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Stockholm Sucks

A beautiful city, just be sure to avoid the Swedes


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Thank you for visiting, a real life account of an expat’s experience in Stockholm Sweden. Please send your inquiries using the form below.

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2 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. February 9th, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    Kevin Michaels says:

    You Are so Right!!!!

  2. September 13th, 2010 at 11:53 pm

    John Winston says:

    Dude, you need to calm down and just accept it. I’m an Aussie that’s lived in Sweden for long enough now (over 2.5 years) to realise there’s no point bitching and whining, that’s just the way it is. I too agree with many of your sentiments (my pet hate is the shoving past in the tunnelbana without so much as a ‘ursäkta mig’ still drives me nuts after all theses years!) , but there really are wonderful things about Sweden – It’s culture and society. I have in total about 5 close Swedish friends, the rest are all ex-pats; English, Australian, Irish, German, Spanish, Mexican but name a few. I guess that the common bond of being alone in a cold country (both the climate and the people) makes you stronger. I’ve found that buy just accepting their rudeness and other irritating foibles makes life a lit easier. Life could be worse, and when you’ve got your friends around (albiet foreign ones), the place becomes a lot better to. Also, once you become more accustomed to the language, the more you get to understand a Swede. And lo and behold, I’ve actually found that there are some Swedes out there that are very warm, funny and hospitable people! trust me! They are usually to be found in the ex-pat circles. Also, there’s a saying ‘Once you make a Swedish friend, you’re friends for life’. I agree in essence about what you’re saying, but i just found that I became depressed and despondent by focussing on the negative. Like my good mate Julian says ‘ You can’t hate a Swede…You can’t like them either’ how true.

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