time, but let me try to explain it to you. Imagine you had an argument with someone and then a few days later you met with them, they’re now looking you in the eye. What would you be thinking about at that moment? Probably the argument you had a few days ago. Now your untrained brain is busy processing a past event. Therefore, you’re living in the past (or in the future depending on the example or situation. In contrast, an experienced meditator will only see the NOW of the moment, the past is long gone, it did not register with them, their brains are now flexible and able to absorb any shock life may throw at them, they focus on the present moment and by that they ensure that the future moments are going to be good. You see, when you focus on the NOW moment, you build a better future automatically. There is no past or future, only the present moment. That’s all we have. Now of course, the present moment becomes eventually past or future, but essentially every experience you ever had in your life was as a result of an experience happening in the NOW, think about this for a moment).

    – Anti-aging (through your body’s natural release of Melatonin while meditating)

    – Happiness (through your body’s natural release of Serotonin while meditating)

    – Success (as a result of finally properly using your mind, if you think you’re very clever without meditation, try it with meditation and see what a GOOD genius you will become).

    There are many other benefits to meditation, but if none of the above has made you to even question your own every day existence and try to improve it naturally, then nothing will.

    I’m not here to advocate meditation or any other technique. I don’t profit from any of this. My only gain is if I encourage more people to experience the power of their own minds and learn to live in the NOW, then I know that I played a positive role in this chapter we call life and tried to build a better World for all of us…

    Your move now…

  191. April 1st, 2012 at 9:43 am

    Anonymous says:

    wow, this text about swedes is really rude, you can’t expect every culture to act a way you’re used to. Every culture is different and in their country all the things they do are maybe concidered normal. And you also can’t judge the whole nation depending on couple of people you’ve met. Maybe in your country it is normal to be overly open and talk to any stranger on the street, but you have to keep in mind that there are lots of different cultures and lots of different people.
    Nevertheless, I have met and spent time with dosens of swedish people and they were great! every single one of them. They were really open, friendly, nice and fun and I am so looking forward to go to Sweden!

  192. April 4th, 2012 at 10:19 am

    ed says:

    well this is an interesting mass debate. I suppose most who stumbled upon this blog would have googled something like ‘sweden is full of tw@ts’ ‘i hate stockholm’. I’m here because one of the people who finds me teaching work is such an old, conservative, opinionated, double standard jamte logger who constantly talks about himself but decided to tear me off a strip for saying that i could speak French and could he possibly find me some teaching work with this. In doing so he tried to test me out by talking the lyrics of a french song so badly that i thought he was talking Finnish. I CAN speak French and that doesn’t make me a jumped up wannabe genius. Just something I have achieved. I am English and I often think English people are the biggest jerks, everyone hates Americans, French people are most definitely ar$eholes of the highest order, Italians take that to another level and the Spanish are just plain stupid. Germans are a nation of autists and beyond that aren’t the rest just black or yellow or former British colonies?

    Aforementioned Swedish jerk’s colleague is the nicest, sweetest person you could hope to meet and doesn’t at all fit any Swedish stereotype apart from being pretty. Other colleagues are jerks and a couple are ok. I found this in the UK and I found this living in France. There are social norms that run through societies that can be extremely irritating as an outsider or as an insider. There are so many things that irritate me about English life, hence why i left. On a good day in Sweden, or anywhere else for that matter, who notices if the girl at the checkout doesnt smile. It doesn’t really matter. On a bad day or if you are particularly socially sensitive it can be a justification for pointing the warheads directly at Stockholm.

    I find Sweden to be a difficult place to operate. The country is so restrictive because of the formal and informal codes that you have to adhere to, that are gleefully enforced by ‘the policeman that lies within’. I think this is the problem that Sweden has with its self and Swedish people struggle so badly with always trying to be good and fair and this is not actually what they feel. Of all the judgements passed on Sweden and the Swedes I believe that the only true statement, my personal opinion, is that Swedes are not true to themselves and therefore not true to others. I found it amazing that Swedes could cause such a reaction – i would expect it against the French or English – but i do understand it. If you never really know where you are with someone it is infuriating…and i think this is what Swedes engender in others.

    I’ll leave you with an ancedote. I am in the early stages of setting up a cooperative with two Swedes. We went to a bullsh*t business seminar given by the local penpushers and afterwards went to a cafe. On leaving the cafe i had neglected to take my coffee cup and put it on the washing up trays. My potential business partner called me back to correct my misdemeanour. In most parts of the world, they pour your coffee and then clear your cup for you. This is service in my opinion and comes with the cost of the coffee. Naturally I told her to f*ck off.

  193. April 4th, 2012 at 10:23 am

    ed says:

    Top tip: Its very effective to get things done in Sweden if you frighten them. Like most bullies, they don’t like it up ‘em.

  194. April 9th, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    Linnea says:

    Hi, I’m Swedish, and I think there are some things about how we swedes operate that non-swedes don’t understand.

    You have to understand that Swedish people are in general quite shy. If they don’t talk to you its most likely not because they don’t want to, but because they’re too shy to. Don’t start a conversation with someone on the subway though, only mentally ill people do that in Sweden. It’s kind of a code. You can talk with your friends, sure, but not with strangers. Unless you ask for directions. Then it’s fine :P

    Another thing about Swedes not being seen as very nice might be because we are not so talkative. I recently went to the US for a trip, and was amazed by the fact that random people were talking to me. People were saying things out loud that I would never. I introduced myself to this one girl, and she answered that I had a very nice name. Where was it from? And I was really surprised. In Sweden weather you think someones name is nice is more your own business than the other person’s. Instead of saying it out loud you just assume people think your name is nice.

    In Sweden silence often means something positive, or that we agree, and speaking is for saying that something is not good enough and needs to be fixed. If this is interpreted as rude, then sorry, that is not the intent.

    Swedish people are also very realistic. Without pointing out that something is wrong or bad you wouldn’t be able to fix it, right? And we always want to fix things, we are all about results.

    If you’ve only been to Sweden in the winter,i feel a little sorry for you. Swedes are very grumpy then – try being warm and welcoming when you only get 7 hours of sunlight per day, during which you are stuck in school or at work, without any chance of getting out of there before sundown.. I myself am a complete zombie during the winter, with no control over my own thoughts, let alone my manners. Sorry if I bumped into you on the subway without apologizing. Certainly didn’t mean to. Probably didn’t even notice it.

    I would recommend going to Sweden during the spring or early summer. It’s not so warm out, but people are SO happy then. You see the light returning to their eyes, and the streets start filling up with people again. This is a good time to get to know people, since this is also when people in Sweden tend to be the most social and open minded.

    I myself is very shy, and don’t talk much, but I am always polite to people and respect them, even though I might not do this the same way an American might. We just have different ways of communicating. ;)

    PS. If you think a Swedish person is being rude to you, tell them. Some people are assholes, but most people just don’t know what they are doing wrong.

  195. April 9th, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    Anika says:

    The problem is that you lived in Odenplan, it’s in the center of Stockholm, where people tend to have a colder attitude and people are normally more rude there than in the suburbs.

    It’s true that people tend to be more friendlier in the other countries, but can you really blame the majority of Swedes that they are rude when they have all reason to be rude? I mean if you lived in a country where the sun never shines during 6 – 7 months, you would be depressed and rude too.

  196. April 10th, 2012 at 9:04 am

    Tobias says:

    To be swedish is to be part of a exlusive club where almost members are legacy-members. You can’t simply move to Sweden and expect to become a member of the club, it simply don’t work that why.

    Sweden operates on a code of conduct that differs from most other countries. It’s what makes Sweden great and it’s what makes Sweden bad.

    Two key points in this code of conduct is efficiency and trust. Everyone does there part with little of no friction and everyone trust everyone else to do there part the same way. The result is a well-oiled economic machine, a highly productive workforce and 0% corruption.

    The result is also that outsiders are distrusted. They are not part of the club, they can not be trusted to do there part.

    From these sense of efficiency comes the hatred for “nonsense”-talk. Swedens diplomats and politicans for example hate politicans from Latin-Europe because according to swedes they never talk about the real issues just “nonsense”. The Latin-american politicas off course think that swedes are rude, offensive and arrogant because they are uninterested in exchanging the niceities they belive are so necessary for a good working environment.

    One poster (Jack mentioned a swede in an international working-group critizing other peoples work and according to Jack was being rude. When called on it he did not back down but insted defendes his position. This is an exempel of how Swedes work. They expect high efficiency in the workplace and they expect everyones work to be open to criticism so it can be made more efficent. They don’t care that they are “rude”, rudeness in Sweden is not that you criticies people. Rudeness in Sweden is that you try to take up space.

    For example a swede in a business-meeting telling another swede that there work is subpar is not rude. But a Swede taking up a lot of time during a business-meeting with “nonsens”-talk is considerd extremly rude because he is not efficent and wasting peoples time (wasting time is considered very rude).

    You will notice this efficiency is shops as well. There will often be few sells-people and if you want service you usally have to ask for it. To have people “standing around” just waiting to help is not the swedish way.


    To become friends with a swede takes time. Usally at least a year. Swedes often form there friendships early in life and usually only have a small group of friends they associate with.

    If you want to become friends with a swede the best why is to invite them to small social gatherings. Not so many people so that they can disapper into themselves or just hang with there friends but not so few that they feel like they take up to much space (which is rude). Inviting 6-8 people over for dinner is perfect to get to know swedes.

    “Fika” is also a great way of geting to know swedes. To fika is to drink coffee and eating a pastery in a small bakery. During “fika” is when swedes socialise and talk about life.

    But if you truly want to be friends with a swede you need to (binge)drink togheter. Swedes just don’t seam to accept people as friends before they have been wasted together. This is of course one of the reason why it’s hard to befriend older swedes – they don’t (bing)drink that often.


    If you want to be accepted as part of the swedish “club” there is only one way – master swedish. And I mean master, not just learn to talk a bit. Swedes usally finds it irritating when foreigners try to talk swedish (after all they know english and you know english so it’s more efficent to talk english directly). This of course makes it very hard to learn swedish and even harder to master it.

    Language is how swedes separate “us” from “them”. That is also why sweden have such large problems with immigration. Older immigrations that can’t learn the language perfectly are never accepted as swedes. Children of immigrants that don’t speak “proper” swedish because there parents don’t master it are not considered swedes but “secund or sometimes third(!) generation immigrants”. The comment made by turkish ( is one-sided but probably quite accurate on how it is to live permanantly in sweden and not being part of the club.

    For most foreigners the door to Country Club Sweden remains closed.

  197. April 11th, 2012 at 7:33 am

    Came from the cold says:

    It’s true that Swedes can be slightly cold, distant and inhuman. But they’re not rude, just insecure and alienated. Best way to make a Swede warm up to you is to have sex with them (sometimes works on the same sex but careful). After you do that two to three times, the swede will start to chat, cuddle and feed you things. They will also cry on your shoulder and tell you their innermost secrets. Sometimes you don’t want to know. They are dark and once a swede gets attached, you are responsible for them forever.

  198. April 15th, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    Jay says:

    I’ve lived in Stockholm for more than 10 years, and I agree with most of the negative opinions about the Swedes here – in general they are ice-cold, reserved, prejudiced, and boring … I wish I had learned the truth much earlier! I’ve tried very hard in many years to make friends with Swedes, without much success, and I’ve just given up – it’s Mission Impossible, and not even worth the effort!

    There is a Swedish saying: Treat others as you want to be treated, but sadly they very often treat other people cold-heartedly, rudely, and respectlessly, I guess that’s how they want others to treat them too…

  199. April 19th, 2012 at 7:54 am

    Anna says:

    I agree on a lot of what’s said here, but it’s true what for example Linnea says about Swedes being shy and quiet rather than rude.
    Anyway, I’m a Swede but have moved away from Sweden, partly because of their lack of openness.
    So I’m a Swede but I’m not like the ones described. You generalise a bit too much here. Even if I agree with many things said I still feel sad if people would just assume I’m like this because I’m from Sweden. Luckily we seem to have a good reputation in the UK where I currently live.
    Oh, and if we must generalise, I do especially like Americans actually. But I’m quite alone in doing that…

  200. April 19th, 2012 at 8:59 am

    Bex says:

    Im am a swede and i lived in sweden all my life and in stockholm for five ears. i agree that people can be very cold and maybe not that they arn’t always so polite, but i really think that its wrong to judge ALL people in sweden! i always try to be nice and polite and i know a lot of people that is like the wonderfullest people ever! shore dont come back if you dont want to but dont say that everyone in swedish is rude, cause theres many people here who arn’t!

  201. April 19th, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    Davinci Burger says:

    Someone nailed it in an earlier post…

    Passive – Aggressive. That sums up the negative side of Swedish culture. But there is a positive side as well: many Swedes are conscious of this tendency are are always working to overcome it. I give them credit for that. Still, its tough to work here if you are used to the free and open American way of things.

  202. April 22nd, 2012 at 9:12 am

    Seamus says:

    Hi Ther

    I work for a Swedish multinational.
    I even lived in Stockholm with my family for 3 years.
    Currently I am based in Ireland but spend every second week abroad working in different countries. When it comes to judging a culture I know exactly what I am talking about.

    Althought some Swedes genuinely try not to be a complete skitstovel (arsehole) by and large they are severly outnumbered by the normal Swedes. Its the way they (dont) raise their kids. One generation worse than the other. They should have their own special scale for obnoxious. They genuinely dont realize how bad they are; they couldn’t!
    There is racism is all countries. The highest level of racism I ever experienced was in Sweden. I was even physically attacked twice at work.

    Whatever you do dont marry a Swede because when the going gets tough, for example if you get real health problems, they will walk and leave you in hell.

    I think the other comments in this web page are extremly mild considering the subject.

  203. April 23rd, 2012 at 9:17 am

    vonstruber says:

    Swedes are beautiful and glamorous??? Perhaps you need eyeglasses – very thick eyeglasses! 95% of Swedes are UGLY as crap!!! Glamorous??? I’ve rarely seen a people who dress and look like they managed to get through the doors of the trashiest second hand store in town just before they closed, and had to settle with buying whatever was left!!

  204. April 23rd, 2012 at 9:21 am

    vonstruber says:

    Came from the cold:
    Swedes ARE rude! What do you call it when someone pushes you or bumps into you and just walks by, looking like a sour grape, without excusing themselves? And they’re cowards too… they can be cocky and aggressive, but when you approach them and question their motives, they’ll smile and say “det är lugnts” (“Everything is cool”) Sure there are a lot of decent and very nice Swedes as well… but percentage-wise few countries have as many ugly, jealous, miserable, grouchy jerks, who think they are something when they absolutely are not, like Sweden!

  205. April 23rd, 2012 at 9:23 am

    vonstruber says:

    And forget their sense of humor!!!!! It doesn’t exist! I just don’t know how they think.

  206. April 23rd, 2012 at 9:28 am

    vonstruber says:

    Tobias – “Exclusive club” of what? Of ugly, unsophisticated, ill-mannered, lousy dressed, jealous, self-conceited nobodies who are nothing more than a bunch of wannabe this and wannabe thats? Who wants to belong to such a disastrous club? You can’t be serious… this is so typically Swedish to think the way you do… Are you blind man? Don’t you have a mirror?

  207. April 23rd, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    vonstruber says:

    “Rude, boring, cold, miserable sure, all of those and a few more … but my gosh WE ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!”

    If pigs are beautiful, then yes Martin, you’re very beautiful! nöf nöf…

  208. April 25th, 2012 at 3:10 am

    Northerner says:

    What, how, when…Where Have you unfortunate people been, and what kind of people have you been hanging out with I wonder. I’m not getting myself dragged into the immature banter and lack of understanding of different cultures that have found a foothold in this very questionable thread, but I will say this though. From reading some of these comments I can honestly say, many of you don’t have a clue. You just except the easy explanation that requires the least effort in thought and stick with it, and please, don’t say Swedes when you obviously never have made a trip through Sweden. I have been in many places, many of them I liked, some less, but I can honestly say that Sweden is one of the greatest places with the warm and down to earth people. I feel sad that many of you haven’t gotten to experience this. To bad for you.

  209. April 25th, 2012 at 6:06 am

    viktor says:


  210. April 26th, 2012 at 12:39 am

    Åsa says:

    Swedes är not rude, they are shy. And they are not from a newbuilder country as you. In countries like the US and Australia you greet people by creating a relation instantly, saying How are you or something like that. In Sweden, we say hello, because we never needed to bo differently. So, yes, from your point of view, we Swedes have no manners.
    On top of that you made a bad choice by going to Sturecompagniet. Try a pub on Södermalm and you will get at totally different experience. Or just go to Berns, if you still want the big & beautiful venue.

  211. April 26th, 2012 at 5:42 am

    baz says:

    Well… Here comes the Americans… Everybody stand up and greet them with flowers and singing! No? No singing? What? No appreciation for their huge and important nation? Well, I say it must be the Swedes who are the problem! It just couldn’t be YOU, now could it? Because it never is…

  212. April 29th, 2012 at 1:58 pm

    Kritch says:

    It seems like you missed this course:

  213. May 11th, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    What the hell? says:

    I simply wont listen to all this bullshit, a tiny blogg on the net telling me what
    Sweden is about? How much of its potency is based upon real statistics and facts?
    All I see is a typicall “we against them” effect. But you can all take a chill pill!
    This phenomena is chared with the rest of the worlds population! I can search for a tread
    about Danish etiquette and find the same backstabbing lies about them there.
    Seriously people you make me scared… I thought we were logic beings with some sense of reality. By the way, I am a Swedish gal’ and I will welcome everyone that would like to go to Sweden.
    Some people talk about Sweden as a country with a bunch of racists?! And americans are the ones to talk?
    Weve neee hunted people down because pf cultural differencis, It wasn’t to long ago that black people where hanged under the poplar trees. Sweden is a multi cultural country, an proud of our independence as a free and outspoken society.

  214. May 11th, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    What the hell? says:

    Marin Luther king if he were born in sweden, he wouldve survived!

  215. May 23rd, 2012 at 1:13 am

    Oscar says:

    I think that sounds like a generalisation. Some Swedes are snobby, specially around Stuereplan. But that is a very small part of the country! I lived in several smaller towns in the country and people comes across as genuinly helpful and friendly, yet a bit shy. You gotta break the ice…

  216. June 5th, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    Mattias says:

    I will give all of you a word of advice:

    If you want a true impression of what Swedish people are like – go to Gothenburg. Or ANY place that isn’t Stockholm for that matter. People from Stockholm tend to be very arrogant and cold. I’m from Sweden as well, but from a different city, and basically everyone I know acknowledge the fact that most people from Stockholm are very different from the rest of us.

    Last time i visited our capital someone rammed into my legs with a wheel-chair, and didn’t give me the slightest apology. She just looked at me and then went on. It made me very frustrated, since it was so rude and cold, and from the city I come from that would most likely not happen, since most people are very polite in my city.

    So please, before you judge our entire nation, visit other cities first.

    “Stockholmers” is its own kind of people.

  217. June 7th, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    John Doe says:

    Looks like most people bashing Sweden here thought that they could get laid easily by going there and got rejected.

    Tough luck!

    If you can’t adapt to the culture of a country just don’t stay there but creating a blog to share your hate of it is just lame…typical American.

  218. June 10th, 2012 at 12:50 pm

    Mathias says:

    Hello everyone.

    As a swede, im alitle disheartened of all your bad experiances of Sweden and swedes in generall. Although im forced to admit that what alot of people write here is true, it feels extremely exaggerated. And I would like to say that swedes can be quite diffrent from one another depending where in Sweden you visit.

    Swedes are extremely reserved like many here have already stated and you wont have a good time if you think your visiting a exotic country, it really isnt. We are indeed plain, shallow, superficial and you need to bring an ice pick to get through to someone, but when you do. Every swede will consider you a close friend.

    But thats just the way we are and most swedes are actually nice, polite and find foreigners intressting and would like to socialise whit them, but just dont know how. Its a social disability inherited from a very authoritarian religious society that was in place centuries ago.

    Besides being reserved, swedes have a immense fear of makeing a fool of themselves. And we have a very superficial personalite towards strangers. All and all, its safe to say that swedes are far from your ideal preference when your out traveling, wanting to meet new a people and culture.

    So that said, being one that has lived abroad plenty through out Europe. What swedes lack in social skills they make up alot more in other areas. Sweden and the rest of the nordic countries feel by far the most peaceful, equal, safe, and tranquil nations on earth. There is nothing adventerous or exotic about it unless you visit the outdoors, and even that is quite plain.

    Visit Sweden if you want to take it easy and slow, I recommend Ibiza if you want a party.

  219. June 11th, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    Jolkin says:

    Sweden would be a lovely country if there were no swedes here. Swedes in all of Sweden are chronically ignorant, unauthentic beings ie beings with no core, no nucleus, almost like zombies, all going after the same superficial things. Stay away from them, they are creepy. I was born here and lived here for almost 40 yrs, I ve seen much of them, rich and poor, north and south etc and the more I see and hear, the more horrific becomes the truth about what the swedes in fact are.

  220. June 15th, 2012 at 7:28 am

    andy says:

    How come various surveys show Sweden to be at 24 on the list of rudest countries are you saying there’s no truth to these surveys, never been to Sweden personally, bit surprised at the comments here though.

    Check it out,

  221. June 17th, 2012 at 10:38 am

    Natalie says:

    HAHAHA lol.

    Im from sweden.
    you shouldn’t judge a Swede upon visiting Stockholm.

    go to Karlstad. ;)

  222. June 17th, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    sven says:

    The thing is here that Swedes may come across to you as arrogant/rude but that’s not really the case.

    Swedes have been quite mollycoddled and have been relatively unchallenged for hundreds of years – in other words their culture and ways of living have stayed the same for years. They have also been unchallenged from outside influences over the years and have evolved to their general current attitudes etc.

    It’s not just Swedes but a lot of countries that are like 99% of one race and have a lot of history behind them and have some kind of Christian influence, a reasonable Government etc can develop a certain attitude for living with each other.

    This can have a style of not wanting to open up and been quite reserved, or conservative, in certain ways, unfortunately this can also come over as being rude and to to a degree it can genuinely step into that territory. people don’t want to open up as they don’t want to take the risk of being hurt/owned etc.

    But you come from a very open society that has every group/race/tribe you can imagine, every extreme you could imagine, your coming to a small country (population) with a huge history. You’ve hit a big culture divide and you don’t even natively speak the language.

    America is very insular, i think Americans have these fairytale like stereotypes which just are unrealistic. Your fairytale has been smashed and you don’t like it.

    I’m not saying you don’t have a decent point though in many ways but what do you do, people can be awkward as hell when thy have been brought up with the silver spoon in their mouths.

    Peace out.

  223. June 20th, 2012 at 2:52 am

    canada says:

    LOL did this American guy seriously make a whole webpage purely dedicated to bashing Swedish people? Kind of sad.

  224. June 26th, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    cry baby says:

    of course if you went to stureplan you’re going to meet rude people. in fact, if you went to stureplan you’re probably just as bad. i lived in sweden and loved every minute of it – except when all i could hear were americans speaking ten times as loud as everyone else.

  225. July 9th, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Olle says:

    Being swedish I must say that dealing with americans can be a bit more challenging than dealing with people of almost any other nationality. Don’t get me wrong, I like americans and all my trips to the US have been great. It is just that we in sweden regard your culture almost as our backyard, with all the american TV-shows, literature and music. We love american comedy, especially the kind full of really obscure references to american popular culture. Much of our time on the web is spent on english speaking websites and forums, among my friends the food section of NYT is a recurring topic. So, when we meet a real life american in Sweden it is like a weird combination of encountering someone you have stalked for ten years and that person being extremely friendly, outgoing and repeating your name every other sentence, when you as a swede struggle to remember some co-workers names. I love the whole “remember-your-name” thing, the generosity and kindness so many americans seem to have an endless supply of, but try as I might, it is really hart to match it live, in person and unprepared.
    In sweden all these things exist, but at a completely different pace, never as pronounced and in general at a whole different wave length. And all that would be fine, if we where capable of initiating foreigners to our peculiarities, but in general we are not. It is not that we are insular, Sweden has always looked abroad for just about everything cultural, we just do not have a tried and tested way of communicating our culture, since it is in our culture to assume that no one would be interested.
    So we kind of try to match the out going american or britton, but won’t be able to keep up the pace, fumble our english, get embarrassed and shrink back into an awkward silence.

  226. August 5th, 2012 at 11:42 am

    Daleo says:

    It differs really i’m form england and have lived in sweden for a few years i’ve met a lot of lovely people and alot of utter fuckwits. Main thing wrong with Sweden I have found is although nearly all swedes under the age of 60 are fluent in english they by all fucking god will not speak it…. It’s extremely frustrating trying to learn the language etc. I mean a few close swedes will speak english with me but most strangers just will not do it or the customary hello or something in english then immediately revert back to swedish i’ve found this to be my biggest pet peeve really. But in general it’s like the internet really you will meet some great people and some utter tools good luck with the swedish people lottery :)

  227. August 19th, 2012 at 12:41 pm

    Cali native says:

    It sounds like the Swedes are a group of INSECURE people lacking social skills. People like them for two reasons:
    1. looks
    2. money

    First I’m FROM San Diego and we get immigrants from everywhere. I can rap on about the impressions I get from everyone, but around here you go with the flow and take it for what it’s worth.

    We get people from all over the world and yes, CA is one of the best places on Earth (in my humble opinion) so yes we do expect tourists.

    Like the Swedes, people assume that the girls are all slutty blondes? Just because a girl dresses up, wears a lot of make up and dyes her hair blonde does not make her a beauty. It’s the “California dream” scene, and everyone comes here to create it. People come here from Europe, the Midwest, South America, heck even the Asians do it.

    SO I’m wondering why people would be so standoffish to tourists? For example, if you don’t like Disney tourist, don’t live near Disneyland?

    Personally I find tourism in my neck of the woods actually flattering but I have to manage my time and resources to get by in light of it.

    And I’m proud of it here. CA is the most tolerant, diverse place in the world and we welcome almost everyone.

    But here’s the gist I get from travelers from near and abroad:

    1. Big cities- often upset that CA isn’t the big shitty they came from. Texas can be this arrogant too.
    Hey Dorothy, you’re no longer in Kansas. And thank God!
    Get used to it!
    2. Big fish in little pond- they try to get away with big fish in big pond.
    One word: BEWARE.
    3. Dweebs and bullies from CA- most often from Inland: which I consider hell on Earth. Obviously bitter, loathe themselves, horribly insecure, they fiend on insecurities, boring, most pretentious, etc.
    4. Yes drugs are rampant around here. There are many uneducated trainwrecks.
    I do not care what the entertainment biz pushes, we are all not like that!!!
    5. The Asians. The only group that bug me out of the Asian demographic are the older, Chinese “FOBs” (Fresh off the boats) … and some of the younger less, educated Japanese guys who tend to be life wreckers- trouble. The most insecure Asians, like anyone else tend to be the biggest jerks.
    Otherwise I love Asians. Many are beautiful, they take good care of themselves, many are intelligent, modest…

    6. The Europeans. Oh where oh where do I begin?

    And YES the Swedes are on this list. The people I enjoyed the most were from either Germany, Italy, the UK and France. They’re assertive, they can handle social situations. Italians are big on character and wits, Germany – very tactful, intelligent, class acts; UK- personable, upbeat, tactful (that I’ve met- lude drunks though), France – intelligent, personable….

    I’m on the fence about Denmark. I’m not demanding genuity from this group. I’m in SoCal and yes the world comes here expecting superficiality and that’s what people bring with them. It’s just the way it is over here.

    However- some Game would be nice though.

    To sum it up — Good looking people, weak social skills for people from the icy region of the world.

    The people I did NOT like were from Russia and Sweden. Russian guys were cocky jerks that POUTS. Russian women I’ve met were either nuts, STUPID or both. Adult infants, RUDE…. I’m sorry did I say RUDE?

    Swedes—I think the hype around them is more than it’s worth. Unless they have money?

    Mind you, I’m in the entertainment capital of the world which consist of fake blondes, fake boobs, fake real estate valuations, superficiality…and many known Universities.

    The phrase “Sweden” makes little significant impact on me than it would on someone say, from Texas in Ohio.

    The Swedes I ran into were … (YAWWWNNN!!!).
    demanding, boring, conceited, cold, kind of arrogant…but realistically- most of all insecure and lacking social skills. Yes I know that CA can be “intimidating”. It is for a lot of people, even if they’re from here. Those I met from the UK and Germany can hold a train of thought and capture your attention in a conversation and some are very tactful. YES (even though it’s in CA) we LIKE THAT!

    Personally I chose to go to the other side and decided not to let someone’s opinion affect me. I actually do well socially, I’ve dated good looking and affluent people.

    However, sometimes it’s just a waste of energy to care what people think. And I KNOW that the Swedes feel superior to others because of their appearance. Some people from CA wouldn’t bother to spare feelings (which isn’t good, I know. But it just happens).

    But on the other side, acting like you’re not upholding scary standards for normal people when you are is simply down right mean. And that’s how I perceive the Swedes- would def. enter a relationship with them with my guard up.

    Yes btw, I’m related to affluence, I’m a size 0 and considered attractive… with little to fear on the social scene— and this is how I see things.

    But trust me, on a lot of levels as long as you’re not hurting others there’s really nothing you can do wrong by us. I think it’s sad that people would be judged harshly in Europe when they’ve done really, nothing wrong; something about that just screams “PRETENTIOUS” and I’d honestly rather go to Disneyland, Hawaii or Vegas. But that’s just me.

    7. Everyone else. Persians and Indians (“educated”, charming, funny and SHALLOW), Turks (life wreckers but not too bad at business), Africans (Some are the biggest angels you’ll ever meet)…
    Jews = fine when they’re not pouting.

    We can handle everyone without the rude stares, etc. I don’t get the Swedes.

    And yes, I actually like Some classy Mexicans/Puerto Ricans over the girls from South America. It’s not about looks, etc. When you have to share space/etc., a matter of respect and common courtesy.

    So why is this on a Swedes page?

    Here’s my comment about the author. You chased the Swedish people on a superficial level, your expectations of them come from a very superficial – even escapist part of your own psyche.

    Why would you expect to be judged by anything different?
    Dude, I extended a helping hand to a few people (who politically “don’t like eachother”) and got a warm reception. Why would you care so much about the Swedes? People in my life do.

    My opinion is that you don’t see yourself as great as you see others on a superficial scale – and that’s just going to bring out your ugly side. And the beautiful European (and Asian) women are attacked with affection by jerks who only use them to compensate for their own insecurities.

    I’m not defending the Swedes. I don’t understand the obsession and worship of jerks when there are so many beautiful people in the world.

  228. August 23rd, 2012 at 4:45 am

    Sigh... says:

    Ok, all the people who have said that Swedish people are rude and superficial; you should go look in the mirror. Hypocrites…

  229. August 26th, 2012 at 3:30 am

    Johnsmith says:

    My wife is swedish and we have been visiting sweden for about 8 years. I can definitely relate to many of these comments. Also glad to have found this site because now I see that I am not alone. Although some of these comments are in left field, i generally agree that swedes are in a class of their own. For the most part they are cold and arrogant. I am an American living in Southern Spain and because of the recession we are considering moving. I love Spain, the climate the people and the lifestyle. The thought of loosing all that and moving to Sweden scares the living shit out of me. Would rather move back to the US, but the wife says its too far. Ohh, I am fearing the worst.

  230. August 26th, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    Cry baby says:

    Wow! Sure some parts of Stockholm have their rude and superficial people…but to make an “hatesite” on the internet? Come on dude why are you so mad? This feels so immature.

    We have our ways that can be hard to understand, maybe some people here just failed to try harder..but don’t be surprised if most of the comments here are negative…You didn’t come here by googling “stockholm is a great place to live” so what did you expect? This flame-page by someone who hated his life during his stay in Odenplan can’t surely be taken as a objective view of swedes as a people.

    How come my french friend wants to learn swedish and wants to move here if we are so damn backstabbing or rude etc? If he saw this thread he would laugh out loud.

  231. September 8th, 2012 at 11:09 pm

    a says:

    You guys sure are rude and mean too, it’s funny how you don’t see that…some of you are also racist and at the same time saying that every swede is a racist.

    Why don’t you confront the people you meet instead of whining on the internet.

  232. October 3rd, 2012 at 6:15 am

    TheAbsorbant says:

    Of course you’re going to be treated rudely if you go to Stureplan, the most over-hyped, self-loving bunch of snobby brats go there. If you want to feel the loving, happy astmosphere that surrounds ACTUAL swedes and ACTUAL Stockholmians (sic), go to Södermalm or even further up Sveavägen. Östermalm, the part of Stockholm where Stureplan and Sturecompagniet are, is one of the snobbiest, ickiest parts of any city I’ve ever been in.

    In conclusion: You don’t dislike swedes, you dislike snobs. Try again.

  233. October 3rd, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    Hmm says:

    Sorry that so many people don’t have a good impression of Sweden but the it’s also a bit arrogant to expect people to be ‘warm’ in ways similar to your own cultures. The more you try to fit us within your framework of life, the tougher you will find the country and its people. Everyone is not similar and everything isn’t for everyone, you can either try to accept us as we are and maybe discover what we call warmth and civility or you can move on to another place where you fit better and where you are happier. We try to adjust to you when we visit your countries but to expect that we adjust to your ways when you come to our country will not really lead to a good experience for anyone.

  234. October 4th, 2012 at 1:03 am

    Y-barn says:

    Yes, im born in Stockholm, people are VERY stressed out, insecure and vain its one of the most expencive town in the world BUT the living quality is pretty fucked, bars and clubs close way to early and you cant buy alcohol whenever you want. One big reason for us Swedes to be a bit living impared is that we havent fought any wars in a LONG time, the socialist goverment has pampered us into being thoughtless a-holes wich as an example think its ok to put your grand parents on a nurcinghome, seeing them tvice a year after that…..thats pretty fucked up! I think many Swedes are really bothered with some choises our goverment makes/made BUT as brainwashed soicialist CANT critize, leaving the swede to be frustrated. I just moved to the countryside, IT RULES! and btw, Frenchies are FAR WORSE ANYTIME! (i lived there)

  235. October 8th, 2012 at 5:53 am

    Lollo says:

    I am from Skåne, south of Sweden, and lived in Stockholm for many years to move back to Skåne. Among the southern swedes the Stockholmers are famous for being arrogant, cold and thinking that they are something better than others. Fact is that most old money people live in the south , where most of the castles are situated, while in Stockholm all the new-money and wannabes live. The worst types are the ones trying to be around the Swedish royal family and the 30+plussers drinking champagne at Stureplan every weekend. Usually these people go the same places at the same time for vacation (they all meet in Marbella, St. Tropez and Verbier on decided weeks). They feel scared on their own and would never do anything or go anywhere without their friends. They don’t speak to strangers or do anything to risk their reputation. Everything circles around your own reputation in Stockholm. The worst thing that can happen to a Stockholmer is to make social suicide. And this is very easily maintained. It could be as easy as dating the “wrong” person. And all these tragic people do what they can to be close to the royal kids. They usually also switch boyfriends with each other. You can’t go outside of “the circle”. That could lead to social suicide. As long as they stay around Stureplan, marry a wealthy dude from the “gang”, no matter if it’s one of your best friends ex boyfriends, get children at the same time, then all is ok. But to talk to strangers is to risky, so they wont take the chance, especially if you are a foreigner

    Stockholm is a beautiful city but unfortunately the people are a bit tragic and cold there. People in Gothenburg and Malmö are totally different, more confident, happier, more fun and more adventurous. The point I’m making is that all you people complaining about Swedes after visiting Stockhom and Stureplan, should do yourself and us a favour and visit other cities in Sweden. i promise you that you will have a totally different experience. There are actually nice people in Sweden.

  236. October 19th, 2012 at 4:57 am

    nick says:


    okay, okay, i’ve just trawled through most of these comments and i’m grateful. i haven’t been in sweden very long, 6 months over two visits here in blekinge. i’m british and have experienced southern france also very recently. there are similarities, actually, but that’s a whole other rant. i’ve been disappointed. i’m learning not to trust people at their word ever, many swedes just don’t tell you straight. even the ones you’re starting to confide in as new friends. it could be an anglo-saxon thing all these ” cultural differences” etc etc. but the more time i spend in other european countries, the more i recognise how open, funny, curious and willing to bare our souls we are. this openness is seen as a vulnerability, not a strength, in many neighbouring societies. this really really kills me off. we’re OKAY, you know. these boring, homogenous, conformist continental/scandinavian cultures beg to be entertained by quirky mixed up eccentric brits and yanks for one thing. music, film, tv, comedy. they want to be rescued from their intolerable dullness, fine, take it and have fun. (plus rescued from other stuff in the not so distant past).

    there is no “journey” here. no adventure. they can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to be as safe as possible all the time.

    i thought maybe sweden was modern and wise, an refuge from france. oh dear, no.

    Love the sauna by the lake though. nick.

  237. October 19th, 2012 at 5:03 am

    nick says:

    oh, and they STARE, STARE and then STARE some more. why? because they’re always looking to be entertained and stimulated without having to give anything back. it’s free, after all, to scrutinise the facial features of those around you whilst eating. it’s such a no no where i come from, and in most other places i’ve been. nick.

  238. October 23rd, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    c says:

    im an american currently dating a swede. I’ve also met other swedish friends of his and i can say, that they are very friendly and nice (some very few of them) and most of them think sweden is the best country with the most prettiest women( they say this all the time when we go out to clubs!) and they talk about how great they are and their country…they are very quiet and act like douchebags most of the time. The person im dating is not though…and so are his close friends but the other friends he has whom are all swedish act like this. i take it with a grain of salt but i think its wrong to act so pretentious. You are in AMERICA so ‘do as the romans do’ and act like you want to be here and are happy that everyone is so diverse with cultures here and that you are NOT THE BEST< or just leave this country! i dont see why they are so quiet, cold, and acting like they are all that. They constantly talk about how great their country and women are…it gets old. But this is just from the jerk swedes. lol

  239. November 9th, 2012 at 8:28 am

    Lenny says:

    They’re rude because, in essence, they are some of the most miserable, inhibited individuals on the face of the planet. According to recent surveys, Sweden, indeed, has the highest suicide rate in the world! These people truly lack social skills and manners on the most basic level. Never experienced anything like it. Let them revel in their socialist hellhole. I want no part of it! What kills me is the general notion that Stockholm is somehow perceived to be a “world class” city. Allow me to quote the great John McEnroe for this one: “You cannot be serious!” The city is nice enough, but does not in any way, shape, or form warrant the level of arrogance and obnoxiousness one is subjected to on a daily basis. Costumer service is appalling. Absolutely appalling. Totally apathetic and indifferent. People here are obsessed with conformity and superficiality, which reveals quite a bit about them as a society.
    In the greater scheme of things, Stockholm is nothing….Go to Vienna, Paris, London, Prague, Brussels, Berlin.. Culturally and linguistically diverse places….Insulting to even mention any one of these wonderful cities in the same sentence…People in Stockholm would certainly benefit from a reality check. Somehow, they have been deluded into thinking that their city is on par with places like NYC, Paris and London. Sorry…IT ISN’T!!….Not even close…So lose the attitude, please…
    Overall, I found the people to be soulless, vapid and disingenuous to the core. Not to mention racist and xenophobic

  240. November 24th, 2012 at 7:29 am

    Swede says:

    Okay, so.. I have been reading this site for a while now and all I can say is that, if you go to Stockholm, you have to be aware of that you are visiting the most horrible city in Sweden. Every single person in that city is drunk, rude and spoiled. But if you are visiting a smaller town, for example Hudiksvall, you will get treated really good. Alot of swedes actually thinks it’s exiting with tourists, so they want to make a good impression. So, if you are visiting the big and spoiled town, you will get treated really bad, but if you visiting a smaller town, you will be treated good. So, if you are planning on visiting Sweden, don’t go to Stockholm. Go to smaller towns and be treated the way you want.
    But… if you are treating the swedes badly, people will think that you are rude so they are giving you the same card that you gave them. So it also depends on you.

    Hope you read this post and actually are thinking about what city/town you are visiting, because that really matters in Sweden.

  241. December 29th, 2012 at 6:13 am

    Johan says:

    Hi !

    Personally I think you are describing the behavior of the People of Stockholm. When I visiting Stockholm I am surprised how rude people are against each other. Go to Gothenburg or another city and meet some nice Swedes.

    From Sweden. Living in a town near Stockholm

  242. December 30th, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    Jimbo says:

    Swedish native calling out Swedish behavior in online article –

    This guy is telling it like it is…

  243. January 5th, 2013 at 12:53 am

    Sweden is pretty damn AWESOME says:

    I love Sweden! Enough said

  244. January 7th, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    the swede says:

    Okay, to be honest is that we really don’t care about you. Sweden is a shit hole during 6 months of the year, and maybe you can guess why? Because we have heavy cold winter and we don’t see the sun for that long time. OF COURSE we get depressed and rude. But you stupid americans won’t get that because you all are in your own little worlds, and believe that everyone in Europe would love you. Here’s the truth what people think about you (I live in London, UK, so I have all kind of international friends. One of my best friends are from New Jersey, but he himself thinks that the average americans are annoying); you come to Europe, let’s say, to visit Italy, Spain or England. You stay in your group of people and when you interact with people you only give YOUR advices and thinks that you have the best experience. Trust me, I know what Im talking about. Met 30 americans at my uni, all from different places in the US and didnt know eachother, and I was the only european that hanged out with them- and they all were the same. But I’m not drawing a line over the US because of that, I know that there are people that are nice and genuine.

    Now I lowered my standard as much as you guys have done, but maybe it was time for someone to tell you that maybe you aren’t so perfect yourself. Oh wait, just gonna make a blog about this as well LOL.

  245. April 1st, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    Richard says:


    After having read all the comments above, I felt it was time to provide a well balanced and founded view. There are clear reasons why the Swedes are rude, backstabbing and f*ck*ng incompetent idiots. These are systemic characteristics of the Swedish culture.

    The first reason is of course “consensus”. You should never disagree with someone in Sweden. If you do disagree, do it behind your colleague’s back. According to a Swede, then you will not hurt his or her feelings. You must always be very altruistic.

    The second reason is that you must be “duktig”, i.e. just shut up. Consensus is implicit, never explicit.

    The third reason is “lagom”. Lagom ar bäst. This means that good performance is not valued. You must always be mediocre. This is good for the consensus. Sweden has no real innovation than just painted wood. The biggest sector is the government. All major enterprises were sold to foreign companies, as they could not compete internationally any more.

    The fourth reason is “jantelagen”, the law of equality. In practice, there are no managers. No one is responsible and no one is accountable. There is no vision for the future.

    These are the reasons why all the Swedes are so incapable of communicating, retarded and f*cking incompetent.

    It is not just the behaviour. This is pervasive in the entire culture. Managers and employees do not communicate with each other. They do not reflect, analyse and confront, not only towards each other, but also not as individuals either. In stead, always follow the procedure and do not use your brains. There is no reporting, in which actuals, budget and forecasts are compared.

    In the short run, Sweden has bypassed a lot of crises (remember: lagom, don’t take any risks!).
    On the long run, Sweden will however be bankrupt, due to mismanagement.

  246. April 11th, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    Kenneth says:

    I read through a lot of the comments here and must say I am very insulted by what some of you are claiming here. I am convinced that what you call rude behavior, arrogance and narcissism is simply a misunderstanding of what we like to call manners.

    Let me give you some examples (though I will exaggerate my point of view to underline what I mean):

    You bump into someone in the street. Your approach is to apologize and to expect an apology. Mine would be to rush away because that way we don’t need to bother one another.

    You say “hello” in the elevator or walking up the stairs. You see this as a pleasant attempt to mingle. I see it as you ruining a perfectly good silent moment.

    You hold up the door for me. You view it as helpful. It puts me in a social debt. In doing so you also suggest that I cannot handle it myself.

    You randomly start talking to me in the streets. This might be an attempt to be friendly from your side. From my perspective you’ve bothered me needlessly, forced me to converse with you without any regard for me enjoying time in my own mind.

    Small talk. You see it as pleasant. I see an attempt to just fill a perfectly good silence with annoying, white noise that gives me a headache. It leads nowhere and is pointless.

    It’s been said before but I will say it again. Minding your own business is key. That is manners. Disturbing people for no good reason is rude.

    I’m not at all trying to be hostile here, I just want to underline that your definition of “good manners” is actually the opposite of mine. What you see as pleasant I see as an intrusive, disturbing and annoying approach. Again, I’m exaggerating to get the point across.

    Sorry to hear you had a bad time in Sweden, we are actually a very friendly and warm people once you get to know us.

  247. May 19th, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    Henrik says:

    I went to Stockholm for the Ice Hockey World Championship 2013 and I have spent four nights there. I have always thought that Sweden was a very advanced country. Maybe it is, but then Stockholm is clearly an exception.
    In these four days I have experienced almost every hour something anoying or disappointing. In the beginning I did not care so much about it. But after four days I could no longer ignore it and I had to face it: Of all the cities that I have travelled to Stockholm is the only one that I clearly cannot recommend to anybody.

    Here are just a few things that were annoying or disapointing:

    – Stockholm is probably the most boring capital in the world. Well, maybe Pjöngjang is even a bit worse.

    – If there is any nighlife worth talking about in Stockholm you will not be able to see it if you are not on a guest list.

    – You have to queue to get into empty clubs.

    – People are mostly rude.

    – Old people have to stand in the metro while the youngsters don’t offer their seats to them.

    – I have asked only once a guy for directions and he has sent me in the wrong direction.

    – You see more beggers in the streets of Stockholm than in Rome.

    – You have to pay a lot for everything to get shit quality and bad service if you are lucky to get any service at all.

    – People in Stockhom think that they are cool while they are clearly not.

    – You can only purchase one public transport ticket at a time on the ticket machines. How stupid is that when you are travelling in a group.

    – In four days I have experienced four times that the credit card terminal in a shop did not work.

    – Many ATMs, ticket machines and toilets are out of order. Why the hell does nobody fix them?

    – The airport shuttle bus was broken.

    – After a day full of disapointments I went to Mc Donalds to get myself a Milk Shake. And what a surprise: For the first time in my life a Mc Dondalds run out of Milk Shakes. Typically Stockholm.

    There is one good thing about visiting Stockholm after all: No matter how boring or expensive your home town is or how unfriendly your compatriots are: You will appriciate your place a bit more after you come back from Stockholm.

  248. June 3rd, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    Louis says:

    The Swedes think of themselves as very good looking and very fashionable. Nothing could be further from the truth!! The vast majority are – to put it nicely – anything from ordinary to quite unattractive. All this “Swedish women are gorgeous” is nothing but a big myth! The few that are not, are not all that! As far as fashion goes, I have rarely seen any people dress as horribly! I don’t really care what people look like or how they dress, but what makes it so annoying is that so many of these people really think so highly of themselves when they in reality are somewhere down at the bottom! They live in a bubble where they feed on myths that they create about themselves and propagate around the world.

  249. June 3rd, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    Louis says:

    And yes, Swedes are big time cowardly backstabbers! They will smile at you and declare how much they like you, and then a couple of minutes later they’ll be talking to someone else, expressing how much they loath you. I’m not saying all Swedes or even most are this way, but you’ll find a whole lot of it!

  250. June 3rd, 2013 at 2:02 pm

    Louis says:

    “The worst types are the ones trying to be around the Swedish royal family and the 30+plussers drinking champagne at Stureplan every weekend”

    I’ve never seen a bunch of more pathetic people anywhere! They live in a little bubble which consists a few blocks in the central part of the capital, and this pretentious bunch of nobodies would be even more nobodies in most cosmopolitan cities around the world!

  251. July 31st, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    Björne says:

    Please listen up!

    This is just Stockholm, wich is (mostly, in my opinion) a place where most of the spoiled brats live!
    If you were to leave stockholm and visit any other place I can almost assure you that you will have a much better experience of Sweden. Remember, this is just Stockholm, not all of Sweden.

    -Swedish Viking lol

  252. August 17th, 2013 at 10:18 am

    Little Swedish Me says:

    I am from sweden. And most of all swedes are cold, but not all of us. It is like in USA here. Most of the swedes, almost all of them would not give a seat to an old person, nor a pregnant woman. But there are still some of us that are normal. Even if it’s rare to meet us, we do exist. And you are just one unlucky idiot, to think that all the swedes are cold just because you didnt get to meet any of the nice ones here.

  253. August 18th, 2013 at 9:14 am

    Ruben says:

    Y’all americans are just pissed off and jealous that a little European country is better than your “great nation” in every single way (exept waging war and invading other countries for no other reason than money). Y’all are too ignorant to realise that cultures in different cities across Europe (cities that are centuries older than your u s of a), differ alot from your attempt at having a actuall culture of your own. And so your world famous “all that is not american is shit” mentallity is born. All of you, my american friends, are the laughing stock of the whole wide world. Swedes are not rude, we just dont like americans. And we are not afraid to show it. I’m really starting to agree with those that generalize americans as the dummest, fattest most arrogant excuse for human beings in the world. Its hard not to when reading all the comments on the internet posted by them. Why don’t you try to fix your own problems first instead of focusing on others and telling them what to do. Go hunt a sasquath you dumb ass hillbillys

  254. August 18th, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    mixed race says:

    I am half Papua New Guinean, a quarter English and a quarter Scottish, I have traveled around the world a bit (was born and raised in Papua New Guinea till I was 11 (go back every summer to see my parents), I then left for school in the UK and lived there for a while, traveled to NZ, Aus, US, Canada, China, Singapore,a few other Asian countries and a lot of places around Europe and finally my journey brought me to Sweden (I met and am marrying a Swedish woman, we have been together for 6 years and have been living in Sweden for a year an a half in Göteborg. Only came here as she got quite a good job and I thought it would be fun to test out a new country).
    No-one can dispute I have seen quite a few cultures around the world. I have a Filipino aunt, a German aunt and an American aunt.

    It took me a year to make any Swedish friends and they were only introduced by my fiances cousin, I had friends from SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) who were from Poland, South Africa, Iran, Iraq, African countries (many) and they were made within a week. The Swedish friends I do have were reluctant for me to meet their other friends as well. I agree with many, the isolation is a big downer, people really refuse to talk to you.
    They are very rude, my fiance was pregnant with our son, she was forced to stand many times for long periods of buss journeys (the only people who gave up their seats for a heavily pregnant women were foreigners), I got shouted at by an old woman for offering her my seat as she thought I was insulting her.
    When I buy groceries I feel like a nuisance, Lord forbid I should talk to one of the check out clerks.
    When I go to a restaurant, I feel like I shouldn’t be there.
    I’m a pretty solid guy (rugby player) so most people don’t bump into me.

    This is a classic from my time here….
    I went into Arbetsformedlingen, the guy behind the desk took a look at my brown skin and started saying, “ohhh, we have many oppourtunities for you, many doors to be unlocked, the world is your oyster”. So he took my name and asked where I was from, I said UK at which his face twitched, he turned around and said “Oh, in that case we can’t actually do anything for you”.
    That was in the Kungalv office, so even out of Göteborg.

    Saying that, I have met many nice Swedes through my work but still I would say most Swedes fit into the categories people on here are putting them in.

    My fiance agrees with me and wants to get out of her own county as well!

  255. August 18th, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    mixed race says:

    To all those saying its a “cultural” thing…. well yes it is but if you travel anywhere else in the world, people tend to treat foreigners with understanding and in a friendly matter…. go out of their way to make people feel welcome.

  256. August 23rd, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    Ruben says:

    Fantastic selection of comments also. Not at all partial. No wonder this site makes Swedes look like assholes. You’ve got people who have never actually been to Sweden commenting abou what unbelievable idiots we supposably are. But when someone else writes anything negative about any other country or its inhabitants, it is immediatly filtered out. This is bullshit. And seeing this comment will probably never be allowed to be shown on your ignorant site, i’m going to go ahead and say it. You are bullshit too. Another amazing thing is that most of the “Swedish” comments on this site actually have better spelling and grammar than the american ones. I see that as this whole ridicolous debate in a nutshell. Peace all y’all dumbasses. Och ta inte åt er av vad dom här efterblivna “människor” säger, alla Svenskar som råkat hamna på denna sida.

  257. August 25th, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    Lina says:

    I am swedish and I find swedish people rude and egocentrical. Am a stockholm born girl and I can definitely understand your feelings.

    BUT I have to chip in with something here. You go to Handelshögskolan, which is a rather snobby school. It’s well known that most the pupils of that school are boring brats with rather uninteresting lives. AND (probably because you get tips from your classmates, because they don’t know any better) you go out at Sturecompagniet which is in the worst, snobbiest part of town. EVERYONE are rude and egocentrical there.

    So, to get a better grasp of the culture, please, try to find the culture. Add some of the real club and rave arrangers on facebook, for example Pangea, Camp Cosmic, All out Dubstep, Art of Sound and so on. I assure you, you’ll find all of stockholms youth life have just been waiting for you below the surface, far away from Handelshögskolan and Sturecompagniet.

  258. August 30th, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    Bothlegsbroken says:

    If you don´t like it in Stockholm, why don´t you just leave and stop bitchin about it. Bye bye!

  259. September 12th, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    Dani says:

    Hi, we are on a city trip in Stockholm… Where would you recommend to go out clubbing to meet nice and open sweedish people?

  260. September 17th, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    Louis says:

    Ruben – Most of the things that you buy, 95% of all the programs on your TV, the music you listen to and the American English with all your “y’alls” that you’re trying to impress people with come from where? U.S.A.! This thing that Sweden is best is only in your head! In most countries people only know about MYTHS about Sweden, such as that women are supposed to be beautiful there because Greta Garbo and a couple of other Swedish female celebrities who were supposedly beautiful came from there. 98% of Swedish women are not beautiful and a large portion of them are on the contrary very unattractive. You also seem to think that you’re fashionable. Well if trashy is fashionable then I guess you are. But elegant fashion doesn’t exist in Sweden!
    The healthcare in your country is scary… I would NEVER allow a Swedish doctor to perform surgery on me! So tell me where you got the idea that you’re the best in the world. You’re just a tiny insignificant little country with an unhappy bunch of people who are rude, who drink themselves silly drunk and scream like wild beasts, who think they know everything best, who are mighty egocentric to the extent that they will stand in front of an entrance in the supermarket checking their messages on their phones while people have to stand in line behind them… who will bump right into you like a bulldozer and fly away as if nothing has happened… who will have no greater “hardships” in life than to bitch about what the neighbor does with his balcony… Pathetic! The best thing about Sweden is the beautiful capital, which btw is being ruined by people who have nothing better to do than to come up with lousy ideas…

  261. September 17th, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    Louis says:

    Ruben – I forgot… How many cities in the world do you know of where you have to stand in line on a waiting list for 15 years to rent an apartment? Most stores are closed on Sundays, and in July a lot of the stores are closed period, while others close VERY early. It’s a village!

  262. September 17th, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    Louis says:

    Ruben – Look up the meaning of narcissist!
    Sure, America and Americans have a lot of faults… But so do Sweden and Swedes!

  263. October 22nd, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    Tom says:

    I’m from Ireland. There are very few Swedes living here, but I’ve got to know 2 Swedes in particular. The first was a 25 year old guy from Malmo who I lived with for six months in Cork. He was shy, never really smiled, was quite distant. We asked him to go for drinks but he declined our invite. I would label him ‘a sociopath’. He was not rude but just difficult to live with because he had zero social skills.

    The second Swede i know is a girl who I first met in Dublin 18 months ago. A good looking blonde girl from Göteborg. She was quite drunk, and I assume that this was the only reason that she chatted with me. We exchanged email addresses/Facebook names. So I chatted with her a lot over the next year and a half. She told me things that she would not tell her friends. She came to see me in Cork last month. I knew Swedish people were a little cold, but this girl was something much worse than cold! She was a proper ignorant brat. I let her stay in my room for the week, I took her to see the various tourist sights, took her out for dinner, to bars, etc. I didn’t expect anything back in return – she was good looking but her personality turned me off. All I expected was her gratitude, or maybe a smile – but it was too much to ask for! Some of the things that really annoyed me about this lady:

    1. She constantly talked about money, how much she was earning – the rich guys she had dated, etc. she was obsessed with money. She ate out every day, even when I offered to cook us a meal at home. She had no respect for and did not understand the value of money.

    2. She discussed how much money I was earning in front of my friends while we were drinking in the pub. She criticised me for not earning enough. My two friends (1 Irish, 1 Scottish) could not actually believe that she would do this. I could not either but I just laughed it off. It was incredibly rude and something that the average Irish or British person would never discuss in front of other people. ‘Tactfulness’ is not a strong Swedish trait!

    3. She never stopped criticising how things worked (or did not work) in Ireland. Everything works much better in Sweden, everything is perfect there! I was sick of her complaining after 3 days, so I told her to stop making comparisons between Ireland & Sweden. It was just too much for my brain to cope with.

    4. Conversations or any interaction with this girl was painful. She would never smile, she had this continual bored/dull/emotionless look on her face. Nothing I said or did could get a laugh from her. It was like dealing with a robot. If she enjoyed the trip, I honestly could not tell!

    Now, she has invited me and my friends to Göteborg in December. But I really do not see the point in going there. She was a vacuous and cold individual so I can only imagine what her friends are like.

    I’m sure there are some lovely people in Sweden. I will not judge an entire country on just 2 people. But my experiences so far and what my friends tell me about the place, do not entice me to visit the country. I go to Italy and France a few times every year, I find the people in both countries to be very friendly and welcoming. I fear I will not find this in Sweden, perhaps I am wrong?

    It’s hard to disagree with the negative comments on here though, yet I want to give Sverige a chance to prove me wrong!

  264. November 10th, 2013 at 11:58 am

    Gudrun says:

    I really dislike the racism of Sweden and Swedes in Stockholm are Grotesque and Abhorrent.
    Specially the Blond ones think their shit stinks better than anyone elses.

  265. December 5th, 2013 at 4:31 am

    Sly says:

    Dani, you should stay away from “Stureplan” which is a very posh area that might look really good, but it is the most shallow of places and probably contains and serves as the base for what peope have been describing Swede’s as here.

    I think you should stay on Södermalm, it’s a well connected island in the middle of the city with a more relaxed feeling. A bit more “hippy” than “posh” and so forth. Lots of small bars, and a bit fewer clubs – but they still exist :).

    We’re not all crazy, but yes. There are quite a few people that will treat you like you do not exist until you get to know them. It’s just how things work here. Once you find someone that you think is decently nice to you (Again, I have a lot of nice friends that do not act like described above) Hang out with them and from there start your little bubble of friendly people.

    About Swedish girls that was also mentioned quite a lot (above). I personally do not like to overdressed/supermodel look that a lot of chicks are going for. In my experience they have all been fed and depended on that they were born looking (according to modern society) pretty. They have thrieved on this for so long that their personalities are not suffering heavily and they are quite boring and shallow.

    So just make sure that when you come to the country known all over the world for “pretty girls” that you dont conform to this weird idea. Talk to more people. Get more cold “No’s” until you find something that you think is worth sticking to.

    If anyone has questions I’ll gladly answer them.

  266. December 5th, 2013 at 4:49 am

    Sly says:

    Just to reinforce what a lot of people have already said as well. (Lina, a few posts above me).

    Sturecomagniet + Handelshögskolan = Ultimate brat/rich kid

    It’s like living in a penthouse in hollywood hills and then thinking it’s weird that all the shops around you do not have a single item for sale under 3500 dollars.

    Really. Depending on what type of person you are I would tell you the hippie/rave people have always been the nicest. HIPPIE/RAVE vibe does NOT mean they dress super weird or are constantly high. The hippie/rave vibe in sweden is way different from what people expect. Regular people that like to have fun and not eat 100 dollar dinners and dress in suits.

  267. December 5th, 2013 at 4:50 am

    karin says:

    Try studying at a Community College in Souther California and see what THAT does to you: No friends, except for boys that are ultimately only trying to get into your pants, the culture of commercialism in your face every single day, the obsession of having a SUV and all the people asking “how are you” without actually giving a fuck. Oh yeah, don’t forget about the houseparties and the kegs, where girls your age will try their hardest to be nice although they for sure will slip in comments just to make sure you understand that this is THEIR territory and no pretty swedish girl is gonna come and mess with that!

  268. December 6th, 2013 at 3:36 am

    Sweeede says:

    Frankly I am chocked to read some of the comments posted here, like “Swedes need mental help”, “Swedes are retarded”, “This is a mental disease” etc. I don’t know what might have gone wrong with your visits to Sweden, and I don’t know you people who wrote that stuff or how I – as a Swede – would find you if I actually met you in person, but I find it very hard to believe that a nice person would express herself/himself like that.

    I am born and raised in Sweden, though I have half of my family abroad (in Spain). I have spent a year in London and I have visited many counties and cities in Europe but also America once and Asia. First of all, I haven’t met a single person abroad who dislikes Sweden or Swedes. They all actually LIKE Sweden. And you know what more? They think we are polite. In London Swedes have a very good representation, it’s easy to get a job as a Swede for example, and that because of the fact that we are known as hard-working and POLITE, service-minded etc. I can absolutely understand how our culture is different from America and southern Europe; we are not as outgoing as American people we are not as “warm” as the southern Europeans, but we have our own way of being friendly and welcoming and I’m not sure that you ever learned to understand us Swedes. When I went to USA I was quite uncomfortable with the fact that all the sales assistants yell “HEY HOW ARE YOU” when you enter the stores, like – should I responde or not? I tried to respond something like “Hi, fine thanks, and you?” and well didn’t get an answer since the person already approached the next costumer entering the shop. And that’s fine, I didn’t get offended at all, I’m just saying that it’s not something we normally do in Sweden and we all react differently to different things. I actually like the fact that I am by myself when I go shopping, I want to take my time and not be disturbed. But that doesn’t make me rude! When I bump in to someone, I always say “sorry”, and I get irritated too if someone just rushes in to me and then walks away. But I don’t think “oh my, I really hate my country now that some people don’t excuse themselves when bumping in to me”? That happens everywhere, even in England where people are extremely wonderful and polite.
    We might seem “cold” – but that’s just us giving eachother the space we’re used to have when we walk down the street, enter a store or go to buy a coffee.

    I also want to say that I don’t love everything about Sweden, I’m not obsessed with the idea of how good we all are. As a girl in my twenties I’m quite bored by this country and I’m planning to move abroad for a while soon, but where I want to go to university is here, where I want to raise my children is here. And I find the comments very unfair and exaggerated, that’s why I felt like I had to say something and defend my dear Swedes. We are not rude, we are not cold-hearted or need mental help. In fact, did you all even know that Sweden was number 3 on the list of countries who donated the most money to Haiti? And the inhabitants of USA is like 33 times more than in Sweden. I wouldn’t call that cold-hearted…

    The most of us also love to travel, and I think that is a sign of us wanting to meet and interact with people from all over the world. Not so introvert of us, right?

    So the last thing I want to mention is the fact that alot of you seem to believe that Swedish girls think very highly of themselves. Do you have that opinion because you tried to hit on a girl and got rejected? Because I would like to clearify something: I have many good-looking friends, some have a good self-confidence, some don’t. But the ones who do would never ever let that get to their head. They are – as Swedes in general are – very humble. You don’t brag here, it’s found very unattractive and quite rude. If they don’t want to talk to you, maybe they don’t find you entertaining or maybe they have other things to do, or maybe you have the wrong approach. Just because one girl dismisses you doesn’t mean every girl in the bar will, and IF that is so then you might consider to change your own approach. I know that I would love to chat with an american here since you so rarely encounter one, and I know many of my friends would love that too, if that person is nice! And that’s not only americans of course, but since so many americans are writing here I chose that as an example.

    So, I have a lot more to say but that will have to be enough for this time. I really hope that the above doesn’t scare someone off who actually wants to visit Sweden, just bare in mind that we are a bit more independent in our way of being – and that that has nothing to do with rudeness or bad behaviour. The most of us really like to have visitors from abroad and if you are friendly and polite you will be treated likewise (but I wouldn’t go to Stureplan if I were you. If you visit Stockholm, “Söder” is better!).

    Have a nice day and hope my comment made sense.

  269. December 6th, 2013 at 4:27 am

    Sweeede says:

    Oh and also – Speaking about rude, how rude isn’t it to write over and over again how ugly Swedes are? Remember that WE are not the ones who has stated ourselves as beautiful. WE are not the ones who claim to be blonde and tall. It’s our reputation. And that reputation is something we’ve got from other countries/other opinions than our own. Really, I am amazed by these mean comments. And on top of that we are the mean ones? Yeah……

  270. December 10th, 2013 at 2:02 am

    drico says:

    Swedish people are quite cold and distant and you couldn’t really say they are friendly. And there is nothing specifically wrong with that. Its hard for most foreigners but unless you are an asylum seeker you dont really have to stay. Thats the fact of the matter. Its a shame because I have travelled alot and always made a few friends or found people that I can engage with on a casual basis. The problem with such a broadly reaching trait of being so reserved and giving the impression of being unfriendly is that occassionally when you meet an outspoken, rude and arrogant Swede you may come to the conclusion that this is the personality that all those quiet and reserved Swedes are actually hiding and that you will assume that they are all just really cold as%holes lacking in basic humanity. I have met some really nice Swedes but even amongst them you feel that you are not part of their club and they would rather you were Swedish. I have aged about 10 years in two and now doubt my own abiliy to engage with others. Its a shame they couldn’t live up to their reputation as having a superior understanding of how society functions.

  271. December 11th, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    Linda says:

    Sorry to say. But u said u were at sturekompaniet. Then I understand what kind of people you hamg out with. Horrible area. Horrible night clubs. Shallow people

  272. December 11th, 2013 at 2:16 pm

    Dam says:

    mabye we are not the most gentle people in the worl, but I think that our attitude to eachother is liberating. it is nice to not have to bother or be bothered with a emty ´sorry´ every time I bump in to somone ….

  273. December 12th, 2013 at 7:45 am

    Sweet Swede says:

    In general swedes are the nicest people, I guess we just have a low tolerance for american douchebags.

  274. December 12th, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    Sven says:

    Actually, you need to move away from Sturecompagniet and the other places around Stureplan to have some fun. Södermalm is much much nicer, with warmer and friendlier people. Go to Morfar Ginkos, Häktet and Marie Leveau after visiting any small nice bar like Babylon, Snottys, Bar Central, Berlin Bar or even Lundgrens. Stureplan is a shitty place with a lot of “upper class” idiots from Östermalm and their wannabe-hangarounds. Best.

  275. December 13th, 2013 at 10:30 am

    Waldemar says:

    You can’t let the stuck up brats at “Handels” represent the rest of the country!!
    But you’re right, swedes are not as cool as the rest of the world thinks!

  276. December 13th, 2013 at 11:19 am

    hill says:

    I think u should try to visit north of Stockholm. I am swedish and I know exactly what u mean when u write this about stockholm. I can not stand that place and I guess it might get worse in winter time. But try to see the rest of Sweden as well and you will notice that people in sweden are friendly and more easy to deal with! have a pleasant stay. and also? maybe u should put some photos of guys on your blog? not only naked women, who probably not are swedish…

  277. December 13th, 2013 at 11:23 am

    H. F says:

    From reading your blog it has become quite obvious that you, sir, are a self proclaimed victim and whiner. The descriptions you have given of Swedes and their behaviour towards you is indeed a fact – if we consider the person to be a self occupied and rather boring douchebag.

    My family is mixed and spread through the world. Mostly in Sweden, France and South America. We all enjoy our stay in Sweden, and none of us experience what you do.

    It rather seems to me that you are terribly, terribly spoiled and are used to get special treatment. Thing is, we don’t offer much of that in Sweden, and anyone who expects it quickly gets the cold shoulder. The Swedes seem cold and shallow to you for the simple reason that they do not desire to show you any other side.

    I find it rather embarrassing that someone in their mid twenties has a blog entirely dedicated to whining about this and telling everyone about how much a victim you are. Maybe, dear lad, you should learn some social skills and empathy, and you would see that other’s would gladly give you the same back.

    Or you could, of course, keep on feeling like a victim. That is of course easier, and should suit a spoiled person such as yourself a lot better.

  278. December 15th, 2013 at 10:48 am

    Elin says:

    Hey! I’m swedish and I’m sorry to hear about your experiences. If you want nice and open swedes you shouldn’t go to Stockholm, just saying. Go to Skåne, maybe Malmö :) and by the way, it doesn’t make you any better by writing something like this about us.

  279. January 24th, 2014 at 1:23 am

    Swedish ass says:

    I see how you all reason, but I think that I speak for all sweden now that I say, fuck off and don’t immigrate to sweden. Only true vikings have the guts to live in the cold north!

  280. January 27th, 2014 at 10:51 am

    logbook loans for vans says:

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  281. February 27th, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    Karolina says:

    2014 and things are pretty much the same…
    How do you explain that after 14 years in this country I have zero swedish friends?
    I have been living, studying and working in Stockholm. My friends are from all different nationalities but swedish.
    I have been studying at two different Swedish Universities for long periods of time (two and five years) I have a Masters Degree. I do know professional and high-educated all nationalities people. Swedish people are impossible!
    The only consciousness that is allowed in Sweden is the rational.
    All other nationalities are considered superstitious,funny, repressed, economically miserable and most of the times referred as ignorant in matters as preserving the ambient (ecology happens to be THE kind of religious´ mission in Sweden).
    The rest of the world is considered to be in the need of the Swedish benevolence. It is really tragic to see how people who justifies every “cultural misunderstanding”with the argument of “their own culture” when they are in the lack of it.
    Sweden as we know it today is actually a “young nation”. They ignore all history before industrialization. The contemporary culture is a misunderstood and exotized conception of mainly American music videos, American Comedy and Reality Shows.
    In Sweden Americans are hated and loved at the same time.
    People in Sweden love speaking and listening English, especially American English. People with a Tv home has developed a strange language.
    They will finish every sentence with the latest statement learned in the latest chapter of America´s Top Model or the latest Beyonce´s hit.

    Politeness and hospitality are words that are ignored too. Yes! ignored! Swedish know how to be polite when they want something from you but it is very convenient to ignore politeness the rest of the time.
    Ironically there is a general discussion of how to integrate immigrants to the country. Why not considering teaching fundamental concepts as: hospitality, common sense and respect to the locals?

  282. March 8th, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    Ole dole doff says:

    Like any where in the world, there are of course good and bad Swedes… But here’s my list of bad traits that are very prevalent among Swedes, and which can make life pretty miserable for foreigners who live here:

    – There are a lot of insecure Swedes, who have complexes of various sorts, including inferiority complexes. This is why Swedes often want to sell themselves as being the best or very popular. For instance they want to come across as being “the most gorgeous people” – which can be very absurd to many who do not at all agree with them. Many people here also think that they’re very well dressed, which again is very absurd to many who don’t agree with them.

    Swedes rarely like to flatter other people. They don’t like to encourage people either. These are also signs of their insecurities and jealousy. If someone has talent, they’ll do their best to harass and ridicule that person instead of
    encouraging him/her.

    – Don’t ever expect a Swede to apologize or excuse him/herself! They can walk right into you, pushing you to the ground, and then walk on as if nothing ever happened! My experience is that perhaps 5% of the population says “excuse me” when called for, and most of them are people of foreign background!

    – Swedes like to boast: “Oh I’m going to Mallorca on August 27th!” that kind of thing. And they do it in such an obvious manner.

    – A lot of Swedes interrupt people, and are not that interested in hearing people out, but rather want to do all the talking themselves (When they talk!) and then they also only talk about themselves!

    – A lot of short-minded bigots in Sweden! If you don’t look that Swedish or behave Swedish, you’ll encounter a lot of nasty looks! It seems as if racism is ingrained in the souls of many Swedes.

    – There are a lot of extremely selfish people in Sweden! Big time narcissists! They can do anything they want, but others can’t do those same things! That sort of mentality.

    – Sneaky people! They can come across as modest, humble and nice, but behind your back they say all kind of nasty things about you, or conspire with others against you. This sort of thing often happens at work places or in coops!

    – Swedes are generally very cowardly. That’s why they have to drink themselves drunk to release all that frustration built up within! If they sense that you’re harmless or if you come across as weak, then that will allow them to feel powerful and they will make that known to you in some way or another.

    – All too many Swedes come across as very boring and uninteresting – perhaps because many of them are. There’s often a lack of emotions. The way they talk, walk and behave could make them eligible to play robot roles in movies.

    Other than that, there is a lot of good things to be said about Swedes as well – but this is not the threat for it! ;)

    (P.S. Remember that this list describes general traits that are so prevalent in Sweden that you encounter them every day – so it doesn’t even mean that most Swedes have these traits – and they might not, but these traits are so prevalent that one can draw the conclusion that a very substantial number of people have them.)

  283. March 23rd, 2014 at 9:22 am

    DoesntMatter says:

    Hello, I am a swede. I was born and raised in Sweden, but is now working temporarily in the US.
    I can sadly agree. Swedes are generally cold and heartless people. I’d even go as far as to say it could be because they are simple minded and stupid. Workplace is often bad and backstabbing is common.
    If it has happened to you, don’t take it personally. They are the ones with the problem.

    I have always felt I didn’t fit in with most swedes. It seems much better here so far, much more stimulating environment. I am sorry I was ever born in that stinking hole (but I have to go back eventually, sadly).

  284. April 5th, 2014 at 8:16 am

    Colin says:

    Hate to break it to you (various people above), but you’re going to find it hard to casually make friends in any big city once you’re past your early 20s. I know from experience in different cities and countries. The easiest time to make friends is before you enter the work world since people have the time then. The locals will always have core friends they grew up with and this is true everywhere. In cities like New York or London with many people from outside, it may be friends or friends of friends from their home towns if they didn’t grow up in New York. Either way, it’s hard to break into that. If you don’t try other means of making friends, like joining some club, nothing will change.

    The only thing you can do is understand this is a challenge everywhere and you need to be more aggressive and lower your expectations (a few good friends is just fine, you don’t need oodles of casual friends to be happy). Complaining on the Internet isn’t going to change this. This isn’t about Sweden/Stockholm specifically, but pretty much any major city in the developed world.

    The same about politeness. You’re not going to notice the vast majority of people who go with the flow and those that apologize if something goes wrong, but the ones who are rude and those who disrupt the flow stand out, EVERYWHERE. You haven’t seen outright nasty and mean until you’ve been to parts of New York (not so much Manhattan/tourist areas), though perhaps some of these people are nice if you know them? The attitude rubs off as you don’t want to look like an out of place, friendly, naive idiot when everyone else isn’t.

  285. May 3rd, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    Alex says:

    I have been living in Sweden for the past 25 years and i deeply regret that i moved here. I have myself to blame since i ruined my life. I left my country and i wish i have never done that. Life in Sweden is very boring; its like a very big jail. . Here you exist, you do not live. You interact with people but cannot have friends; No matter how much you try to blend in you will fail, you will always be called a foreigner. Food is boring, cities are boring, TV is boring, socail life is boring, during the week it is boring, weekends are boring. There is one exciting thing though in Sweden: it is called Arlanda airport; whenever you are there on your way out, you know that in some hours you are about to live again!!

  286. May 5th, 2014 at 4:40 am

    DannyBoy2k says:

    A warm welcome in France? Particularly as an American? Yeah…you’re either lying or delusional.
    Now, I’m not Swedish, but I do have to say that I have many pleasant, funny, polite and generally wonderful Swedish friends. So…if you don’t LIKE the country, why are you even IN it? To paraphrase, do let the door hit you on the ass on the way out…

  287. July 25th, 2014 at 9:21 pm

    Cathy says:

    I am Northern Italian and I thought the people in Sweden were quite nice!

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